stylish eh

ToppDogg members finding their girlfriend wearing their shirt

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- will let out a “wow” while smiling at you sweetly.
- “why do you look so beautiful no matter what you’re wearing?”
- will tell you that you look very sexy but will also tell you to be careful because what if a burglar comes in and finds you like that??
- can’t stop taking photos of you candidly.

- gives you a playful smirk as soon as he walks through the door.
- immediately in a good mood even after practicing for a whole day.
- will follow you around the house just to look at you.
- “don’t get me wrong, you look good on my clothes but you look best without it.”

- “Babe omg i was planning on wearing that tomorrow!”
- but lets you off because he thinks you look hot.
- slaps your ass while you’re doing the dishes.
- “Since I’m going to wear that tomorrow, can I take it off of you?”

- “do you like that shirt?? It’s stylish, eh? It’s limited edition!”
- he loves it so much that he’s already planning on buying you the same sweater tomorrow so you can wear it together.
- can’t stop staring at you while you make him dinner because he is secretly turned on.
- asks you if you can wear his clothes again tomorrow because he likes seeing you on it.

- will wear your dress for the laughs and will say that couples should be able to wear each other’s clothes.
- “do you like it so much? It’s yours then.”
- but to be honest he’s only giving it to you because he thinks you look sexy on it.
- will tell you “let’s go to bed early” because he’s planning something naughty.

Joker Game Drama CD 2: Cast Comment Translation

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Horiuchi: Eh~ This is Horiuchi Kenyuu who plays Yuuki. This was very different to the main show… eh… Well, um. I still was able to talk similarly to Yuuki from the main show; cool and strident. But he does have a playful nature here with the other guys, however I had a very easy time acting here. If there is one thing I have to bring up about this is when I disguised myself as an old man. Um, I created him in my own way. Although I did disguise myself in the main show, I told the director, ‘I can’t do it’ and I remember him clearly saying, ‘Don’t say that’. Ah, just to clarify this was the audio director. Eh, anyway did everyone enjoy this? I believe it’s nice to have these time to time, I was thoroughly entertained. Please enjoy.

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L'Arc~en~Ciel at Tokyo National Stadium.

Beautiful hyde~ (as always)

Charming yukkie~~ (as always)

Cool ken~~ (as always)

Stylish tetsuya~ eh?? With green hair???!! O_O

Oh well…no matter what kind of style tetsuya puts on…he will always be my dearest Banana Leader~~ ^3^ 

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Q. today's best pose! which member did the best in today's photoshoot?

Hongbin: mhmm… well i was watching him from the sides…

N: (ㅇㅍㅇ) (whispers) N… N…

Hongbin: (•__•)? eh? 

N: eh?

Hongbin: eh?

N: … (ㅇㅍㅇ);;

Hongbin: i think Ravi. he shaved his head, so he looks more charismatic. and he was always stylish~ (eyecontact with N) eh? 

N: eh?

Hongbin: eh?

N: yes. bc Ravi is stylish~ 

Hongbin: and N-hyung too–

N: (grins) mhmm!

Hongbin: –is asking for me say his name

N: (ㅇㅍㅇ);;

- vixx 2015 season greeting dvd (Hongbin x N interview)
    cr. @ddang0kong // yuu-jin