Of a different colour.

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The northernmost tip of Hokaido is now where you would expect an admiral’s staff car, but just a few kilometres north of the provincial capitol was a problem.

Soya station 5, manned by a mixed kanmusu and humans was for the sixth time failed to report an abyssal raiding fleet entering Wakkanai. A technical teal had already been sent and tested the array, finding no problems and reported nothing unusual, now thee investigators were staring through the car windows as the icy cold steel antenna that marked an installation vital to the safety of Japan.

“So we are looking for a spy?” the enforcer asked Ueda, her gun in he hands as she made sure it was loaded with armour piercing rounds. They would do little against a kanmusu or an abyssal but knowing they were there confronted the girl. “Or is Ruujou here because you think it’s something spooky?”

Ahead of them the installation’s temporary commander stood in the snow, her scarf c\tight around her neck as her breath formed mist in front to her. She looked like she hadn’t slept in a week.

“More visitors, I guess they must be serious.”