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“From now on, I’ll act as your father. I’ll protect you, no matter what happens.”

“Shiver” - Kurt/Blaine

from a one-word prompt: “shiver”

Inspired by the recent weather (if you live in the northeast quarter of the States like Kurt and Blaine), here is some silly/smutty/sappy winter Fluff – in which Blaine wants to play, Kurt wants to stay in bed, and everyone manages to get what they want.

1770 words | AO3

Kurt startles awake at the sound of the wind whipping against the bedroom window, groggily blinking his eyes open with a disgruntled little whine. He’s alone in the bed, though he distinctly remembers falling asleep with a husband-shaped heating pad in his arms. “Blaine?”

Blaine’s leaning against the windowsill next to the bed, silhouetted against the dim gray light and staring out at the heavy snow that hasn’t stopped falling on New York City since yesterday afternoon. His hair is mussed and he’s only wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants. “Morning, baby.”

“It’s so early, why are you up? You know we don’t have to go anywhere today. Everything’s closed.”

“Natural alarm clock, I guess,” Blaine answers. Then he hums, pressing his hands against the windows, and says, “Gosh, the snow is so beautiful when it hasn’t been touched yet.”

“So am – I haven’t been – “ Kurt tries for a dirty joke, but he can’t even piece one together in his sleepiness. He yawns, shivering in the slight draft. “Just… come back to bed, it’s a snow day. Did years of school in the Midwest teach you nothing?”

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Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction their idol gf wearing tomboy clothes?


“You look good no matter what you wear. We’re the prince and princess idol couple.”

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“I don’t care what you wear as long as you still love me.”

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“Yay this means you can wear more of my sweaters, right?”

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Rap Monster:

“I think you look cute in any clothes.”

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“You make my heart flutter wearing any outfit.”

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“We’ll be the most stylish idol couple they’ve ever seen. Maybe Gucci will sign us together.”

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“You’re still the prettiest idol I’ve ever seen.”

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do you ever wanted to write about a inquisitor? as in one in awe inducing power armor and a stylish bolt pistol? anyways ever heard of the insane pricing on the video game inquisitor martyr? it seems insane how expensive the full game seems to be.

I mean, I’d totally write about Tyrus.

Zootopia /Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND ch.28 Threads of Fate

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this fic has reached over 925 reviews within 27 chapters! Thank you to everyone who reblogged, liked, fave, followed and reviewed this dumb fic, it really means a lot. Hopefully this fic can reach a 1000 reviews at the chapter 30 mark, that would be amazing! Ok so for those of you who follow my Tumbler; Crewefox you’ll know I’ve been through a rubbish situation lately but I didn’t want to disappoint the readers so here’s the chapter, I really hope you enjoy it. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter..)

Here’s the link

Chapter 28- Threads of fate

“You? So selfish thinking of yourself,” Dawn mock chastised, taking the ice cream cones for the bear and placing them in Judy’s paws “I’m not going to hurt you directly, maybe you should turn around.”

Judy turned around and could clearly see Nick and Luna sitting on the bench, but something was off…there was a red laser dot on the oblivious and innocent Luna’s head who was playing with her toy dragon “Luna…” Judy uttered with sheer fear.

“I know you don’t fear me,” Dawn grinned devilishly putting a paw on Judy’s shoulder “but by the end of this conversation I promise you I’ll be your worst nightmare.”

Judy knew she couldn’t strike Dawn, she was terrified but she was also overcome by rage and that fury came from her mouth in a daunting voice “If you do anything to my kit I swear I’ll end you.”

“There she is, there’s the bunny who just wouldn’t quit.” Dawn replied with a snigger “I’ve always liked that tenacity in you but then there is a lot of things I despise about you.”

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Imagine being a fortune teller able to really see the future and Stephen Strange showing up at your doorstep to find out if you really have a gift and aren’t just a fraud. And you are the real thing to consult you. -Requested by anon

Part 1 | Part 2

Spoiler Free! THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA I CAN’T WAIT TO WRITE THI S Bonus points if you figured out who the third character mentioned is ✯

You sighed as you collapsed, exhausted, in your overly decorated chair. It was a relief to finally close for the day. You owned a tiny place where you set up shop as a cheesy fortune teller: it was decent money, at least. You went all out and bought fake decorations: a crystal ball, colourful tarot cards, and hundreds upon hundreds of candles. It was something to attract the tourists who came by. Most of them came for the fun of it, expecting to hear some corny prediction. But everyone who walked out eventually met the fate that you foresaw, one way or another. Some would say you had a real gift. Others would say you had luck. But the truth was much deeper than that. For lack of a better word, it was magic.

You were about to clean up when you heard a knock on the door. Somewhat irritated, you said, “We’re closed. Check the sign on the door.”

There was a pause. You thought whoever it was had left, but then a deep voice, definitely male, spoke up. “I’m not a customer. I’m looking for (y/n) (y/l/n).”

You sighed once more, but walked over to open the door. “What do you want with-”

You stopped short when you saw who was on the other side– or rather, what he was wearing. He had some kind of long blue robe-type thing on, blue pants, a flowing red cape, and a large gold necklace with some kind of thick pendant that hung from the chain. It was the most bizarre- yet stylish- outfit you’d ever seen. You’d seen some clients wear some pretty whacky stuff to get their fortunes told, but this was a first.

The man straightened. “I take it you’re (y/n) (y/l/n),” he said. He stuck out his hand. “My name is Stephen Strange, but you can call me Doctor Strange.”

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man even after all these years, i still genuinely in my bones love the Speed Racer movie. like honest to god goosebumps love it. it is the most fucking stylish movie ever, for all its flaws. goddamn.

I had to find a baby picture of me to turn into school for this senior baby pictures thing so ok but like… why was I more stylish than I will ever be in my life at less than a year old. 


Check Please + popsicles 

I spotted a picture of ice cream and thought that is such a Lardo ice cream, and from that sprung the most random photoset I have ever created: all your OMGCP faves with their own flavours. I figured Bitty’s whole dessert thing makes it a bit less weird?