stylish george

Les Papillons = Butterflies
Georges Lepape (French; 1887–1971)
Pochoir illustration printed on Japan paper
Plate III in: Modes et Manières d’Aujourd’hui (Paris: Maquet)
“Georges Lepape peignit ces 12 gouaches. Pierre Corrard fit la préface et les légendes.”
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Et son geste lui-même a la joie d’un envol!

Gravity (2013)

Happy new year! Over Christmas I took a break from animal sounds to design this poster.

Gravity was my favourite film of last year by a long way and I really wanted to make something in honour of it, so after drawing 10,000+ stars, here we are

It’s for sale in my shop as an A1 poster, limited edition. 100 copies, signed and numbered.