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Noel and Paul, 2009-2010

They actually were as the same human, that’s why Noel always died of laughing at Paul. I miss this times… It was great :) x

Don’t remove this caption, it also contains extra photos and gif.


Asagao hell lmfao
anyway the first page is just reference photo, a practice sketch, some headcanons, and then what I think the purikura photos turned out for their second “first date”
The next page is just a headcanon for how I think their first official first date (their second second “first date”) as a couple and they re-do the purikura stuff

Noel the youngest and the tallest in this team!

God! I’m really waiting it so much! Last time I was so happy when I found out that Noel+Eddy Izzard = Victory on Big Fat Quiz!!! And now this… I’ve got mixed feelings - it’s great to see Noel on TV again, and it’s so damn funny - everyone knows the story about his job. I think, it will be interesting to watch :) 

Jean Paul Gaultier- Spring 2016