Wanted to post my Christmas pic of the year since I’ll be pretty busy for these next few days. <XD Now before you say anything, yes I know there is no official super form in Boom, I just thought it would be a neat idea for a Christmas pic. XD And yiss, his eyes are blue. Not sure why, just love the idea of blue eyes for his super form. XD

ANYWAYS! I’d like to dedicate this too these awesome peeps!

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And of course too all my followers!! :D

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year! Happy Holidays peeps!

“Hey Sonic, what’s been all the ruckus?”

“Take a look for yourself, Tails.”

*GASP* It’s the evil doodle!“

*brings out glasses and that bubble thingy* "No, no, not evil. He was just a 2-dimensional creature lost in our 3-dimensional, anthropomorphic world, longing for a purpose.”

“So… he’s a drawing?”

“Exactly! See how happy he is?”

*looks intently at the drawing* He still looks kinda creepy…

Had to.

Hi all, just wanted to say I did this drawing

to everyoneTumblr and DeviantArt

for the New Year, it is different this year,

with good experience, a good goal,

good studies and among others.

I congratulate to :

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@sonicwind-01 @we-laugh-till-we-cry @xsherryblossomx @metal-harbor
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And my friends of DeviantArt

¡¡¡ Happy New Year 2016 !!!