DRESS: Emily & Fin
BAG: Vintage

Hey everyone! Wow, haven’t been feeling myself much lately these days. Pretty weird if you ask me. I’m 900% sure it’s the dark tan and light hair. Check out my past video below where I go into a little detail! I kind of obliterated it, I’m not sure what to do but I’m fully committed to treating my hair with much better care! Hopefully I can get it dark again :(

Anyways, on to the dress of the moment! Emily & Fin is an adorable company based in the UK that specializes in extremely well-made clothing. The fabrics are soft and comfy and the fits are sturdy and classic. I was honored to don the Holly dress in this pale seafoam color! I went on a little cruise near West Point and wore it and had nonstop compliments! Since my hair has been very difficult lately I tried twisting it up for a simply updo. The whole ensemble is looking very 40s which is funny since I haven’t exactly set out to go in that direction! But hey, a lot of my life right now is very experimental, why not? I recommend sizing down for the brand, I took an XS myself from my usual S! 


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And his balls are about to burst because any faint brush against his tip and he’s a goner. “M'balls hurt” he finally chokes out - his voice has gone from all the screams and yells - and you finally feel bad. “Okay…you’ve been a good boy” so you sit him on the edge of the bed (which hurts because he’s so HARD) and pull him in by the collar and hang on to it by the rope as you sink yourself down on him. You start to bounce and he starts to get worried that you’ll dismount again so he pinches his eyes closed and tries not to think about your heat and its bare and wet and oh…. Fuck…. “Let go, good boy… Let go” and he’s whimpering and almost yells a sigh of relief and looks straight at you as he cums. String after long, hot string, empty deep into your belly. You hold him there, bouncing stopped, only grinding a bit to milk him for all he’s got. “Cummin…. So hard…” He strangles out- and you feel it start to seep out of you, and he’s still. Going. “Such a good boy” you kiss his sweaty ear, “you’re going longer, now. Next time - add 5 minutes?” And he nods, because this is torture but also some sort of fucked up heaven.


A Girl Abroad: Postcards from Puglia

“Puglia is the region in the heel of Italy’s boot. We arrived in April, and immediately noticed how quiet everywhere was – the pretty villages charmingly so; the modern holiday resorts eerily so. We had arrived at the tail end of the off-season, so until May it was just us in short sleeves and sunglasses and one or two disapproving locals in wool coats and big scarves. Italians dress for the seasons not the weather, and it wasn’t summer yet. If I had written postcards from our Puglian travels, they would have read a little something like this.” Discover our A Girl Abroad contributor Hannah Frances’ postcards from Puglia in her latest piece.