stylised cat

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Those sketchbook pieces produced for inktober are absolutely wonderful - the line and ink against the cream paper in the moleskin work brilliantly. (Plus the witch riding the household broom and stylised cat are awesome). You really should consider producing a line of originals along those lines to sell. People would love to own them in their art collections and on their walls! Great work!

Awh, thank you so much for your kind words! I wanted to mimic a moleskin where I was not able to work traditionally due to my new job.

Good news for you, though, I do have a line of original prints and artwork available over at my Redbubble, including the Day 2 Inktober Piece “Divided” Day and Night. All my merch is available to purchase there!

drawing a fat lil Faere in the middle of class instead of actually listening is a much better use of my time, absolutely

[ID: pen drawing of a stylised cat-girl with an extra set of ears on stalks and a tail. she’s wearing a tank top, shorts, and Converse sneakers.]