Fuck looks, honestly. You want to give your heart to someone? Give it to someone who will give you the world, not to someone whom your eyes envy.
—  n.c.d - Aladea

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Aw write something like that. Y/n has a big love in make up products and asks Harry to do her make up while he keep saying tho that she doesnt really need make up 🙈❤

This has been sitting in my box forever, but I’m just now getting around to it. My apologies.

Harry has always had a fascination with the sheer amount of makeup you own. You only have one face; why do you need 10 different products of each type at once?

He’s watched you put makeup on many times; he’ll stand in the doorway and observe with an amused smile on his face until you finally stop what you’re doing and glare at him.


“Nothin’. Just fun watchin’ yeh, s’all.”

“You enjoy watching me put on mascara?”

“S’just funny that you think you need all of that gunk. Can’t see your pretty face when it’s all covered in colors and creams.”

“Harry,” you sigh, “the point of makeup is to make my face prettier. You’re still seeing my face; you’re just seeing it enhanced.”

“Don’t need it enhanced,” he insists, “Seen you without makeup a hundred times and you’re just as beautiful then as y’are now, love. Probably even more. Y’don’t need any of this nonsense.”

He steps forward and takes one of the brushes from your holder.

“Like this one? What’s this for?”

“It’s for bronzer.”

“What’s that?”

“It goes on the hollows of my cheeks. You want to try?”

He frowns as you bring the bronzer tray closer to him and instruct him on how to dip the brush and get rid of the fallout, before showing him where it’s supposed to be applied. He swipes the brush over your cheeks, rather awkwardly, before doing his best to blend it out the way he’s seen you do it.

“Not bad,” you comment, when he finishes, “You see how that helps shape my face?”

Harry examines you for a moment and then leans in, not caring about smearing your lipstick, and gives you a kiss.

“Got the prettiest face I’ve ever seen love. Still don’t need any help from a brush.”

What did you guys think of part one of 'giving Harry a blowjob in front of his friends' ?!?!?

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Prompt for: "I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination." Either Nessian or Elorcan. You'll probably ruin me anyways. Thank you for your fanfictions and making my heart bleed.

Decided to try something new: a new writing style and one not full of angst. Let me know your thoughts.

Nessian AU: Cassian x reader fic: “I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.” (unedited)

y/n: your name

Cassian had been your childhood friend, stuck by your side as soon as you came crying out of the womb. Your mothers had been best friends, attached at the hip as well: they attended the same book club, listened to the same music, and graduated all their classes together. It only made sense that you and Cassian be the same.

While you were in kindergarten, he had been a second grader, boasting that he was no longer considered one of the runts. He had sworn that it was his duty to protect you, pinky swearing with a solemn face. While you were in fourth grade, he had graduated to middle school. He had sworn to walk you home, even if he had to trudge through the muddy trails to reach your elementary school. While you were in high school, he had graduated to Illyrian College. He had sworn to take you to prom, the best night of your life, and always remained in college.

While you applied to Illyrian College, keeping your promise to Cassian, your other new friend, Jurian, had convinced you to apply to Hybern College, Illyrian’s rival school. Jurian, a classmate in most of your classes, escorting you around the hallways, sneering at other males who thought they had a chance with you. Little did they all know that your heart belonged to your studies so you would be accepted into the top-tier school on a full-ride scholarship to Illyrian College. Everything you did was to ensure that you would see Cassian again, and be attached to your best friend at the hip again.

In first grade, you’d swapped friendship bracelets, giving him a hot-pink wrap of plastic, Cassian giving you an ugly brown strand to match your eyes, he’d said. You’d cried, an emotional little girl, but he had stroked away those tears with the pads of his thumbs as you inhaled his musky scent of firewood and mint.

Sometimes he’d come back home on breaks, lifting you up in those strong, muscular arms of his, grinning from ear to ear, and dimpling. Binge watching Netflix shows, wrapped in a single blanket on the loveseat couch, you’d fall asleep against his hard chest, content and safe within his embrace that offered warmth and security. He’d carry you to your room, and kiss the top of your forehead. One time you had caught him, and he had denied the entire ordeal, blushing furiously. To shut you up, he had crawled under the sheets next to you, grumbling that the guest room was too far away. He had been your living heating furnace, and when you awoke, you’d be cradled into his arms once again, or the smell of bacon and toast would fill the air. Minutes later, he had entered your room, a tray of steaming breakfast with two cups of orange juice.

You’d swap stories of your senior adventures, and how you had soared above your teachers’ expectations. It seemed like you would be valedictorian, while Cassian had been an All-American athlete in track and field, and wrestling. Sports had been Cassian’s outlet, just as writing had been yours.

Everyone didn’t see why you weren’t dating, and neither did you. Except you had an inkling why: Cassian saw you as nothing more than a younger sister. He was so oblivious to how you had dressed fancifully in a daring sensation just to garner his attention, not the other males at her school. Yet he had taken you to prom, asked you out bachelor style, ordering a white horse and bouquets of red roses. After he had mounted off the mare, he had gotten down on his knees, ruining his pressed slacks.

You had said yes, of course. This was the boy who had tickled you relentlessly and poked fun into your normal, boring life. This was the boy who had been angered when he had found out that you had applied to Hybern College. This was a boy who had ignored you for a week, not answering any of your texts or your calls or voicemails or private messages or emails.

It was during this week that you’d gotten closer to Jurian, who had been hit by a baseball bat during a frat party one of his friends had invited him too. All Jurian remembered was that the aggressor had an Illyrian tattoo and some initials inked over his arm that wove across his shoulder. You’d brought coffee and homemade food to the hospital, where Jurian learned to see through one eye. The bat had smashed through his eye, and later on, during a dare, someone had infected his eye.

The infection proved to be deadly, as Jurian thought he had been having a seizure.

You had called Cassian while loitering in the patient’s room.

He had not answered.

You missed him. You missed the boy that uplifted you, kissed your forehead, and made you breakfast. The boy who watched shows with you and provided you with vanilla ice cream when you were feeling low. The boy who helped you choose your professional attire for interviews and forced you to run at least a mile around the track with him on Saturday afternoons.

You had attended every single one of his wrestling matches and his track meets, cheering for him in the sidelines. When he went to the locker room, he’d always meet you in the back, demanding a quick kiss on the cheek for good luck. Every time he came victorious, in first, he said it was because you were his lucky charm, always there for him. And you were.

Except now he wasn’t. He’d taken off the pink bracelet you’d given him ages ago, said it wasn’t manly of him. Said that even though it didn’t bother him, it bothered his friends.

During this week of silence, you decided to apply last-minute for other colleges, not wanting to be caught between this rivalry. You knew Jurian had applied to Hybern, while your heart remained to its’ rival, the Illyrian college harboring the boy you had loved from the earliest haze of your memories. Finally clicking the submit button for your essays, recommendations, and other final pieces, you had leaned back against your seat, soaking in the silence.

Your room had never been so silent, Cassian always jabbering away. He’d once taken in a dog despite her protests, pleading with that own puppy face of his, begging her to attend the dog’s injuries. So she had.

Cassian had named the dog after you, kissing its’ forehead, as the dog eagerly slobbered over them. He’d taken the animal to the shelter, gloomily, the next day. One of his friends had quickly adopted it after seeing Cassian apparently mope around the dorms. Cassian had chattered about this friend for weeks, praising the kindness shown.

Your heart ached for the boy who loved so freely, and lived so merrily. Never before had you seen him so angry, demanding that you had betrayed him. When you had mentioned Jurian, he had stormed out. A part of you thought he’d been jealous, but the raw anger and not sheer disappointment radiating from him had you wondering what personal issues caused him to react like that.

He had used to tell you every personal account. Time had changed that, and your childhood friend was drawing away from you. You had apologized in all your messages, saying that if he really wanted her too, she’d phone Hybern, telling her she wanted to withdraw her application.

He hadn’t answered. She stopped contacting him.

Jurian and you had opened your college letters together. He’d been accepted into Hybern college, and so had you. In addition to Illyrian College, with a full ride scholarship academically.

You had fought with yourself to not text Cassian, allowing him the space he needed. Jurian and you had celebrated the night of, drinking and dancing the worries away. He’d attempted to slobber you with a kiss and reached for your hips, but you had slapped him away, imagining a different, dark-haired male.

It was then you knew that Cassian wasn’t just your childhood friend. He was more than a simple girl’s crush, not after had had played such an integral role throughout your life.

You knew you loved him when “home” turned from a place into a person.  

But you never talked to him.

The week turned into a month, and soon graduation neared. There was the very likely chance that he wouldn’t attend, to see one of the most important moment in your life. Soon, time flew by, and you had pulled on your heels and your graduation cap, forcing yourself to school your features into a smile and hold your head high.

You’d be giving the first and only speech to finish off every senior’s high school career as valedictorian.

You spoke of hope and courage. You hoped to see Cassian here, your eyes eagerly scanning over the mass of people. You hoped you would have the courage to call him later tonight, informing him of your decision to accept Illyrian college’s offer.

You spoke of resilience and fortitude. You hoped that your ages-long friendship with Cassian would be enough to preserve through this silly, petty fight that was entirely one-sided. You hoped that you could capture the fortitude Cassian had illustrated through every match and event as you would click the accept button to the college he attended.

You spoke of strength and family. You hoped that you would be strong enough to text Cassian after months of his absence. You hoped that your entwining memories of laughter and joy would be enough to remain within his circle of family, and perhaps, so much more.

The crowd had erupted into cheers and clapping as soon as you finished. The ceremony had passed quickly, your classmates lifting you up on their shoulders and thundering their voices into the sky as invincible humans, living in the moment of perfect pleasure.  

Your mind had wandered to the boy who taught you that it was okay to cry and to scream as long as she got up and did not give up. As you reached for your diplomacy and held the it in your hands, tears had leaked down your face.

A thumb brushed it away.

You looked up, and your heart stuttered.

Your childhood friend, your first and only crush, the male who your heart belonged to.


His love had roared louder than your demons. His friendship had roared louder than your nightmares. His presence had roared louder than depression.

And it had died out, like all things would and do.

He gave you a broad smile, and your mood instantly skyrocketed. He dimpled, telling you he was beyond proud of you. He hugged you, kissing the top of your forehead.

As your own arms wrapped around him, the dark ink of the Illyrian symbol filled your vision, along with the simple, two words: NA. A flicker of memory rushed through you, of what once could have been and what once was. 

You had frowned, wondering how those two words could have meant so deeply to him. And maybe once, in another dimension, you would have known.

And then your eyes flickered to the female that had silently strayed by his side as he held you, a stormy presence. 

Your childhood friend had stepped away from you, and embraced the other stony-eyed female in his arms.

“Y/N,” he grinned, happiness radiating from him. “This is Nesta. Nesta Archeron.”


Nesta Archeron.

And then you knew that this boy was not your childhood friend, but a grown adult who now belonged to another.

And Cassian then had fully kissed the Nesta Archeron on the lips, wrapping his arms around her hips.

And the place where he had kissed your forehead burned, a true betrayal.

Because during that one week, he had met the woman of his dreams, leaving the female of his past. Because during that one week, he had given his smiles and shared his laughter with this tall, beautiful woman. Because during this week, he had kissed her, kissing away the memories of the girl who had given him a pink bracelet that now sat at the bottom of his trash bin, a forgotten reminder. 

A barking noise had them almost reluctantly pulling away from each other, and your eyes had widened at the sight of the ever so familiar dog bounding in front of you, ears flopping back. 

The female—Nesta—had regarded you with cool eyes, and merely said, “This is my dog, Y/N.”

You had stared accusingly at Cassian, who had sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. He had kissed the top of Nesta’s forehead. “Nesta, this is Y/N. The girl I named our dog after.”

Our. You knew that you were no longer Cassian’s support and backbone; maybe you never had been, a little, foolish girl.

Girl. You knew that he didn’t see you the way you saw him, now. That he didn’t even see you as a childhood friend, or even a younger sister. Just a girl.

You had revered Cassian, excitedly recalling your adventures together to your classmates. You had told of him as your hero, your strength, your armor.

Cassian reached for Nesta’s hands, and there, you caught glimpse of a ring.

But not just any ordinary ring.

That was Cassian’s mother’s ring, given to him when she passed away. Where you had soothed and stayed near Cassian’s side until he learned to smile again. You had given him tea and talked with him late at night and made him chocolate chip cookies and forced him to traverse to the gym.

He had once put that ring on your finger, saying it looked pretty.

And now it was on another female’s finger, where it looked gorgeous. And looked like it would stay.

You swallowed, and bit down on your lip.

You had walked away, ice forming around your heart. Jurian had waved you over to his group of friends, a smile on his face. And you had let him wrap an arm around your waist, and pull you in for a hug. You had let him kiss your forehead, hoping that it would wash away the former affection that had been there.

It didn’t.

Your thoughts your graduation night had been filled with dark ink, staining your heart, and circulating the darkness through your veins and blood. You had immediately answered your phone that night, thinking it one of your classmates, Jurian.

“Have you decided where you wanted to go?” A warm and rough familiar voice had flooded you. You could hear another female voice at the other end of the receiver, and Cassian’s chuckle of mischief.

You heard the moan from the other end.

Coldness had swept through you.

You had cleared your throat, and told Cassian you had made your decision. Hybern College.

The other end had went silence for several heartbeats, and Cassian had strangled out a, why?

You had stared at the door, where your childhood friend would have once burst through, demanding an explanation in person.

But he had strayed too far.

You had mustered up your will, and looked out the window instead, where the moonless sky had allowed the darkness to loom and creep.

Cassian had asked why again, the same female voice murmuring in the background. Sound had crackled on the other side, and Cassian’s deep sigh filled the air.

Your finger had hovered over the end call button. You had squared your shoulders, and said loudly and firmly, “Because I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.”

Then you had hung up, pulling out your laptop, where you opened two tabs. One for Hybern College, and the other for Illyrian College. You had waited the night for Cassian to call again, for him to plea to rethink your decision.

He did not.

He did not call or reach out in the morning.

And you had a feeling why.

And you had accepted Hybrern College for your future as soon as the night next had risen, your heart strung along with another’s who had fallen for another.

Nesta Archeron.

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LMK if you want to be tagged in any one-shot or specific series I update. Also, thank you to the anon who sent me this prompt! I actually enjoyed writing it. S/o to the users who asked me the questions, such as my favorite series, and music tastes. It makes writing seem much more personal as a connection rather than communicating between a bland screen. Lastly, a huge thanks to those who have supported my latest Elorcan Werewolf AU. You know who you are. And I am grateful for you. 

Thanks Angel 4x15 One shot

So both @cpdcfcmed7410 and I received requests to write a follow up scene for 4x15 and well, being besties, we decided to combine our writing styles and do a one shot together. Hope you enjoy it! You can also find it here:

And here:


“You about ready to go?” Erin asked Jay, rubbing her hands together as she made her way back into the bullpen from outside. She still couldn’t believe the audacity of Scrap. She’d busted her ass to get his brother off and he acted like an ungrateful ass.

“Yeah, just give me five,” Jay replied, barely looking up from the paperwork he was hurriedly filling in. He was anxious to get out of here tonight, more so then usual. He had negotiations to get under way.

Erin went and sat in her chair, not bothering to take her coat off since they’d be leaving in a minute and she’d already finished up for the day before she sprung Scrap. Leaning back, she let her gaze fall across the isle and watched Jay work. The hunch of his shoulders stretched the fabric of his shirt as he leaned forward over his desk. She knew exactly how warm and smooth the skin was there. She knew her lips fit perfectly in the curves between his muscles and shoulder blades. She knew she could draw a line of kisses eight freckles long from behind his ear to the curve of his arm. He absentmindedly bit at the corner of his lip as he concentrated and Erin licked her lips unconsciously as she imagined the feel of his teeth gently sinking into her lip instead. Her belly tightened as her eyes fell on his arms, knowing exactly where his veins bulged from exertion as he held his weight off her when he lay over her. Goosebumps rose on her skin imagining his strong hands playing over her body.

Her eyes continued to wander over his features, daydreaming. When she refocused on his head, she was no longer staring at the semi trained waves on top that she knew tightened into unruly curls when wet but into the blue of Jay’s eyes. They were dancing with amusement as a smirk spread across his face. She felt her cheeks redden, knowing full well the cocky bastard had caught her fantasizing about him.

“I’m ready when you are,” Jay chuckled, suggestively raising his eyebrows at her.

Erin rolled her eyes at him but she didn’t suppress her smile as she got to her feet. “Good because I’m starving!”

“Of course you are,” he laughed. “Where am I taking you for dinner?”

“Wait, you’re buying?” She teased in mock surprise.

“Yup, whatever you want.” He replied smugly.

“Hmm, in that case,” Erin tried to think of the most expensive restaurant they’d be allowed into wearing jeans.

“Oh no,” Jay said with a mix of humour and apprehension.

Erin laughed again as she made her way ahead of Jay down the stairs, affording him the opportunity to let his eyes roam over her backside, appreciating her curves the way she’d been doing to him moments ago.

He couldn’t wait to get his negotiations started. He half expected her to say no when he’d all but reduced himself to begging to have first go at driving their new rig. It had been worth the grovelling though. So worth it. And now that he’d had a taste he felt it necessary to renegotiate the terms of their partnership. He wasn’t going to insist he drive from now on, he couldn’t expect her to give up that kind of control, nor did he want to take that from her. If he were completely honest it was kind of hot his girl was such a badass behind the wheel. But he didn’t see anything wrong with them splitting the driving. He knew she felt safe with him, trusted him. Surely she would see the fairness in sharing the driving fifty-fifty? Of course he’d make sure to properly thank her during the negotiations too.

When the waiter finished pouring the glasses of wine Jay suggested they order, forgoing the pints of beer they usually opted for, Jay held up his glass. Erin cocked her head to the side, amused, but raised her glass to toast with him.
“Thanks Angel,” he said tipping his glass against hers with a wink, knowing she’d understand he was appreciative of getting to drive the truck earlier tonight. Erin laughed out loud. The raspy tone always made his heart beat speed up.
“You’re welcome grasshopper,” she replied cheekily.

Jay made a face at her. He wasn’t sure he liked this new nickname but he’d play along if it got him what he wanted.

They teased and bantered over dinner, unwinding from the intensity of the day. Jay loved this time with Erin, when they transitioned from partners to lovers with their easy friendship bridging the two. It was sometimes difficult keeping things professional and focused on the job but it was always easy coming home together.

It wasn’t hard to watch Erin slowly lick the chocolate cake from her fork as she savoured every bite of their shared dessert either. God he loved the way this woman appreciated food. He was also getting anxious to get home.

After paying they headed out. In the car Jay decided to start negotiations. “So I was thinking,” he started, letting his fingers softly dance across her thigh as she drove.

“Oh yea,” she said giving him a sideways glance and a smirk.

“Yea. You trust me, so I was thinking we should at least split driving fifty-fifty,” he said letting his fingers dance closer between her legs.

She smacked his hand away trying to focus as she drove. “Yea I dunno about that,” she said holding in her smile.

“Erin,” he started but refused to beg again. “I’ll make it worth it and you know it,” he said squeezing her thigh as she looked for a parking spot outside the apartment.

Erin slightly chuckled as she parked. He was right. While everyone thought she wore the pants in the relationship, Jay dominated in the bedroom. And really their relationship was fifty-fifty like it’s supposed to be. Maybe it was time she let everyone see that because she did trust him.

As they got out and headed in she said, “What do I get for fifty-fifty driving?” she asked.

Jay leaned down and whispered in her ear exactly what he planned to do to her. Erin let out a shiver as she bit her lip. “We’ll see,” she winked as they headed up.

Once inside the apartment, Jay pushed her back against the door and kissed her hard. He left her breathless as she held on to his neck. “I’m just getting started,” he whispered picking her up and carrying her to bed.

Erin squealed and giggled as he tossed her on the bed before stripping. He knew she’d been admiring him earlier while he finished paperwork so he’d let her get a good look before he properly thanked her.
He knew she was totally turned on by the time he was completely naked and crawling over her kissing.

“Patience Erin,” he whispered, kissing her lips.

Erin arched up, her jeans and sweater rubbing all over him. He pushed her back to the bed. “Patience,” he said again making her growl.

He slowly stripped her, worshipping her body with kisses as he went. Once he had her naked, he sat back on his heels just admiring her body. “So….. about driving fifty-fifty,” he whispered, his fingers softy trailing over her thighs and hips as he used his knees to spread her open.

“I dunno,” she said watching him as she tried to lay still. “Make it worth it, and we’ll talk,” she smirked.

“Oh it’ll be worth it,” he said kissing her hard. He put her hands above her head on her pillow. “Do not move them,” he said.

Erin just watched him, panting for breath, as he kissed down her body. He grabbed her hips giving them a gentle squeeze as he eyed her up and down.

He loved the effect he had on her, loved that he did this to her. “You will say yes,” he smirked before blowing a breath across her.

Erin wiggled and he grabbed her hips holding her still. “Don’t move,” he said again. He held her hips as he slowly lowered himself to the bed.

“Jay,” she panted knowing he was going to do exactly what she loved to get his way.

“You’re an angel,” he whispered before his tongue snuck out and licked her up. Erin’s hips arched, a moan escaped, and her hands came down to tug his hair.

Jay pulled back making her moan and toss her head; “I said don’t move,” he said moving her hands back.

A whimper escaped her lips and he knew he had her. “I mean it Erin, don’t move,” he said getting a nod from her.

He pinned her hips again before slowly licking her once more. “Jay,” she moaned as he did it again.

“Say yes,” he whispered keeping his tongue moving super slow just savoring her.

Erin just grunted moving her hands back to his hair and tugging. Jay immediately stopped again and put her hands back. “Don’t make me cuff you,” he whispered nipping at her ear.

“Fuck,” she panted arching against him.

Jay smirked as he slowly kissed back down her body setting her on fire. “So wet,” he whispered slowly licking again and letting his tongue lazily circle her clit.

Erin whimpered and moaned, her head tossing side to side at his torture. “Say yes Erin. Say you trust me enough,” he whispered slowly doing it again.

“Jay,” she whimpered, her hips arching as he pushed them back down.

“Say it,” he whispered nipping the inside of her thigh.

“Yes, God yes, please,” she moaned.

Jay smiled and placed a soft kiss on her clit. “Yes what?” he whispered ,spreading her lips wide to him.

“You can drive. I trust you,” she panted as she locked her eyes on him.

“I know you do,” he smiled before his lips locked over her clit and he sucked hard. He didn’t let up even though her hands made it back to his hair, tugging. He sucked and flicked her never letting up.

She tugged hard on his hair letting him know she was about to come as she moaned his name over and over. He slid two fingers in her still sucking her clit and she exploded moaning and screaming his name.

He licked her up letting his fingers rest in her as she rode it out. As she caught her breath he slowly eased his fingers out and kissed on her. “You’re an angel,” he whispered again kissing her lips.

“Your angel,” she smiled locking her legs around him. Jay kissed her hard as he slid into her.

“My angel. My Erin,” he panted.

She nodded, her eye glassy from their love making and her love for him, being surrounded in his love. “Don’t hold back,” she whispered just needing him.

Jay buried his face in her neck, his control slipping from needing her all day. Thoughts of taking her in the truck having floated through his head. He kissed and sucked on the sensitive spots on her neck as he thrust hard and fast.

Erin held on knowing this was exactly how the night would end after letting him drive, needing it just as much as him. She arched into him, squeezed him, kept him going until they were both teetering on the edge. “I’m gonna come,” she panted arching up hard.

Jay’s moan was the only answer she needed that he would too. She arched up again and squeezed him tight sending them both into oblivion.

It took several minutes for them to come down and he snuggled her after. “You really are an angel,” he whispered, making her giggle as they basked in the afterglow.

“You’re welcome grasshopper,” she giggled as he groaned, snuggling her close.

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If/When Khonjin gets on A.S. , will it stick to the same style of writing/story as Khonjin House, or do you have something slightly different in mind?

it will be the same, minus supermental ties

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You know... I know everyone has there own writing styles and it's great that everyone is an individual on here, I'm all for that, but my god if I could chose to write like anyone on this site it would be you! Every time I read you it inspires me to write (something not even half as good, but still) you're a benchmark! 🙌🏻 total writery goals! 👏🏻

AH you are too kind and this is ridiculous! I am sure you are a remarkable / brilliant writer and you honor me. Thank you for warming my day, I cannot stress how much I needed this.I love you PS I’m drunk 


Screenshots from GOSSIP AND ALCOHOL | VA-11 HALL-A! :D

Oh my god I loved this game and this video! :D I love these kind of games where Seán can do a whole bunch of different voices and that can give him a lot of interesting thoughts. Plus I love Seán’s longer videos in general too because I feel like more of who he is as a person comes out in these kind of videos and a lot of them show how insightful he can be. I loved this game’s art-style, the music, the writing and the characters so far. I also loved Seán’s voices for the characters too. I love the voice he gave Jill and Gillian and my personal favorite being DONOVAN D. DAWSON! xD I know these kind of games aren’t everyone’s thing but I would seriously love to see Seán play more of this game. :) 

There was a lot of social commentary in this game about how the media and how it treats celebrities and people and it got me thinking about something with Seán that I’ve been thinking about lately. I always try my absolute best to treat Seán like a real person and like a friend despite the fact that I don’t actually know him. I don’t know if I do a good job of that but I try my absolute best because I don’t want him to feel like I see him as something that’s 10x greater then how he actually is because that’s not how I see him. He’s not a celebrity to me he’s a normal person who just happens to be a youtuber. I don’t make these posts about him everyday for attention or praise from other people. I make them for fun, to spread positivity to some people and to interact and talk with someone I consider a friend even if he doesn’t always see what I make and write about and to him. When he was gone for a few days to reflect and think about things I was seriously worried about him before he said that he was fine and I missed seeing him on here. I mean his videos were still here but it just didn’t feel the same on here, you know? All I wanted to do was ask if he was okay and show him support in the best way that I could. I know that probably sounds stupid because again I know that I don’t really know him but I still consider him a friend of mine. I don’t try interact with him on here everyday because he’s Jacksepticeye or because he’s hugely impacted my life in a positive way. I don’t care that he’s a “popular” youtuber. I interact with him because I genuinely like who he is as a person even if I don’t fully know that person. I love hearing his thoughts on everything because he’s so passionate even over just little things and honestly I seriously just love how he looks at the world. Honestly I’d still think and feel that way even if he was still just awkward fetus squishy faced Jack trying to figure out how to youtube. xD I know that he wasn’t the same person then as he is now he’s changed a lot in these years of doing Youtube. But I’d still want to interact with him, talk to him and show him support even if he hypothetically somehow never became a popular youtuber in the first place. He’s so much more then just a youtuber and someone I love to watch everyday and I don’t care if this makes me sound crazy or stupid to some people. But even if I don’t really know this person at the end of the day, I still see and respect him as a person and consider this person a dear friend of mine that I can’t imagine my life without. :) 

I just realized that it’s true that no matter how much you try to copy the writing style of someone, your own writing style will always come out eventually. You have your own style. Everyone has their own style.

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I'm not sure if you've done this but I'm feeling angsty so how about one where Mc cheats on rfa+v and Saeran with another rfa member(oh the angst!)...I'm sorry if this is too angsty I just really love your writing style and thanks :)))

I already have this one in my box! I plan on tackling it soon, along with a few other cheating ones, so don’t worry!
I’ve been trying to make some happier ones since I’ve apparently made people cry with my sad ones sjfjgn

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Can you write something about harrys kid stealing his clothes? That would be so cute

Oh my god, that would be absolutely adorable.

“Bug, what are yeh doin?” Harry asks his little boy, when he finds him in his closet trying on his clothes.

“I’m like you daddy!” he exclaims, his eyes sparkling under Harry’s white sunglasses, that are almost sliding off his face. He starts running towards Harry, stumbling in the big gold boots he is wearing and dragging Harry’s red jacket across the hardwood floor.

Harry picks him up in his arms and puts the sunglasses on his head. “Well look at you, it’s like there’s two daddies, isn’t it?” he says and kisses bugs kiss ever so lovingly, making him giggle.

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and actually while i'm here. top five books ever (nostalgia value counts)

hmmmm, very tough question, thank you! Actually putting my favourite books in an order is tricky!

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
     -Short and punchy, surely the wittiest and most hilarious book ever written. Was incredibly influential on my sense of humour and writing style.

2. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
     -I love Christie’s writing to death, and this is probably one of her cleverest, most atmospheric and best-constructed stories.

3. Seeing I by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum
     -I think it’s absolutely brilliant how they pack three years of action and emotion into a couple of chapters.

4. Alien Bodies by Lawrence Miles
     -It really opened my eyes to how far-out and fantastic science fiction stories are allowed to be, almost every paragraph is fascinating.

5. Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett
     -An odd mix of puzzles, coincidences, art, architecture, history, and mystery that for some reason has stuck with me since I read it when I was very young.

Runners-up include The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie, and The Mysterious Mr Quin by Agatha Christie again.

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H: How would you describe your style? 

A mess. XP Writing for the headspace of four different characters is ridiculous, and I don’t even know how I’m pulling it off, honestly. XP But I’m having fun with my author sass, so I guess it’s not too bad, ha ha~

O: How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?

Plot. ALWAYS the plot. Usually I’m daydreaming while I’m listening to music, and a “what if?” thought occurs to me, and before I know it, suddenly, I have a story I want to write. The characters come soon after, but it always begins with a spark of inspiration that I end up taking too far. XP

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

I’m a harried architect battling a demon garden.

All I want is to just get the baseline of this house figured out, but nooooo, WEEDS EVERYWHERE. AND THEY GROW SO FAST IT’S INSANE.

(In short: yes. XP)

E: If you wrote a sequel to [insert fic], what would it be about?


A sequel?



idk probably about domestic superhero shenanigans or some shit

Thanks for the letters~ <3


Could you write like the smuttiest thing you’ve ever written please!!

I kinda want to blame this request for this sin but oh well… This is pure filth so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with smut. This has not been proofread so I’m sorry for any

Y/N couldn’t believe how stupid she was when she agreed to this. She regretted it the moment she said yes. Now it’s been almost two weeks. Twelve days. 288 hours. Not that she was counting.
It happened during a night in with Harry. They both had a bit too much of red wine, their lips stained and their words getting slurred and silly.

“I bet you couldn’t go a week without sex.”
She looked at him with wide eyes for a moment, her deep red lips parted.
“What? I can totally go without sex. Unlike you, you’re a horny mess after an hour without sex.” she smirked at him.
“S'not true! I bet I can go longer without sex than you.” he stated proudly.
“A bet? You wanna bet, Styles?”
“Yes. We’ll see who can go longer without sex.”
“And what does the winner get?”
“Mind blowing sex.”

Exactly that was what she was craving for right now, mind blowing sex. It wasn’t that she was addicted to sex or needed it to function but when your boyfriend is Harry Styles and looks like a goddamn adonis and you know exactly what he’s able to do with his perfect body it’s hard not to get horny.
He was teasing her as well, every morning his hand would wander a bit too low when they were cuddling and every time he came out of the shower his towel was almost falling off and sometimes it really did fall off, accidentally of course.
She was teasing him as well though, only sleeping in one of his shirts and a pair of lace panties or wearing her favorite pair of jeans which she knew made her ass look extremely good.
It didn’t help her though, he noticed all her teasing and sexy looks but he never made a move on her. He wanted to win this bet.
She wanted to as well but if she was quite honest she didn’t think she was able to go another hour without his naked body pressed to hers.
She knew he was upstairs right now, in their ensuite bathroom, taking a shower. And she knew he would come down in a few minutes, showing off his irresistible body.
She couldn’t take it anymore, her body was going crazy. The constant ache between her legs made her feel dizzy and the fact that she just needed him made her go upstairs.
She entered their bedroom, smelling his shower gel. She wanted him. She needed him. She didn’t care about the bet anymore, it’s been too long.
He came out of the door a minute later, surprised to see her standing in the middle of their bedroom, looking all nervous and messy.
“You okay, love? You look a bit flustered.”
She shook her head, she was almost near tears now. The desperation and frustration grew inside of her, making her body move over to his and pressing her lips to his in a hard kiss.
She felt his shock, before he finally began to kiss her back and wrap his arms around her.
“What’s going on, hm?”
He knew exactly what was going on, she was needy. But he wanted to hear her say it.
“Want you. I-I need you. Harry, please, I can’t-”
“Shh, baby.” he shushed her rambling gently.
“What so you need, hm?”
“You, please.”
“What do you need from me?”
“Harry!” she exclaimed frustrated.
“I need to hear you say it, baby. C'mon tell me.”
“I want you to fuck me.” she whimpered.
He smirked at her, satisfied with her answer.
“But then you’ll loose the bet, darling.”
“I don’t care about this fucking bet, Harry! This was such as stupid idea. I just want you to fuck me, take me in every way you like.”
“So desperate? S'not even been two weeks, my love.”
“But it’s been too long.”
“Alright, s'true. Get out of these clothes, baby.”
She did as he said, immediately throwing her shirt to the floor and stepping out of her jeans and panties.
“Good girl. Now lie down on the bed for me.”
She lied down on her back, waiting for him to come to her. She heard his towel hitting the floor, falling beside her clothes. She looked up at him as he started to crawl onto the bed until he was hovering over her naked form but not touching her yet.
“Didn’t think you could go this long without having me fuck you, baby.” he whispered against her neck, his lips brushing over her skin and making goosebumps arise on her whole body.
“Didn’t think I could go so long without fucking you.”
He pressed the first kiss against her sweet spot, right under her ear and her bach arched off the back, pressing her chest against his. She heard him groan quietly when her naked tits touched his chest.
“I missed this so fucking much, baby. Never again, yeah?”
“Never.” she agreed.
His kisses wandered lower, over her collarbones down to her boobs. He nibbled on the skin there, using his tongue to lick over it. When he reached her nipples he sucked on each of them, licking over the pink flesh before he released it and wandered lower.
He took his time with kissing ever inch of her but this wasn’t what she wanted. She didn’t want him to be gentle and loving. She wanted him to be rough. Really rough.
“Harry, please.”
He knew that tone, the desperation and need in it. He knew he was torturing her right now but he won’t keep going like this. He’s going to give her what she wants.
He came up from where he was kissing around her hips, looking her in the eyes. He leaned down to press a kiss against her lips, covering her mouth in a sweet and passionate way.
“You went twelve days without this, right? Twelve is a nice number.”
His face moved to the side, his nose nuzzling into her hair and his mouth right over her ear.
“How about I make you come twelve times? A orgasm for every single day you didn’t have me.”
She whimpered at his words, wanting that. Wanting him to make her come undone as many times as possible.
“How’s that sound?”
“Please, Harry.”
“Yes? You want that?”
“Gonna count them, okay? Gonna count every time you come for me, yeah?”
“Yes, Harry.” she nodded frankly.
He moved down her body again, until he was right between her legs. He grabbed her knees, making them bend and her feet plant on the mattress. He started to kiss down her left thigh, moving closer to where she was pink and aching for him.
She spread her lips apart when he decided it was enough of the teasing, groaning when he saw how wet she was. He glided his middle finger between her lips, gathering some of her juices and rubbing over her clit with them. A breathy moan left her lips at the contact, missing his touch too much.
He finally leaned down then, licking a broad stripe between her pussy lips and humming at the taste of her. He loved this when she filled all his senses, he was only able to see her, smell her, taste her and feel her.
He licked over her clit, lapping at it with the tip of his tongue. He circled the nub before he licked over it from side to side and then moved down to her entrance where he pushed his tongue inside and moved it up and down against her walls. She was moaning and groaning, her hands in Harry’s hair, pulling it and messing it up.
He hooked her thighs over his shoulders so he had better access to her and could bury his face deeper into her. His hands were sprawled out on her hips, holding them down so she couldn’t squirm away.
He licked her deeper now, right between her lips and massaging all the right places. He could feel her getting close already, her thighs beginning to shake, her pussy beginning to clench and the juices kept pouring out of her.
“Harry, I-I’m gonna-” a loud moan interrupted her words when he licked over just the perfect spot.
He sucked on her clit then, trapping it between his lips and massaging it with his tongue at the same time. She came within seconds, screaming out into the bedroom and pulling Harry closer by his hair. He groaned against her when he felt her come, loving the way she moved her pussy against his face and her cum dripped out of her. He knew she came hard, her voice breaking with every moan and her body shaking and trembling with the waves of pleasure that cursed through her whole body and made everything clench.
When her thighs finally fell open and Harry was sure he got every drop of her he sat up, breathing harshly. His lips were swollen and wet with her and his eyes dark and wild.
“You forgot something, my love.” he reminded her.
She wasn’t able to think properly, her brain probably jelly just like her bones. She remembered what he requested of her earlier though.
“Good girl.” he praised her.
He moved up again, kissing her briefly.
“Sit up.”
She did as he said, sitting up and watching how he lay down on the bed.
“Over my face, darling.”
“What? Harry, no.”
He knew she didn’t like this too much. It felt amazing and she knew that but she hated the thought of sitting on his face. She was always scared of hurting him.
“Baby, c'mon. You know how good it’s gonna feel.”
She looked at him skeptical for a second before she sighed and gave in. She moved so she was straddling his face. He pulled her down immediately, making her sit right on his mouth. She moaned immediately when she felt his tongue on her again, dragging up the full crease of her.
“Yes! Oh fuck.” she moaned out and she knew Harry was smirking against her.
He moved one hand from where he was holding onto her thigh to her mouth, silently telling her to suck his fingers and get them wet. She wrapped her lips around them, getting them dripping wet. When he was happy with her sucking he moved them down to her entrance, immediately pushing two fingers inside of her, causing her to moan at the delicious stretch.
Harry started pumping his fingers inside of her, stroking that one spot she could never reach herself.
Y/N’s hands reached up to hold onto the headboard, moving her hips against Harry’s mouth. He moaned against her when he felt her starting to ride his mouth, letting her move just how she pleased.
He resettles her above him after a moment and then she feels the firm press of his hot tongue against her clit, licking it with just the perfect pressure.
Harry fucks into her with his fingers, twisting and curling them. His lips sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking over it and making sharp pleasure run up her spine.
“Y-Yes, oh shit.”
She was already so close again, almost overwhelmed with all the pleasure he made her feel.
Harry curled his fingers inside of her, pressing hard against her g-spot. She’s clenching down around his fingers, so close to coming. He hummed against her, the vibrations hitting her clit immediately and that was all it took for her to explode again.
“Harry, yes!”
Harry’s fingers fucked her through it, prolonging her orgasm and keeping her right there. His lips kept on sucking on her clit, making her come so hard she fell forward against the headboard. Harry held onto her ass cheeks then, moving her against his mouth in the same way he would do it if she was sitting on his cock.
“Harry, oh fuck!”
He kept on moving her against him with his hands on her ass cheeks, licking her so deep she came for the third time with a shaky cry and clenching thighs.
She whines when it gets too much and Harry lets go of her, helping her off him.
“What was that, my love?”
Y/N was shaking, a whimpering mess but Harry knew she wanted to keep going. Needed to keep going.
Harry needed this himself, he missed this over the last two weeks. His dick was standing to his full potential already, his tip a angry shade of red and leaking precum that made it look slick.
“Can you sit on my cock, baby?” he asked her sweetly, innocence lacing his words.
She nodded the tiniest bit, moving so she was straddling his hips. She eyed his dick hungrily, missing that body part the most. She took hold of his shaft, enjoying the fact that Harry groaned out at the feel of her hand around him.
She lined herself up with his tip, sinking down immediately. Loud groans left both of their mouths, their eyes falling shut with the pleasure that came with having each other like this again.
Y/N took him as deep as possible, sitting properly on his dick with her ass hitting his thighs. She began to rock her hips, making him rub against her favorite spot. Harry was looking up at her, not quite sure if he should look at her blissed out face or the place where his dick was sliding into her pussy.
Her hands were on his butterfly tattoo, bracing herself. She bounced on him then, making his dick fill her up with every movement of her hips.
“Yes, fuck yourself on my cock.” Harry groaned out, moving his hands to her thighs.
Y/N was moaning and whimpering above him, slamming down so hard on his cock that her ass created a filthy sound against his thighs.
One of her hands wandered to in between her legs, rubbing at her clit to get herself there faster. Harry felt his eyes rolling back in his head when he saw her touching herself right on his dick, the sight so overwhelmingly sexy that he was sure he could come right then and there.
He felt it when she was close, her walls squeezing his dick and her hips moving even faster. She kept on rubbing herself until she finally came with a hoarse shout, her whole body shaking with the pure pleasure her own fingers and his cock made her experience. She came hard, Harry could feel her slick coating his cock and dripping onto his thighs. Her pussy was squeezing Harry’s dick so hard he saw stars but he wouldn’t come, not until he got everything from her.
“Four.” she moaned out when she finally stopped the movements of her hips, her fingers still stroking over her clit to ride out her orgasm properly.
Harry sat up when she wanted to let him slid out of her, pulling her by her thighs tightly to him so she was still sitting on his cock. A surprised shriek left her at his movements, her eyes wide and her mouth parted.
He slapped her fingers away from her pussy, replacing them with his own and rubbing her bundle of nerves in hard circles. A high pitched moan left her, trying to squirm away from his fingers.
“Harry, fuck I-”
“I want you to come, right on my cock from only my fingers.”
She groaned disbelievingly, she felt his cock so deep inside of her, she just wanted to move and make him fuck up inside of her but he held her down on his dick, not letting her move the slightest bit.
His fingers were rubbing her clit so roughly but just the way she liked it and she came within seconds, still worked up from her last orgasms.
Her pussy clenched down on Harry’s cock, making him groan out but he kept still, only feeling her orgasm on him. He rubbed her through it, the way her pussy squeezed his cock making him moan right with her.
He removed his fingers from her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lying down with her on top of him, his dick still inside of her. He knew she would be sore the next day but it didn’t matter.
He bent his knees, planting his feet on the mattress. Her thighs were spread, her knees on either side of his hips. He gave her one experimental thrust, loving the way she moaned out loud at the pleasure.
He unwrapped his arms from around her, his hands grabbing onto her ass, spreading her cheeks apart before he fucked up into her. He held her down on his cock so she couldn’t move, his dick slamming into her hard and fast. She was screaming against his shoulder, his dick feeling so fucking good inside of her. Harry was moaning into her neck, this position absolutely wrecking him as well.
Y/N came so fast it was incredible, screaming and sobbing loudly against Harry, her nails leaving scratches on his arm. He slowed down a bit when she kept on crying out against his shoulder, now rolling his hips into her rather than thrusting with full force.
“S-Six.” she stammered out when she was able to think again.
“Such a good girl, baby. You still good?”
He pounded her pussy again, his thighs slapping against her ass hard. He slapped down on her ass with both hands at that was all she needed before she came again. She wasn’t able to count her seventh orgasm because it became her eighth right afterwards, growing into one mind blowing orgasm that made her shout out.
“Yes, baby.” Harry breathed out when her pussy got incredibly tight again.
He made her sit up then, letting him slip out of her.
“Hands and knees, love.”
It took her a bit longer than usual to position herself due to the shaking of her limbs but she managed to within a few moments.
He lined himself up behind her, sliding into her immediately. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing her back to his chest. He spread her thighs a bit wider so he had more access before he began to fuck her again, her ass hitting his thighs loudly with every move.
She came again within seconds, her pussy now so sensitive that it only needed a few thrusts to explode. Harry moved one hand to her clit before she could finish completely, intensifying her orgasm with his hard circles against her nerves and making her groan out.
He fucked her right through it, not letting up on his pace and his rubbing.
“Harry! Oh!”
Another orgasm rocked through her body, making her fall forwards. Harry let her, leaning over her and still rubbing her clit with his fingers.
He removed his hand from her, pressing her down on the bed completely and slamming into her so hard the whole bed moved and the headboard kept on hitting the wall with loud thuds.
He didn’t even feel her next orgasm, her pussy grew so tight around him that he wasn’t able to feel her clenching anymore. But she did come, he could hear it, her loud moans and shouts.
“Eleven.” she whimpered out.
She was completely fucked out, he knew she was but she had one more inside of her. Only one more.
Harry was right there, at the edge of his orgasm and he knew he only needed a few more seconds before he would come inside of her. Y/N was still lying on her stomach, her hands gripping onto the sheets.
“You gonna come with me, baby?”
She only moaned at that was all he needed before he began to pound away, paying attention to that one spot inside of her that would make her explode within seconds.
And she did come within a few short moments, coming harder than ever around him. Her juices came pouring out of her, drenching the sheets underneath them. Her scream was so loud it teared right through Harry, making him come deep inside of her and coating her walls with his hot release. He stilled inside of her, pushing as deep as he could go, his cock still releasing rope after rope of sticky white cum.
He was scared that she passed out for a moment but her moans and whimpers reassured him that she was still conscious. He pulled out of her finally, hearing her whimper at the loss. He looked down and saw her release mixed with his cum pouring out of her, onto the sheets.
He lied down beside her, his breathing harsh and ragged.
“You okay, my love?” he asked her softly, his hand stroking over her back.
She looked at him with half lidded eyes, her lips parted.
“How the fuck did you make me come twelve times?”
Her voice was wrecked, raspy from all the shouting she’d done.
Harry laughed out at her words, his shoulders shrugging.
“I’ve got no idea. But it was hot as fuck.”
She turned around finally, laying her head on his chest with a sigh.
“We are never ever going without sex again. Never.” she stated.
“Never.” he agreed.
“We need to change the sheets.” she whispered after a few moments, a bit of embarrassment audible in her voice.
“That we have to do, love. Never thought you could come like this. My dick really has to be amazing.”
She hit his chest playfully, scolding him with her eyes.
“Shut up, you wanker.”
“Oi! I’m very glad that I don’t have to wank anymore, thank you very much.”
“Oh god, Harry.”