Inexperienced (Harry Styles) (requested)

I moaned lowly, as I felt Harry´s warm hands roam the skin under my top. I tangled my fingers in his hair as his soft lips wrapped around mine again. I sighed in bliss as he moved his lips to my cheek, kissing his way down to my neck. 

He shot me a warm smile, before moving slightly so he was hovering over me. I returned the smile, even though I undoubtably felt the nervousness building in my stomach. Harry reattached our lips with even more passion then before, his wet tongue slipping into my mouth, gently starting to explore it. 

I tensed slightly as I felt his hands slip further up my back, bringing the fabric of my top with them. I considered swallowing the nerves and just continuing, but I was quickly confronted with the facts; which were that was something I hadn´t done before, nor was it something I was ready for quite yet.

“Harry I uh, I need to tell you something before we” I half awkwardly let out, avoiding his gaze at all costs. “Okay, is something wrong?” he instantly questioned, his eyes filling with concern, as he sat up next to me.

“No no I just… I haven´t really done this before, at all” I lowly let out, gazing down at my lap. “I´m sorry I should´ve told you before we even” I trailed off, shyly lifting my gaze to meet his. “No no it´s alright” he instantly said, softly stroking my shoulder as he sensed how uncomfortable this sudden confession made me.

“There´s no rush Y/N, I mean it” he assured, looking at me intently, trying to read my emotions. “I just feel bad, it´s not like you signed up to be in a relationship with someone who hasn´t- ”baby don´t” Harry interrupted, reaching for my hand and intertwining our fingers. “I´m 100% okay with it, trust me” he murmured, flashing me another one of his heart melting smiles.

“Okay, good” I softly replied, feeling my lips finally curving into a grin. “I mean I´m not saying I´m not gonna be ready for years or something, I just need a little more time, uh I think” I rambled, feeling my cheeks flushing. “I´m ready whenever you are” Harry reminded, affectionately running his thumb over the back of my hand.

I moved my other hand to his shoulder, letting it tangle into his curls. “On second thought” I started, biting my lip, “maybe we don´t have to hold off for that long…” “Okay let´s just stay on the taking it slow route” Harry chuckled, leaning into my touch slightly despite. “I love you so much though” I cooed, stroking my thumb over his cheek. “I love you too, and I hope you know I do really want to, take that step with you, when you´re ready” he told me, before leaning in and capturing my lips in a kiss, sending warmth over my entire body. 

She stained the mug with her favorite dark red lipstick. The red impressions standing out starkly against the sterile white of it. When she left, he imagined the cup would never return to the pure, pristine white color it was before. It would keep her kiss like an autograph signed into it’s porcelain forever. He imagined that whenever he’d have coffee, long after she was gone, her lips would be there as he sipped the hot, black drink. He imagined he would still be able to taste her, mixed in with his bitter coffee. Her lips were like fingerprints, he realized. The dark red imprints still seemed to be smeared on his lips, on his pillow, on his favorite cup. They connected her to the scene of the crime, she left him lying dead in this world that seemed too big and quiet and endless without her presence. It seemed he would never get rid of the last traces of her from his life. And how fitting that was, she was too ethereal to disappear that quickly. She was so much like star, so bright and blazing and on fire all the time. It seemed impossible for her to just disappear from his memory, from his life. Even after she was gone she would keep shining in his eyes, just like the stars in the sky. Dead long ago, but still shining out in the darkness above. She was the type of girl that left marks, stains, impressions, scars, and bruises wherever she went. He knew that to be true from the moment he first met her, but now it’s even more apparent to him.
His coffee has finished brewing but he stands there staring at the cup that used to be his favorite. Slowly, but surely he sets it back on the shelf in the cupboard and takes out another one instead, charcoal gray instead of stark white.
—  just a fingerprint of lipstick / 7.28.15
1. He Wants to Have a Threesome with a Girl

Harry: You always knew Harry had a thing for lesbian porn. Honestly, what guy doesn’t? He’d been asking for it for a while now, and you were finally beginning to cave. I mean, it’s his birthday, for Christ’s sake. What better gift could you give him than something he’d been craving for a long time?

“[Y/N]!” You heard his voice ring through the house. “I’m home, babe!”

Upon hearing his footsteps, you set the plan in motion. You began to make out with Emily, an old friend of a friend from university, who eagerly obliged when you let her in on your plan.

Finally, while your tongue lapped against Emily’s, Harry opened the bedroom door. He was shocked, to say the least.

“Come join us, birthday boy,” you teased, pulling away from Emily long enough to take in your beautiful boyfriend.

His long hair was messy and wavy, nearly reaching his shoulders. His flannel was unbuttoned to his chest, paired with tight, black skinny jeans

A smile spread across his reddening face as he began to unbuckle his belt. “Gladly.”

Liam: You didn’t quite know how you got yourself into this situation, but once you got into the mess, you didn’t quite care. All you wanted was some goddamned friction or a tongue or a hand, and you were relieved when it was finally given to you.

“Fuck, Sarah,” you moaned, wrapping your fingers in the hair of the girl eating you out. “Don’t—don’t stop.”

You could hear Liam moan from the side of the bed, and saw him jacking off out of the corner of your eye. “God, baby, you’re so hot like this,” he muttered, staring at you in ecstasy.

“Fuck my face, Li. Please,” you begged, tugging roughly on Sarah’s hair as she replaced her tongue with her fingers, instead licking circles around your clit.

“Of course, baby,” Liam complied, straddling your face before lowering himself onto you.

It was almost too much to handle; choking on his cock while being eaten out. You knew you were approaching your end.

Liam was right: threesomes are great.

Niall: It was a different sensation entirely, having two people give you oral. Double the fingers, double the tongues, double the possibilities.

You moaned as Niall slipped two fingers inside of you, beginning to thrust in and out as he sucked on your clitoris. Annie, rather, worked around Niall’s fingers, lapping up your juices before prodding her tongue into you, along with Niall’s digits.

Your hands made their way to either person’s head, grabbing on to their hair and tugging it gently every time Niall hit your G-spot. You let out a loud moan as Niall’s other hand worked its way up your torso, climbing up your stomach to knead your breasts. His thumb roughly traced around your nipples.

You let out a loud “fuck!” as Niall hit your G-spot again, curling his fingers so he hit it on every thrust.

“Shit, I’m gonna…”

With that, Niall quickly pulled away, encouraging Annie to do the same.

“Not without getting me and Annie off, ya aren’t,” he teased. “Now, why don’t you be a good little girl and finger Annie while Daddy fucks ya from behind?”

Louis: It seemed more like he wanted a live, girl-on-girl porno rather than a threesome, you realized as he leaned back on the bed.

“Please, love?” He encouraged. You were a little taken aback—you had never done oral to a girl before—but this was supposed to be his night. Besides, the thought of Louis jacking off to you sounded enticing, and it was making you wetter by the minute.

Without removing your own bra and panties, you began to strip Lily.

Louis lounged on the bed next to you, lazily stroking himself through his boxer briefs as he watched you climb down the blonde girl’s body. Once her bra had been removed, you circled her nipple with one hand, using the other to pull down her panties. Pulling them off her ankles, you flicked the underwear to the side and crawled back up her body, to her hips.

Lily bent at the knees, spreading her legs to give you as much access as possible. Hooking your arms around her thighs, you lifted her to your awaiting mouth, blowing hot air across her core.

You smiled darkly as she squirmed, trying to get more contact and friction. Slowly, you dipped your head down, tracing her clit with the tip of your tongue.

She moaned loudly as you gently nibbled on her folds, poking your tongue inside her.

“That’s it, [Y/N],” Louis encouraged, sliding his hand up and down his cock. “You’re doing great. Tastes good, doesn’t she?”

You hummed in agreement, causing Lily to curse.

“That’s it, baby,” Louis repeated to you. “Do it like I would. Eat her like I would eat you.”

I liked the thing i made last night so I’m using it for this…

     When I made this blog I didn’t really have much intention or expectations
     for it. To enforce that– when I made this blog and the url part came up in
     signing up i literally typed in iron, and then let tumblr pick a url for me.
     Can you believe iironus was on the list? Still blows my mind honestly.
     Now that I’m here, and role playing with you guys, I do not regret it – kind of.

            This is basically a completely random shout out to everyone
            who lets me taint their dash with, well– ME. From your writing
            styles, to your out of character content, all of you have really
            made this a ride for me, a real emotional roller coaster.

That being said…

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words-writ-in-starlight asked:

*curtsies* Greetings, Your Grace. Two things: I think I'm a little in love with your taste in books, and also I spent an hour reading all of your stories last night and I laughed so hard I cried, your writing style is a goddamn delight. And finally: you are the first person I've ever encountered who knows Robin McKinley and I adore you for that. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest, but if you know any other authors with a similar style.... *scuttles away*

*Curtsies* Thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you’re enjoying the humble blog. If you like McKinley I might suggest Jonathan L. Howard, T. H. White, or Neil Gaiman. 

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Hi do you think paper towns is good? I read TFIOS and it was awful + I totally agree with every aspect of ur post. Idk if you've read it? Just wondering if you think John Green sucks all round or if TFIOS was a one off terrible book

I think I can safely say that he could make me hate any premise and any story; I just can’t stand most of his writing style and characters. Like, if he was able to get his head out of his own ass for like 10 minutes and managed to write a simple, funny teen lit book without all the faux-deep, special-snowflake pretentious bullshit, I may like it, as I have admitted on multiple occasions that I think the first 20 pages of TFIOS is actually quite funny and clever. However, I doubt that’s gonna happen any time soon. At this point, though, I don’t think I’d be able to separate the “art” from the “artist”, so even if he did write something decent, I can’t see myself ever being able to really like it. It’s the same with Benedict Cumberbatch for me: something about him just really bothers me, so even if he’s in an acclaimed movie that everyone loves, I just can’t bring myself to look at his face for 2 hours.

in the streetlights (you are my stage)

Author: coppertears (LJ) !!!!!

Rating: PG-13

Genre: romance, fluff

Length: 5.4k (one shot)

Warning: lapslock

Summary: at dawn he dances to a voice on the radio.

Admin L’s notes: fave fave fave fave fave fave author ever; writing style is asdfghjkl x infinity. dancer!jongin is +++++, and i would say more but *spoilers* trust me this fic is a stab in the gut and heart in a happy way~ admin m wanted to rec this too teehee


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4, 8, 13

4. which has the most “you” in it, however you’d define that?

i think probably my hot topic au lol bc it was a lot of fun to write and i was able to just write freely and openly and bitch about things from ryan’s lenses and i guess that was fun. and it mostly reflects my style of writing the best

8. favorite plot point/chapter/moment?

i dont write multichapters very often so probably my favorite “moment” was probably this one which kind of counts as a plot point

13. are there any things that might have happened in any of your stories, but you changed them at the last minute? (so-and-so dies, they don’t actually kiss, main character has long extended ballet-based dream sequence, etc.)

sdjhkbfndsakjhfjl there were a couple times i was gonna write a sex scene and then had to decide against it because it didnt fit with the context or the atmosphere of the fic. but thats really it

bespectacledcrow deserves so much more credit! Very in character, both the writing style and the portrayal are spot on for Tsukki’s character. The writing style’s not too flashy or fancy in a way of speaking, but it just fits Tsukki’s personality so well to me that I thoroughly enjoy seeing it on my dash! Also a very nice mun behind the blog!

In the Event of my Death

When I was 12 and had first started writing

I thought when I died

My children would take every poem I ever wrote

And mail it to the person it was about.

The boy I had a crush on in junior high would receive dozens of terrible poems

Complete with bad drawings of broken hearts.

My college boyfriend would receive hundreds.

Some about him specifically.

Some about the way he colored the world even after he left.

And some just trying to mimic his writing style.

And then you.

This new burgeoning thing

Would already receive a handful.

Poems that have more question marks than statements.

Trying to figure out what I want from this.

How this is supposed to work with you.

So I started posting them places for others to read

Hoping that maybe someone would read them

And they’d give me some kind of advice.

Or maybe someday you would read them

And I’d get some kind of answer.

But these strangers,

They’ve fallen in love with the way I’m wondering if I’m falling in love

And there is no advice

Surely no answers

But I think the fact that so many can relate

Means that something is real

Either the way you look at me

Or the way my heart summersaults when you do.

One of us is being true

And I’m not sure if it’s me or you.

But I’m thinking


Maybe my children

Will have to send you a hundred boxes worth of paper

Notebooks full of the way you make me feel.

Sheet after sheet of me trying to understand this thing we’ve got.

And if not

Here is another to add to the small envelope that has your name on it in my head.

Another poem to add to the handful that already exist.

I hope I don’t die before I get to add another one

And a part of me hopes I get to add a thousand more.

I don’t hate the road by cormac mccarthy as much as I thought I would?? The writing style takes awhile to get used to but once you do there’s SO many good quotes in this book I don’t think it’s gonna be that painful to finish

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Hello, can I have Jae-ha and reader being one of those cute couples on the beach? PS: Love your blog and your writing style! :)

Jae Ha x Reader (Modern AU)

[[I would like to thank all of you for being so patient!]]

The sun is shining, the sand a glowing white, the ocean a beautiful turquoise– overall, a perfect day at the beach. Not to mention you’re with your boyfriend, Jae Ha, who is loving the amount of attention you’re receiving just as much as you are.

People can’t seem to take their eyes off you two. You’re just one of those couples where it seems as if the two most attractive people on Earth found each other, and fell in love. Which, in your opinion, isn’t too far off from the truth. Of course, you own it, an aura of confidence and self-love radiating from the two of you; although, for Jae Ha, it’s borderline narcissism.

You lay out your towel, and begin to spray on your sunscreen, although you can’t exactly reach your shoulders, or your back. Jae Ha practically lives for these moments, when you can rub sunscreen on him, and he can rub sunscreen on you. It’s the little things, you know?

After you are both properly protected from the sun’s harmful rays, he lays down, tracing his fingers across your waist, then your back, and shoulders, slightly tickling you, and simultaneously sending shivers down your spine. You love the feeling, and you love him. Resting your head on his stomach, the two of you lounge under the shade of the umbrella, the sounds of the wave lulling you into a calmed state.

After a little bit of time laying down, Jae Ha stands, holding his hand out to you, and pulling you up. Leading you to water, he smiles back at you, both of you aware that most of the eyes in your general area are on you. Whistling innocently, you look around, and push Jae Ha as hard as you can, pushing him into the water.

He splashes in an ungraceful way, something you rarely see. However, this means war. Grabbing your wrist, your boyfriend pulls you into the water, the waves crashing over you in the right moment, successfully drenching you. Blindly splashing Jae Ha, the both of you laugh, trying to get the other one as wet as possible as you run through the ocean waters, pumping your legs to get above the shallow water.

Jumping on him, you knock him over, taking yourself down, too. Sand in all sorts of places on both of your bodies, you can’t help but laugh, pushing his hair out of his face. Standing, he pulls you up with him, wrapping his arms about you, and kissing you deeply, the sun reflecting through the water droplets on his hair.

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Unpopular opinion: I really dislike John Green's writing style