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Once a year nightvale holds a fashion show. There are lots of different categories: best ensemble, funniest pet, most stylish summoning outfit, alternate dimensional gothic - and cutest dressed couple.

Cecil and Carlos always enter, and they always lose to Michelle and Maureen (because, I mean, come on) but it’s not like they really mind. They’re mostly there for khoshekh - he always wins the pet category because any judge who touches him is immediately slaved to his will.

I wish I could sit by that girl in the pink. She said choke me daddy and explained her molestation on like the first day of class. She’s probably a nut but at least she’s stylish. I just wanna pet her coat. It looks soft. Her skin does too


Pet Portrait Commissions || $ 25 USD each

Hear ye, hear ye! Want a stylish picture of your pet on your wall to impress the guests and cheer the home? For $25 dollars only, I can capture your pet’s personality into lines, colour and design; I shall translate the beauty of your animal into a 8 x 8 in. printable drawing. I will focus on unique shapes and character design, highlighting your pet’s pretty individualistic qualities! For $25 dollars each pet, each portrait. Via Paypal, upfront. If interested, send me an ask or email me at, along with at least 1 full-body reference.

UPDATE: I’ve an Etsy store for this now. If you prefer going through this way, it’s only slightly pricier (like an extra dollar) due to Etsy fees.


Stylish Pets, issue number one for sale in my etsy shop!

Featuring winter styles of cats and dogs, advertisements for imagined pet styling products, plaid in the park and plenty of illustrations of animals in there finest fashions.

Illustrated by Elizabeth Graeber, text by Grant Dickie

8.5" by 5.5", 32 pages, full color illustrations.