So many people quick to call debating fictional characters “extra” or “childish” and it’s like…….are you just supposed to read a book or watch a film and never ever think about it ever again? Are you only allowed to develop emotional attachments to celebrities, who honestly are almost as intangible as fictional characters? I mean, I’ll ride for your right to have that opinion, I guess, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find y’all boring. 

Anyone interested in an OC blog? Like you can submit a story, drawing, or just basic info and maybe others can expand on that, for example someone submits some basic info of an OC they have and someone else can draw or write about that OC, someone can submit a prompt for their OC or something can someone can write a quick one shot or whatever. Introduce your OC’s to others, even ship some OC’s, you know? I feel like it would be fun so, you know like or reblog if you think that’s cool too

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Why didn't he do side projects involving his solo career instead of leaving the band entirely?

We definitely don’t have an answer for that since in reality that may not actually be the case. It’s particularly odd since Simon Cowell publicly gave his ok months ago.

One Direction boss Simon Cowell has given the band the green light to do solo projects – as long as they don’t split up.

The team tonight won the Best British Music Video at the 2015 Brit Awards.

The X Factor mogul, who signed the five lads after their stint on the show, thinks it’s healthy for Zayn Malik, 22, to follow his rap dreams and Harry Styles, 21, to write music, but the group must always come first.

Si, 55, says: “You can’t knock what One Direction are doing. They’re making great records and I think that’s why they’re still so popular.

“I hear speculation all the time that they’re going solo. My advice is they should stay together but still do things they want as a little bit on the side.”

Then the story changed to letting Zayn quit, but exercising his option to retain Zayn as a solo artist.

Zayn Malik left his One Direction bandmates short a member because he said he wanted to live a “normal” life, though his plans for a future solo career surfaced shortly thereafter. Now it looks like the rights to Malik’s future solo efforts have been secured by Simon Cowell.

Cowell is the music mastermind behind One Direction, and it looks like he isn’t quite ready to let Malik drift off to competing labels.

In fact, according to reports, Cowell only let Malik out of his One Direction contract with Syco Records on the condition that Syco would be allowed to release the 22-year-old’s future albums.

Aside from earning all of the money imaginable, Cowell will also be able to time the release of Malik’s future projects and One Direction’s future albums to avoid any possible conflict.

Then the story changed again to letting Zayn go out of loyalty (we know that’s a lie) to 1D.

IN March this year ZAYN MALIK ditched his ONE DIRECTION bandmates.

Now SIMON COWELL is returning the favour — by dropping the heart-throb from his Syco label just as Zayn’s solo career kicks off.

Last night insiders at the company confirmed that Zayn will move to another label within the Sony empire for his first release in his own right.

A Syco source told me: “Simon has set up a deal that suits Zayn and One Direction.

“Zayn will stay in the Sony family under a different label and it’s totally with Simon Cowell’s blessing.

“It was just felt to be a bit difficult to have 1D and Zayn on the same label — and everyone felt it was better for him to be somewhere different.

“Since leaving the band, Zayn has changed management and lawyers so it would kind of make sense for him to work with a new label team.

“But having said that, he still gets on great with Simon.

We may never know.

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Would you ever consider writing a one off with Vane and Gwyn?

Yeah, actually, I would.

I’m going to wait for the dust to settle a bit (re: everything that’s just happened in the plot), and then probably write an AU oneshot where Vane isn’t the bitterest thing to ever exist and then…yeah.

Yeah I’ve thought about it a fair bit, actually. About what their dynamic would be like. Initially I thought it wouldn’t work, but that was when I used to assume that Vane would bottom. And then I realised that Vane wouldn’t. Lol. After that, it became very easy to imagine how it would all work.

After evading through a monsters attack you can follow it up with a fast and furious counter attack with the Bushido style.

The way they write it, it sound alike you’ll get a new evade move that will activate the counter attack, a forward somersault (like the aerial style actually).

This is likely going to be my main style. High risk high reward!!!

See more news here:
Harry Styles Imagine

Hey loves! I’m on vacation so I decided to write something. I wanted to make it longer but I didn’t have much time! :( I’m sorry! I’ll post a lot more once I get home though.


!! Warning: Smut !!


You and your boyfriend, Harry Styles, are getting ready to go on vacation for a few weeks. It was his present to you for ya’lls one year. He’s taking you to Hawaii, the place you’ve always wanted to go.

“Are you all packed babe?” He said as you zipped up your bad. You shake your head yes. He walks over and gives you a kiss on the lips. You kiss back and smile. “Lets go before we’re late mister!” You say joking around.

When you two arrive at the airport you grab your bags and walk in. Ya’ll go through security. After all of that y’all find out theres an hour delay. The two of you grab a seat and wait. “Babe, lets go somewhere private.” Harry whispers in your ear and you automatically know what he means. You laugh and follow him. He finds a private place and pulls you in. He starts kissing you slowly and next thing you know his hands are up your skirt. He starts playing with your clit and you moan softly. His smile on his face tells you he’s pleased to hear you moan his name. He stars sliding his fingers in and out of you making you moan a little louder and making you cum.

The hour flew by so fast and no you and him are almost late. You grab your bags and run to the plane. You find your seat next to harry and get ready for take off. You couldn’t wait to spent your time at your dram place with the man you love the most.

updated masterlist yay

(I have everything listed in the order that I wrote it so you can watch my writing style grow and change over time woooo – the ones I wrote like two years ago are really cringe-y [and apparently I had never heard of proofreading] but i’m posting links to them anyway omg; if you want to read stuff that’s actually good, the links at the bottom of the lists are the newer ones)



One Shots:




One Shots:


(written in a way that allows the reader to fill in whatever guy they want)

One Shots:



Thanks again donny-cheshire ! ❤️❤️❤️

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S'cuse the writing, it’s been bloody awful since the day I was born haha!

Have fun with it x

k-pop tag~ c:

I was tagged by the lovely and gorgeous igavemylifetokpop~ thank you darling! ^^ I have tons of tags I have to go through, but it looks like we both struggle to get them done in time XD

  1. First Kpop Group?  I was first introduced to kpop through my best friend who showed me SHINee, but I had absolutely zerooo interest in getting into kpop at that time.  Well, now you may be asking: well how did you become the trash you are now? Mhmm so around the same time, my mom finished watching the kdrama, Heartstrings, and she introduced me to CNBLUE, the first kpop/krock (?) band I fell in love with :’)
  2. First Kpop Song? I believe it was SHINee’s Hello?…or Lucipher…or Ring Ding Dong… ? o.o (idk something by SHINee XD)
  3. Favorite Male Kpop Group?  I hope you meant “Group(s)” because I can’t choose LOLOL my absolute favorites are CNBLUE and BTS with B1A4 coming in a close third :3 Other groups I adore or generally admire include: Infinite, Got7 (I’m predicting that they will become my next big obsession since I’m seeing them at KCON in 3 days >w<), VIXX, B2ST, SHINee, BigBang and EXO
  4. Favorite Female Kpop Group?  Again, I hope you meant “Group(s)” XD I am more into male kpop groups, so I am not that familiar with female kpop groups >< but! I do like Mamamoo, The Ark, f(x), AOA, SPICA, and SNSD ^^
  5. Favorite Solo Artist?  Hmm~ I struggled to think of solo artists at first since I primarily listen to male kpop groups, but from what I can remember atm, I like Eric Nam and Eddie Kim c:
  6. Favorite Kpop Song?  Mkay I’m just going to treat all of these “choose your favorite singular whatevers” to plural because I absolutely can not choose one favorite for anything ; u ; Let’s seeee~ My favorites include: CNBLUE’s You’ve Fallen for Me, I’m Sorry, and Lie, BTS’ Just One Day and Fun Boyz, B1A4′s Tried to Walk and Solo Day, Got7′s Just Right (my current obsession because that video is just absolutely adorable~ :3), and Infinite’s Destiny (I feel like combusting when that song plays because of how much I love it LOLOL)
  7. Favorite Kpop Music Video?  Since I can’t quite think atm (ugh summer), I can only think of Got7′s Just Right (SUCH an adorable concept yas) and BTS’ Dope (holy asdfghjkl it was pretty obvious that they were on a tight budget but WOAH THEY STILL SLAYED THE CHOREO AND THE COSTUMES AND- yeah i’m okay you know~ *proceeds to watch mv again 500 times like I did the first day it was released* ; u ; )
  8. Favorite Ballad?  *tries to push aside the distant sounds of yoongi’s amazing rapping resonating in my head because that is obviously not a ballad* >< I think I would have to say CNBLUE’s Love Light :’)
  9. Catchiest Tune?  Bleh I don’t even know *tries to recall all the times I couldn’t focus because I had a kpop song stuck in my head* D: oh! Infinite’s Be Mine and BTS’ Tomorrow (ugh I love both of those songs, but they were both stuck in my head for days OTL)
  10. Best Male Dancer?  I’m Bangtan-biased, so I think Jimin and Hoseok are the best.  But, based on the way one of my friends describes her love for Kai and Kai’s genuine passion and love for dancing, I guess I will include Jongin here too~ ^^
  11. Best Female Dancer?  Huh .-. I don’t really know…
  12. Best Male Vocalist?  Yonghwa (ma ultimate bias yesss) and Jinyoung (his voice is so special *flails arms*)
  13. Best Female Vocalist?  Honestly, all of SPICA (they are literally all vocal goddesses *^*)
  14. Best Male Rapper?  YOONGI (no explanation needed)
  15. Best Female Rapper?  AOA’s Jimin (*briefly imagines BTS’ Jimin attempting to rap* LOLOL XD)
  16. Best Male Leader? CNBLUE’S Yonghwa and BTS’ Namjoon (again…I’m obviously biased toward these two groups c:)
  17. Best Female Leader? Mehh I don’t really know ><
  18. Current Song You’re Listening To? BTS’ Let Me Know UGHHH THE POST-CONCERT DEPRESSION IS REAL T^T
  19. Previous Song You Listened To? CNBLUE’s Lovegirl (gah it’s so cheerful and never fails to brighten my day ^^)
  20. Next Song You’ll Be Listening To? BTS’ Converse High (spotify why are you doing this to me)
  21. Current Kpop Group Addiction?  I’m already in love with CNBLUE and BTS, so I think I’m gradually reaching the point of getting into Got7 (halp)
  22. Current Kpop Song Addiction?  Got7′s Just Right :D
  23. Female Kpop Idol Bias?  AOA’s Choa, f(x)’s Krystal, and SNSD’s Seohyun *heart eyes*
  24. Male Kpop Idol Bias?  CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (yongderp/derphwa forever claims the throne yes yes), BTS’ Jungkook (ugh I’m maknae trash), B1A4′s Jinyoung (dat jawline)
  26. Hottest Female Idol?  I honestly don’t know because they’re all so gorgeous ~
  27. Cutest Male Idol?  CNBLUE’S Minhyuk (wah his eye smile ^^) and BTS’ Taehyung (his rectangular smile ah *screams*)
  28. Prettiest Female Idol? Still don’t know gah they’re all so so beautiful *^*
  29. Cutest Maknae?  BTS’ Jungkook (ahaha I’m totallyyy not kookie-biased or maknae trash or ahaha bye)
  30. MBC, KBS, or SBS?  I don’t really have a preference .-.
  31. Are You Active on Allkpop?  Not really…I mean I occasionally read articles and check out the meme center because y’all are weird and I love it XD
  32. Which Fandoms Are You a Part of?  Boice and ARMY :’)
  33. Which Kpop Group Forum Are You Most Active On?  I’m not really that active on any ><
  34. What is Your Favorite Korean Drama?  My first kdrama was Heartstrings, so I still really like it even though the plot is pretty cliche and predictable >w<  But, I think my favorite is probably My Love from Another Star because WOAH THAT KDRAMA IS ADDICTING AF (also, Kim Soo Hyun is coming to KCON and I’m not ready ; u ; )

yay finally done~! I really enjoyed this tag, and thanks again for tagging me c:

I tag: exo-is-not-my-style, strawberrybubbletae, cnbluedaridu, trash-of-fandoms, cuteyoongi, hugkookie, bubbletea-galaxycan-i-baro-your-sandeuls, pizza-bee, and yunhosbambi ~

Book Review- I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Jude and Noah are twins, and often view themselves as one being.  They do everything together.  It’s JudeandNoah, NoahandJude.  But then a boy moves in next door.  And their mother starts acting weird.  And applications for the California School of the Arts are coming to a close.  Before their eyes, life is thrown into a blender, and neither of them knows the other.  They don’t realize all the secrets they need to know are lying within the other.

Told from alternating timelines and perspectives, this book was definitely gratifying to see unfold.  The writing style is extremely metaphorical, which was a bit of an adjustment for me, but quickly enough I was swept up by this story.  It’s absolutely stunning, and the developments the characters go through are so rewarding and interesting.  I’ll Give You the Sun deals with everything from sexual orientation to secret keeping to loyalty to family ties to superstition.  

I feel like I just went on a cross country, life changing road trip with these characters or something.  Like, whoa.  Seriously, read this!

I liked the thing i made last night so I’m using it for this…

     When I made this blog I didn’t really have much intention or expectations
     for it. To enforce that– when I made this blog and the url part came up in
     signing up i literally typed in iron, and then let tumblr pick a url for me.
     Can you believe iironus was on the list? Still blows my mind honestly.
     Now that I’m here, and role playing with you guys, I do not regret it – kind of.

            This is basically a completely random shout out to everyone
            who lets me taint their dash with, well– ME. From your writing
            styles, to your out of character content, all of you have really
            made this a ride for me, a real emotional roller coaster.

That being said…

Keep reading

aelin-kathrine asked:

Omg I really like your fanfics and writing style! You're amazing to write something so good ^^ Also I have a request but I mean you don't have to do it it's just idea. Something like JongKey Internet war + Born to Shine? Thanks for your hard and amazing work!

(Thank you for the compliment! I hope this is okay!!)

“Jonghyun,” Kibum whines out, kicking his feet as he plops down on top of one of the amps. “Why me?”

“Because Taemin’s ankle is still bothering him, and it’s not a lot of movement, but it’s three more minutes he could keep off his foot. I can’t do it with Minho because that’d be fucking weird, and we all know that’s not Jinki’s style of performance. Plus, his voice doesn’t fit the song. You’re the only one left. Come on. I really want to bring this back. We’d really give the fans their money worth of performance! You could lead it right into Born to Shine.”

Kibum rolls his eyes. “If I did that, I’d have to change the entire set up of my performance. I wouldn’t have enough time to change.”

“Wear it for Internet War,” Jonghyun suggests. “Or wear your suit jacket closed and tear it open for your performance. You’re my last hope,” Jonghyun begs. “I really don’t want to only do Deja-Boo tomorrow. The fans like it whenever I do it, but it’s a difficult song to liven up, you know? It’s kind of boring sometimes. Internet War will spice things up. It could be a surprise too. We don’t need to specify what it is and blow up Twitter. I bet we could get it to trend.”

Kibum isn’t a Twitter user, but he assumes that trending is quite the feat. He decides not to comment on it and instead sighs. Jonghyun won’t let him get out of the performance easily, not without constant nagging. Kibum would want to kill him before they even go back on the plane to return home from Japan.

“Fine, Jonghyun, but you owe me one after this.”

“Great! I’ll make it up to you, Key, I promise! I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure something out.”

Kibum smirks suddenly. He thinks about going his stereotypical “fashionista” route and finding the most expensive he could to make Jonghyun pay for, but he’s not sure that would give him the satisfaction he’s yearning for. No, Kibum needs something a little less materialistic. If he’s going to be caught dead being handcuffed by Jonghyun, he needs to degrade Jonghyun in some way in return.

And he knows the best way to do it.

“I know what I want!” Kibum chirps suddenly, sliding off his throne when Jinki passes by to gather them both for a group meeting.

Jonghyun picks his water bottle up from the floor. “Why don’t I have a good feeling about this?”

“I want you to carry me on my chariot. Front and center so everyone see you. I vet the fans won’t even notice you at first. They’ll be reviewing their videos and kick themselves for not spotting you earlier. It’ll be like a– like a statement. You make me a slave in Internet War, and I’ll make you one in Born to Shine,” Key grins. “Because I was born to shine, Jonghyun.”

Kibum walks off with Minho after that. Jonghyun frowns.

“You’re not cool, Kibum!”

in the streetlights (you are my stage)

Author: coppertears (LJ) !!!!!

Rating: PG-13

Genre: romance, fluff

Length: 5.4k (one shot)

Warning: lapslock

Summary: at dawn he dances to a voice on the radio.

Admin L’s notes: fave fave fave fave fave fave author ever; writing style is asdfghjkl x infinity. dancer!jongin is +++++, and i would say more but *spoilers* trust me this fic is a stab in the gut and heart in a happy way~ admin m wanted to rec this too teehee


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"Stephen felt sorry then." Wow such a powerful line, i really felt the emotion. And the scene! Oh! The atmosphere was so well written that I was scared for them! Would they ever find the gems? And poor Peridot, what with that crack? I really hope she gets that help. 11/10!

i knew this rewrite was a FABULOUSLY GRAND IDEA!

just gonna go overhaul my whole writing style to adopt this new style of INCREDDIBLLEENEESSS