Didn’t get an iWatch?

Other awesome wearable tech pieces to covet

The most hyped wearable tech accessory yet goes to Apple’s iWatch out on April 24th. Between Karl Lagerfeld’s custom-made $32,000 version to Beyonce’s only-two-in-the-world gold band iWatch, fashion is all over it.

Beyonce snapped wearing her custom gold iWatch.

But what if you can’t justify springing for the iWatch or don’t wear a watch? Check out these other super cool wearable tech devices that can be incorporated into a very stylish OOTD.

‘UP24®’ Fitness Wristband

Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Double Wrap Bracelet

Tory Burch Tory Burch For Fitbit Silicone Printed Bracelet

Fitbit Pendant Necklace

FITBIT Hi-tech Accessories

With new options from some of fashion’s biggest designers including Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors, look out for more to come in 2015!

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