Your friend doesn’t like him (requested)

Requested** Could you do something along the lines of your best friend not liking Harry for some reason and she sleeps over and Harry is just sort of shot down by your friend and he gets all sad and cuddly??? 



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First interview

She wiped her hands on her dress as she exhaled, trying to calm her nerves.This would be the first interview she had, now being known as “Harry Style’s Girlfriend”. She was nervous for a number of reasons, despite the constant reassurance she was getting from Harry and her friends. They were going on the Ellen Show to talk about their relationship for the first time. As she was collecting herself, she heard a knock on the door.

“Babe, you alright in there?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, I’m coming out now.” She said as she shook out her hands and opened the door to find a concerned looking Harry. She tried to walk past him but he lightly grabbed her forearm, pulling her back to him.

“Baby, I know you’re nervous but I promise, it will all be fine. I’ll be right next to you, holding your hand. You don’t even really have to talk much if you don’t want to. He said trying to sooth her. She just nodded and took his hand as they began to walk to the stage.

“And now, please welcome the worlds newest, biggest, and in my opinion, the cutest couple in the world, Harry Styles and Y/N Y/L/N!.”

The music began and you walked on stage hand in hand, while the audience cheered. They got to the seats and got pulled into a hug by Ellen, which helped reassure you a bit. they both sat down and the music started to fade, Harry’s hand tightly gripped by her.

“So, Harry, Y/N, It’s such a pleasure to have you on the show. I have been waiting for this for a long time. The fans really want to know more about your relationship, and I’m pretty nosy as well.” The crowd laughed and you cracked a smile.

“Thanks for having us on, we wouldn’t want our first interview anywhere else. “ Harry says to Ellen.

“I’m glad, because I wouldn’t want to have to bring up the painful memories of you spilling secrets to someone else during my speech at your wedding when you get married. Maid of honor duties and all that.” Ellen said as she winked at Y/N.

“So, the world would love to know how you two met. Was it a romantic eye locking during a concert, bumping into each other at a restaurant…?”

“Well, not exactly. We met at a Carnival. I saw her standing there and I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, so I started talking to her. I told her I was going to win her a stuffed animal from that strength test games, the one where you hit the hammer and you try to ring the bell? Well Instead of hitting the little platform, I was distracted by her and I slammed the hammer on my foot. Had to leave and get an x-ray as well, but I got her number and it kind of continued on then.” Harry spoke while looking at you, kind of as if he was reliving the moment in his head. Feeling a little confident as the crowd laughed at the story, she decided to add in.

“The foot swelled up really big, and he was trying to be “manly” and say it was nothing, but when we sat down I made him take his shoe off, the foot looked like double its normal size. His name is still Big Foot in my phone if I’m honest.” She said, laughing a bit. Harry’s face was a bit pink in embarrassment. 

“Well, thats a story. Entertaining. Don’t tell it at parties though.” Ellen said, making the crowd laugh yet again. “So, what are your favorite things about each other.”

“well, my favorite things about Y/N is her ability to make me feel better after a rough day. She’s the only one who has been able to make me forget about the rest of the world for a while. She also really understands me and can read me like a book. I can never hide anything from her and she calls me out for everything. I like that we can be silly together and spend days at home doing nothing but watching movies, talking and eating but then we can go out for a hike and go on adventures. She gives good back massages. And shes nice to look at as well.” Harry kind of rambled on, smiling at her.

“Well my favorite things about Harry, hmm. I would have to say my favorite thing is that he carries me from the car if I’m too tired to get up after a car ride. No, I’m kidding. I love listening to him talk about his day, and he gives great advice. He’s a good cuddler, so that’s a plus. He can cook some pretty good meals, and he also cleans the cat’s litter box so I don’t have to. But my absolute favorite thing about Harry is that he is always there for me, no matter the time or place. “ She says, the nervousness forgotten, feeling very comfortable now.

“Wow, you guys are actually goals, or whatever it is the kids say.” Ellen said with a chuckle. She blushes and lean into Harry a bit.
“How is it when Harry’s on the road, is it hard or have you figured that part out yet?”

“I think that when you really love someone, distance doesn’t matter. I never really worry about him cheating because I trust him completely. You need trust in a relationship. It does get hard sometimes when he’s not home and all I want is to relax and talk to him, and we do have our fights but in the end, we know that we’re in this for the long run and that we can get through anything.” She says, smiling at Harry, whose hand squeezes yours back in affection.

“You guys are super cute, I can hear all the fan’s hearts being broken and put back together. Speaking of, how do you deal with fans an paparazzi? Is it a daily problem?”

“No, not really. I mean it can get a bit annoying feeling people take pictures of you or having to hear rude comments from some people, but most of the fans have been lovely and I love them.If you give the paparazzi a shot, they usually go away if you’re kind to them. I love interacting with fans, and being friends with the. I used to be a fan myself, spending money on their tickets and things, and I know the feelings they have so I like to be able to give back to them. They’re so great and the ones who have been supportive of us are so kind and I appreciate them so much, we both do.“ She smiled at Ellen and then waved to the fans screaming your and Harry’s ship name in the crowd.

“That’s so great, you know you being a fan and all. In fact, we found some old tweets from a couple years ago from your fan account, why don’t we bring those up?” Ellen said with a smirk while her face paled.

“This one says, “I want Harry to choke me with his Alexander McQueen scarf.” Do things really get that wild in the bedroom?”

“Now look at this one, “My only wish in life is for Harry to dick me down.” Well, looks like you got your wish, didn’t you, Y/N?” Ellen said.

You turned to Harry and smiled at him with your cheeks still pink.

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

A woman stands in the middle of the desert, weary from her travels. She is alone for the first time since they took over. She has lost many a friend to those.. creatures. It is getting dark, and so she decides to stop and rest. She takes a swig from her flask of water and uses some to clean the dirt from her face. It only seems to grab their attention more when she is dirty. She leans back against a rock and closes her eyes, drifting quickly off to sleep. She is awoken suddenly by a faint hiss coming from her left. She turns and looks to see one of them. She claps a hand over her mouth, horrified as she takes in its snapback, khaki shorts and polo shirt. it smiles widely at her, speaking for the first time “Are you bisexual?” it hisses. She swallows and her vision blurs as tears fill her eyes. She knew this moment would come eventually, that she would fall victim to another Straight White Male. She looks down, closes her eyes and nods. The hissing noise gets louder and she glances up to see a long pointed tongue sweep over his lips. “That’s hot.” is the last thing she hears before she passes out from the terror.

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shitty fuck the ask was about u this is why i fucking hate cis ppl. the baby stealing is bc ur a sexual predator not some shitty fuckin 80s film u sick fuck what the fuck is wrong with ur cis brain??? jfc

Originally posted by whereareyouravengers

Oh okay wow… I can’t help but notice that you and the “other” anon have different writing styles. So if you are a different anon, how would you know what the other anon’s intentions were? If you are the same anon, why are you changing your writing style? Is it to try and hide who you are? Since I dunno maybe I have spoken to you, and you don’t want me to figure out just who you are?

Is that what is going on here?

Originally posted by theworldoflabyrinth

Also if you are the same anon, how is the burn doing? Did you also get my thank you note?

Originally posted by void-stuff

Since well there was a lot of mention of the Goblin King, and the fact I liked him and that film was some how linked to me being I think you were trying to say “sick” and “gross” you seemed to think he stole that baby. When well honestly I think I shot you down pretty hard with my [previous post]. As you can see, many others also agreed with the points I have made. You have already lost this one anon. 

Originally posted by theworldoflabyrinth

I can also fully assure you that I have never stolen a child, nor am I any kind of sexual predator. I do believe it is only common courtesy to provide proof when accusing something of something so serious. Or has some people on Tumblr have just decided that the Labyrinth is P͎̻͕͚̗̻͈R̛̬̗O̷̤B̗̠͇͙̩L̠̥̹̟̳̯E̴̤͚̯̙M͙̼A̧̳͕T̬̣͢I̴͉̺͈̩͈C̨̫̲̞ ̼͈̳̘̝͎͟ ? Since that wouldn’t actually surprise me?

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Well GOOD NEWS Labyrinth fans, stay tuned!! My Tumblr queue is full of the stuff. I have tried to space it out with other stuff. But oh so much more is on it’s way! So dance magic, dance!

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The Last Piece of Us

Title: The Last Piece of Us

Author: Hope

Fandom: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, RPF

Ratings: PG-13

Word count: ~ 2000 words

Summary: Some years after the show ended, Chris and Darren’s relationship has withered away. Chris is left to bury some memories alone.

Read the fic on AO3.


To alittledizzy who writes stories that bring tears to my eyes, smile to my lips, ache in my chest and much more.

To Minni who was my muse and taught me more about life than some humans have just with her gracious existence.

To my father who once held the shovel and showed me how beautifully vulnerable men can be, even without tears.

Author’s Notes: This story was written as prequel of sorts to alittledizzy’s Day Twenty Two in the Crisscolfer Advent. While I do not posses her beautiful writing style, editing skills nor insider knowledge on her original story, I would warmly recommend you to read it after my little story. Warning for angst.

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NaLu Week 2015 - Day 1 - Wander

First time submitting for NaLu week! (nevermind that I wasn’t a part of the FT fandom this time last year) This is very short since I’m new to writing NaLu and am rediscovering my writing style, but I hope you enjoy. :)

“If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

It never mattered where he went, something always manage to make him think of her.

The golden color of that passer-by’s hair, so similar to his partner’s that he’d learned over the last year to take a moment to accurately identify the woman in question before pouncing on her with an excited ‘Luce!’; he’d received his fair share of indignant slaps for his mistake.

The taste of yogurt or the sound of an eerily similar laugh or the smell of new ink–there were always things to remind Natsu of Lucy Heartfilia.

But most of all–the one reminder he could never escape, no matter where he wandered–it was the night sky that brought her back to him.

He’d traveled all over Ishgar in his pursuit of strength and it never mattered where he ended up or what was on his mind; Lucy lingered, the memory of her just waiting for his mind to wander.

Staring up at the twinkling stars, eyes tracing the few constellations he could remember from Lucy’s scattered lessons, Natsu wondered–did Lucy’s thoughts wander to him as often as his did to her?

He liked to think so.

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*weds you to my writing style in holy matrimony* HA-HA YOU SAID YOU WANTED IT NO TAKE BACKSIES


no honestly

how are you able to grasp and describe the personalities and characteristics of these boys so much like… I already realized this when I read I like the way your clothes smell. your description of the characters is so damn good, it’s like these stories are canon?? and maybe with hinata and kags it’s easier, but bokuto and akaashi.. especially akaashi… even I happen to mischaracterize him constantly, since we do know so little things about him in canon yet and it’s so easy to misinterpret things, but then I read your stuff and think “yes this is him. this is exactly akaashi keiji” HOW DO YOU DO THAT I WANT THESE WRITING SKILLS

(I hope you get what I mean ugh. maybe it’s also because our view of the characters allign? the love making scene in this chapter is the best example because I absolutely would see their first time exactly like this as well. flustered slightly, yet stubborn and kinda teasing akaashi, and absulutely adoring and caring bokuto, who thinks he got this but loses his focus every 0.3 seconds because akaashi is just too perfect. this is how I see their dynamics in general and yOU DESCRIBED EXACTLY THIS and ok I will stop being embarassing now but. uuuh I just really really adore your writing /hides)

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adjectives meme: creative, original, elegant, inspiring, brilliant.

Send me adjectives and I’ll match them to a blogger I follow

  • Creative: frayedrps, hands down. She just never stops coming up with new characters and scenarios and they’re all wonderful and I’m honestly jealous of her creativity, so <.<
  • Original: I’ve got to admit popcultandlit​, dxrive and ameriicanbcauty​ have some FCs I’m rather unfamiliar with, which is hella cool since I absolutely love underused FCs.
  • Elegant: rcgality​ has a quite elegant style when writing (in any of her blogs), if you ask me!
  • Inspiring: cxrrera​. Why? Because of her positiveness and the way she never fails to cheer people up all around her :)
  • Brilliant: priimadonnacomplex​ is brilliant in every sense of the word <3

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I love Thirteen Reasons Why too! You should read We Were Liars by E Lockhart, it's a similar writing style and its really good. Have a great day/night

Haha yeah? Omg thank you! You just reminded me, my friend told me I should read it and I forgot the book’s name…Thanks lovely :)

If you can try reading Angelology by Danielle Trussoni and 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult…Anyways, thanks love…wish you the same <3 :*

ok you know that brain thing where you mirror other ppl’s body language and pick up their idiosyncrasies, does anyone else like, start thinking in a book’s writing style for a few hours after reading it?  

i wish people would at least mix up their writing style and vocabulary a little when they go 2 send anon hate like… ok “anonymous” 

((You know, the more I roleplay on this blog, the more my inner fire for my novel is rekindled and my confidence in my writing goes up.

Maybe I’ll get enough practice and writing style development on here that I can finally sit down sometime and restart writing Jesus versus Cthulu…))

So a lil about the show; What immediately struck me was that they all looked SO happy!! They were beaming. Smiles everywhere. I think Liam had to stop his lines like six or seven times ‘cause he starting giggling at something lol, and near the end he said that this had been one of the most enjoyable shows they’d done in a while, and I believe that based on their faces :) There were A LOT of water fights between Liam and Louis. They were laughing and annoying each other all the time, flipping each other off and soaking each other. At one point Liam actually ran behind the scene ‘cause Louis was waiting with two bottles near his mic lol. They got so drenched they had to change clothes so yeah, a lot of water involved. (BUT it did go on for a little too long imo…) Liam apologized and said we were kind for bearing with their shenanigans. At one point Liam tried to spray Harry with some water but Harry wasn’t having it, haha. He just playfully turned his back to him. But after the first time Liam got soaked, he did bring a towel for Liam. (cutie.) Niall kept cracking up watching Liam and Louis, it was aaaadorable. He smiled so wide that you could hear the crowd going ‘AWWWWW’ :) He seemed to be in very good spirits despite the chest issues, and he sounded fine to me, he was only off with his voice a few times. There were some cute lirry moments. Liam was singing and serenading Harry a lot during Little Things, I think, and there were some cute narry moments as well, but Harry was primarily doing his own thing and had fun with the crowd. At one point he was sooo dead-set on this little girl getting a towel, she was on her father’s shoulders I think, and he kept pointing at her and said ‘This is for you,’ but it missed her, or someone else grabbed it, and later he came back and mouthed ‘Sorry about that’ to her.’ :) And he had a rose in his mouth again, which he then threw into the crowd ofc. Liam talked a bit about how beautiful it was here, and he mentioned the scenes they shot here for This Is Us, and talked abut the scenes him and Harry shot together, so that was sweet. They said they had good memories from here :) Oh and this girl had a sign that said ‘What does ‘loaded gun’ mean?’ Hahah, and he got the cutest face and was like ‘Uhhhhhh… It’s something… nice.’ and then he just laughed it off, I can’t remember his exact words but it was so funny. And Harry talked a lot actually. He had several speeches and was telling some cute stories (one of them being of a friend in the crowd who stole his girlfriend when he was 14 haha.) and got the crowd chanting and laughing a lot. “Are the girls okay?? Are the lads okay?” “Scream if you’re Norwegian!!”"You beautiful Norwegians.“ A charmer. And we got a wheelbarrow race which was funny! 

Here’s the few pics I snapped of him, I held my phone above my head ‘cause I needed to look at him with my own eyes, and then I just fumbly snapped a few pics :)

A few times he looked me dead in the eyes, and I’m now a more fragile person. Oh oh but before that he looked at this other girl, and she actually FELL down ‘cause she was like OMG OMG lol. Harry’s effect on people is STRONG :p He’s stunning. His presence is so electric. Whenever he came to our side, people were flocking around him and pushing to get closer, it was insane. And he would break into a smile so wide sometimes, and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life, I swear. His voice sounded amazing and so strong, even though it was difficult to hear all the vocals clearly as there were a LOT of screaming.. (and it’s a stadium..) But I got actual CHILLS when he sang his first verse in 18, you could hear him so clearly, and ugh, he sounded so lush and heavenly. As for attire, he wore my fave boots! And one of my fave shirts!! I had on a veryyy similar outfit actually, so good taste! :p And for the encore he changed into this delicious grey shirt/henley that hugged his body so well and he had his hair up in a bun. (Nice to get both). And then before the last song he went up to the middle of the stage and pulled the hair elastic out and shook his hair, in a VERY demonstrative rockstar way, haha. The time FLEW by though, it felt like half an hour had gone by when they were doing BSE. But all in all it was a fun show. Oh and the fans held up signs that said ‘THANK YOU’ during NC, and balloons were bouncing above us during no Control :) Harry did an amazing show, and in the review in the biggest newspaper in Norway they said he was the most gifted STAR :)

Updated Masterlist

#1 He gets jealous of another boy

#2 He wants to watch you touch yourself

#3 He watches you read

#4 Dirty talk

#5 He misses you on tour

#6 Wet dreams

#7 Celebrity crushes

#8 Play fighting

#9 He wants to have a threesome with another boy

#10 He finds out you’ve faked an orgasm

#11 Eavesdropping

#12 Birthday Sex

#13 Prince AU

#14 You refuse to accept a gift from him

#15 Hospitals

#16 You’re clumsy

#17 His kink

#18 He’s your teacher but you’re dating

#19 He’s your teacher but you’re dating (Part two)

#20 Romantic thing he always does

#21 How he kisses you (Visual)

#22 Vampire AU

#23 He mentions marriage

#24 Cuddling (Visual)

#25 Nicknames

#26 Thanksgiving

#27 Daddy’s little girl

#28 “Slow down.”

#29 Heart by Heart (Song Preference)

#30 Mistletoe

#31 His Christmas gift to you


#33 You can see Shadowhunters

#34 You catch him masturbating

#35 Victoria Secret Angel

#36 You find a huge insect and he ends up killing it/calling the boys for help

#37 Twitter Issues

#38 He thinks that you’re cheating on him

#39 How he eats you out (Visual)

#40 Spending a day with him

#41 You’re sick

#42 Greedy

#43 You’re an actress and you have to kiss someone else

#44 He asks you to stay after a one night stand

#45 First “I Love You”

#46 Valentine’s Day

#47 His favorite position (Visual)

#48 You send him a naughty picture (Visual)

#49 She looks so perfect (Song Preference)

#50 He cuts your hair

#51 You overhear him talking about proposing to you

#52 Interruptions

#53 “Stop…”

#54 You’re home late and he gets worried

#55 Promises

#56 He tweets a photo of you at the beach (Visual)

#57 He uses a pick up line on you

#58 Boxer AU

#59 Tattoo Soulmate AU

#60 His perfect girl

#61 “I miss you”

#62 He tweets a photo of how he proposed to you (Visual)

#63 Momma’s boy

#64 After a fight

#65 Rude (Song Preference)

#66 Whipped

#67 You’re quiet during sex and it frustrates him

#68 “Tell me…”

#69 Another boy tweets a picture of you two asleep (Visual)

#70 You find a love letter he wrote to you

#71 You leave marks on him and the other boys notice (Visual)

#72 You run into his ex who’s a bitch/crazy now

#73 You tweet a picture of him asleep and he replies (Visual)

#74 Bad boy AU

#75 Couple tattoos (Visual)

#76 Home

#77 One of you tweet a picture of your kid and you/him replies (Visual)

#78 He tells you a lame joke

#79 Winter

#80 Masquerade ball

#81 Hugs

#82 Night Changes dates

#83 Stockholm Syndrome/Lima Syndrome

#84 Whispers

#85 “It’s me.”

#86 Tenerife Sea (Song preference)

#87 He picks you up after a bad date

#88 Another boy babysits your child and tweets a picture of it and someone else replies

#89 College AU

#90 Other Soulmate AU’s

Unlisted (if there are any)

Punk series:

  1. His appearance
  2. How you meet
  3. “Don’t fucking touch her.”
  4. A little bit of truth
  5. Disappearance
  6. He agrees to go on a “date” with you
  7. First “Date”
  8. He sneaks into your room
  9. He asks you to be his girlfriend
  10. He gets into a fight
  11. First “I love you”
  12. Your father finds out you’re dating
  13. You sneak out to see him
  14. “Run away with me.”
  15. He reveals something about his past
  16. Sexual Encounters
  17. He tries to train you/workout with you
  18. You return home
  19. The Aftermath
  20. (coming soon)

Teacher series:

  1. How you meet
  2. “You’re a teacher?”
  3. Staying after school with him
  4. He overhears you talking about him
  5. He has a talk with you
  6. He stops another student from bullying/harassing you
  7. You think he’s going to kiss you
  8. You see him outside of school
  9. (coming soon)


Lunch Date (Harry)

Hendall Setup (Harry)

Teach me (Harry) (Part 2)

Phone Sex (Harry)

Not a teenager anymore (Harry)

Protector (Harry) (Part 2) (Part 3)

The New Assistant (Harry)

“Am I pretty enough now?” (Harry)

Tell me (Harry) (Visual)

Brother’s Best Friend (Harry)

A “date” with Nadine (Harry)

It makes your lips so kissable (Harry)

Cuddly drunk Harry (Harry)

Horny during a concert (Harry)

Sugar Daddy (Harry)

First Impressions (Harry + Niall)

One Time Thing (Narry Threesome)

Knee issues (Niall)

Surprise? (Niall)

Blackouts (Niall)

Sharing the news (Niall)

Honeymoon (Niall) (Visual)

Snow Storms (Liam)

Sneaking out (Liam)

Sugar Daddy (Liam)

Smiles (Liam)

Little white lies (Liam + Ashton) (Part 2)

Childhood room (Louis)

Movie night (Louis)

Lucky (Louis)

The 7 seconds challenge (Louis)

Needy drunk (Louis)

“Best friends don’t make out” (Louis

Good Luck Charm (Zayn)

Happy family (Zayn)

Casual Proposal (Zayn)

Breaking of the Zerrie engagement (Zayn)

Protective fights (Zayn)

Dream come true (Zayn)

Picking a name (Zayn)

Desperate for a change (Zayn)

Au Imagines:

Best Friend!Liam

Bad boy!Liam


Demon!Harry and Angel!Y/n (Part 2)

Tattoo Artist!Zayn (Part 2)

Art Student!Zayn


Math Student!Niall

Movie Star!Louis


How Louis would be on your wedding Day

How Zayn would comfort you

Romantic things Harry does for you

Niall and you being mobbed

What Harry’s skills would be in bed

What Niall would be like in bed

What Harry would be like in bed

What Harry would be like if you were pregnant

What Niall would be like in bed

Clingy Zayn

What Niall would be like if you were pregnant

Lazy days with them

What Harry would be like if had big boobs

Wedding dresses with Harry

A Morning with Liam

You sit on Niall’s lap and turn him on by mistake

Louis while you’re cooking

You fall asleep on Louis

Dom/Sub relationship with Harry

Zayn asking you out on a date

Jealous Niall

Harry as a boyfriend

Au memes:

Finals are approaching and you need to study but Zayn would much rather do other things…

The other boys absolutely love to tease Harry about your relationship together whenever Harry talks about you.

Harry sends you some snapchats while he’s off on tour.

Liam explains how he met his girlfriend, y/n, and it seems that Harry played matchmaker in their relationship…

You’re dating Niall and you can’t help but send snapchats of him to your friends.

You get sick and can’t join Louis as he returns home but he keeps you updated through snapchats.

Fic Rec

Blurb Nights:



More coming soon!