Entry 22

He forgot my name. 

I thought it was his idea of a bad joke, or maybe he was just having a moment. But it wan’t that. He genuinely did not know who I was.

It took about fifteen minutes of flipping through Mabel’s old scrapbook to jog his memory. He laughed it off and said it must have been tiredness and we chuckled in agreement. 

He didn’t forget her or Stan though. 

Just me

amazing banner by christopher evans on 1dff

New fic I’m working on! Promising myself I won’t post it before I have a good chunk of it written is proving to be a hard promise to keep.

Tentative summary: 

When Colby Ellis, a freshly graduated (and very unemployed) university student, moves into her new flat, the last thing she needs to further induce her impending stress-related heart attack is learning that the flat’s late tenant - incidentally an international pop star - is still bent on occupying it. Dead or alive.

A story about the inbetween, cat whispering, touching without feeling, and saying goodbye.

Secrets in Hannah’s Diary

summary;; hannah writes down what she can’t say out loud

ship;; swarto

genre;; absolutely fluff

word count;; 1.0k

warnings;; none

a/n;; dedicated to all the swarto shippers who have stayed strong throughout this drought. *Hunger Games salute*

– syd

I wake up to her in the morning and it’s perfection.

And I know how cheesy it is to say that, diary, but it’s true. In the night I watch her lay down and see her blond hair spill over the covers like sunlight and then when I wake up in the morning and I see her, it isn’t like sunlight, no, it is sunlight. And it makes me wonder if I’m not actually gay, and I just only want her.

She can make a twenty minute time period change so drastically just by being there. I can stand alone at home and wonder what’s missing and she will walk in and I know, oh, I know. I don’t want to miss out on this any longer. She will be my future, as much as she is the present, and as she has certainly defined my past.

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officialkuroo asked:

Woah Joy here's another for miyumei #14 thank you so much <33 so much love !

14. things you said after you kissed me

They’re young, and the field is wide around them, flooded by a combination of stars and fluorescent lights overhead. Kazuya pulls away, catches the cross-diamond outline of the fence in the background, but all of that is dark behind the brightness of Mei, Mei, Mei.

Mei’s eyes are closed but fluttering, his lips still pursed, not in his usual pout but in something much softer. He looks like a firefly in the darkness, maybe: trembling, drawing all of the light to him and beaming it outward.

Kazuya is very careful. Around fireflies, around too much light, about playing catch too late out at night and about the thump-thump-thump in his chest right now.

“Did I…did we…” He’s never been one to be at a loss for words, but since he can’t quite bring himself to wipe his sleeve over his mouth, something has to give. “Was that okay?”

Finally, Mei’s eyes flicker open. The familiar blue of them, though melted hazy from their usual sharpness, counters the unfamiliar throbbing on his lips, but it doesn’t help at all with the irresistible pull between them, urging Kazuya to lean forward and do it again. To feel the press of lips he’s heard talk and boast and laugh for years, quivering slightly against his, shaky breaths drawn out like spools of thread between them.

“Yeah,” Mei breathes, and then a smile electrifies his eyes again. “Yeah. That was good.” A hint of his usual petulance as he whispers, “Do it again, Kazuya.”

They’re leaving soon. There’s no getting around it, and maybe it’s too late for a first like this, before the night ends and before their years of junior high do. But for a moment Kazuya lets himself forget the choice he made as he leans forward to tuck his tongue, silver as it is, into a mouth of gold, tilting Mei’s chin closer toward him with a finger. The words first and last swim around in his mind in combination with kiss, not sure which comes first and which follows, whether together they form a promise, or an end.

Happy birthday, William Strunk, Jr. (b. 1 July 1869)

“Rather, very, little, pretty – these are the leeches that infest the pond of prose, sucking the blood of words.  The constant use of the adjective little (except to indicate size) is particularly debilitating; we should all try to do a little better, we should all be very watchful of this rule, for it is a rather important one, and we are pretty sure to violate it now and then.”
- William Strunk, Jr.


Harry Styles Mini Fanfiction

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Day 3

“Will you please just tell us who won the game already?” Mom pleaded, putting her golf club back on the rack.

“Still counting!” Dad shot back, focus in his eyes as he dragged he pencil down the paper, totaling up all of our mini golf scores. We stopped at the exit desk, the old man grinning at us from his glasses.

“Well, who gets the free ticket?” He asked, holding out the One Free Game ticket. Dad handed over the paper, still keeping his mouth shut. He used the pencil to point at the name, the old man reading it off. “Y/N!”

I stared at them all. “Me? I won?”

The man laughed, “You got four holes in one! That’s pretty good on this course. People always end up storming off without finishing it.”

I made a face that made everyone laugh, taking the ticket from the man.
“Thanks.” I told him, following the rest of my family back to the car. We had cooked dinner in the condo, chicken and rice, and decided to have a night of mini golf. I was going to try and get out of it, but when I saw the look on mom’s face, her excitement for the family night, I couldn’t do it.

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Eternal Darkness of the Tired Mind

Pairing: Phan

Summary:  With all of the deadlines and late night writing sessions, the stress became too much for Dan and now, he can’t sleep. He spends his nights alone in his apartment wishing for someone to talk to him and understand him. One night, after months of sleepless nights, he decides to go to the local coffee shop at two in the morning and he meets Phil: the exhausted-looking, super skinny barista who just might understand him more than anybody else.

Word Count: 10,498


I wrote this in three days, but I really like it. Enjoy <3 It’s also really different from my normal style of writing. 

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anonymous asked:

How would you describe you writing style/approach? (I would describe it as awesome)

Mom, we’ve talked about this. You don’t have to ask me anonymous questions on my blog to make me look cool to strangers.

I don’t think about my writing style because I think describing myself as a writer is embarrassing, and my only approach when writing something is to consider exactly how horrified I’ll be if anyone ever mentions to me that they’ve read it. Almost every good writer I’ve ever worked with or do currently work with knows about this blog now (Hi guys! Thanks for coming and talking about it out loud so often, super into that) so this is less of a hypothetical and more of an inevitability. I almost recommend it.

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i kinda wanna read the raven cycle but i found out the author is the same one as the Shiver trilogy and i thought, personally, that those books were garbage... but ive heard good things abt the raven boys... i don't know if i should read trc?

Haven’t read Shiver, but TRC is literally my favorite book series, right on par with PJATO/HoO.  No joke.  The characters are all such individuals, but fit together in amazing ways.  The premise is incredibly interesting, and I’m in love with the writing style.  I can’t stress it enough- read them.

anonymous asked:

Now i know you hate breaking dawn but I literally can not see SM writing about a newborn bella who isn't in control of her thirst and edward and jacob having to restrain her the way that they restrain Jasper. Twilight couldn't have ended any other way, or at least in a way that would have made money.

I disagree. Well, actually, I agree with your first part a little. I don’t think SM would have ever written a super out-of-control Bella. That’s just not her writing style. But she could have easily written about Bella struggling to control her thirst. Maybe not wildly lashing out, but maybe like Edward has to back her away and calm her down or something?

I just feel like there was so much build up toward this in the previous books (particularly New Moon and Eclipse). Bella was constantly acting very casual (sometimes eager) about becoming a vampire and all of the Cullens were like ‘No, you don’t want this life.’ I wanted to see some resolution to that conflict. I wish we had something where Bella was wondering if she made the right choice, if she could really do this. Or something, idk that balanced out the weird pro-vampire attitude of the last book. I think it also would have been really cool if, instead of Edward being even more unbelievably perfect physically, her now very good eyesight could pick out minute flaws in his face. I think that would have been a much bigger moment in terms of trust of understanding in their relationship.

And SM could have taken a more head on approach to changing Bella. In New Moon and Eclipse there is this on going discussion of choice and, at the end of Eclipse, Bella chooses to marry Edward and to join him as an immortal, in what I read as a sort of ‘despite everything’ sacrifice. But then choice is sort of not an issue in BD because she’s dying, already. So it wouldn’t matter whatever choices or promises had been made he would have changed her anyway. And changing her is something that would have a trial for both of them, but I think it’s something that could have really added to their relationship in the end because, I mean I don’t know, but I feel like it would have been sort of romantic if he had held her the whole time, never leaving her side and she could’ve been conscious enough to hear him comfort her.

Basically, I think there are a lot of unresolved themes from the earlier books that could have easily carried the story to it’s conclusion.

anonymous asked:

When you write your fan-fictions, how would you describe your "writing style"?

I write with myself in mind. I write stories I’d enjoy and want to share with people. Same with my original stories.

FPS & Warped

***DISCLAIMER*** I don’t write a whole lot and this was me just trying to get my opinions/feelings out there. I’m sorry if my writing style makes you cringe. Writing is not my strong suit.

Okay so as most of you may know, Front Porch Step was able to return to Warped Tour today, and as far as my knowledge goes I am not sure if he is on the rest of the tour. Now, when I first heard this news I was confused; FPS got taken off for a reason, right? So what would possess Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman to let him back on Warped? For those of you who don’t know what happened. FPS is one guy with a guitar and he was sexually harassing underage girls for nudes and I heard that he would try to pressure girls that came to his show to participate in sexual acts. The consequences as far as I know were that he was dropped off of his record label and was kicked off of Warped Tour. So when everyone found out that he was going to play today, there was an uproar of negative feedback, a lot of pressure was put on Lyman, and other bands that were on tour were commenting on how angry they were. Handgun’s band account tweeted “You can spend your 1 PM watching sick bands like BAAO, Emarosa, or Man Overboard if you need some direction.” Taylor Lumley from Beartooth told him to not stick around unless he wanted to find out what half of these people on this tour want to do to you. Dan “Soupy” Campbell even went as far to cancel his Aaron West set at the Acoustic Basement set (YOU GO SOUPY). Basically, what I am trying to get at here is that FPS shouldn’t be allowed in such a what is suppose to be a safe environment. When you bring him back in, you’re letting people think that what he did was okay, and you are suffocating the issue. What FPS did is unforgivable and he doesn’t deserve to be able to have an influence on teenagers. The thing that freaks me out the most is what if one of the girls that was a victim of he actions went to Warped Tour today only to find out that someone who made her feel so worthless was performing? Obviously, her day is going to be ruined, and Warped Tour is SUPPOSED TO BE an escape for a lot of individuals. Now if he stays on tour, I am sure a lot of individuals are going to be angry, upset, and probably uncomfortable being in a shared space with him. I know a lot of my friends, and other individuals on various social medias, stated that they lost lost of respect for Kevin Lyman, and have motives to boycott the event in its entirety. I can understand these motives as they have crossed my mind over this, but you have to think of the other performers who have the same views as you on this. Even if FPS is going to prowling around my date. It isn’t going to stop me from supporting great bands who are against this like The Wonder Years, Handguns, Beartooth, etc. Just because he is there doesn’t mean you HAVE to watch him. There are way many other bands that deserve your support before he does. 


                     ɴɪɢʜᴛ i s ɴᴏᴛ s o m e t h i n g ᴛᴏ ᴇɴᴅᴜʀᴇ ᴜɴᴛɪʟ ᴅᴀᴡɴ.

                             ɪᴛ ɪs ᴀɴ ᴇʟᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴡɪɴᴅ ᴏʀ F ɪ ʀ ᴇ.

                 ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ɪs ɪᴛs ᴏᴡɴ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ; ɪᴛ ᴍᴏᴠᴇs ᴛᴏ ɪᴛs ᴏᴡɴ ʟᴀᴡs,

                              ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴀɴy ᴛ ʜ ɪ ɴ ɢ s ᴅᴡᴇʟʟ ᴡɪᴛʜɪɴ ɪᴛ.

· Literate writer · 10+ years experience · All writing styles loves multi-para · Writer is 21+ · 
Original character with an alternative face claim ·
                                                                  · Semi-selective ·
     · Hybrid Vampire/Werewolf in the TO/TVD fandom but can fit into any fandom or verse ·

Random Promo! 

zzapzzaptasers: A phenomenal Darcy Lewis. I’m convinced she is Darcy; fun writing style, sharp as a tack wit that I envy, and always a nice person ooc. 

gavemyforever: As sweet as her portrayal of Belle; loyal to the end and never backs down from a challenge, she’s always there when I need a hug. 

thekryptonianhel: New to following me but I like what I see, a really obscure muse as far as I know. I’m looking forward to getting to know them more. 

loketratan: I cannot praise Jen for her outstanding grasp on my favorite version of Loki. Runemarks is a great book series and as someone whose played this version of him myself I know what a deep love for Loki it takes to pull it off. He’s nothing like in the mcu, and so different from the basic mythos too. He’s a bag of dicks but you love him for it. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Ever since I read your comment about not being sure about your writing style, I was thinking about, how to describe it. What follows are my thoughts not analysis or critique. I think your writing style suits your stories very much. It gives descriptions to what matters to the story you tell and the pace you use to tell the said story. The story-telling flows seamlessly, freely. The love you have for what you write is felt in the words you choose, in the almost visual scenes you write, (->)

(->) in the deep understanding of the characters (you and other fic writers, RP players, meta writers, artists, etc give more thought to cause and effect of events, to trauma and repercussion of actions than some canon writers and editors). I think that you became more comfortable in your style. You use open endings and the first two stories in the Marvel fandom have a little bit of a rushed ending (maybe only for me). Other stories don’t have such a feeling. They are whole, complete. (->)

(->) You are a wonderful writer: with a few well chosen words you create scenes, describe situations and feelings. Your characters are alive: what they feel and how they react are believable, realistic but not over dramatic. They stay the same at the core of their being and still are different from story to story. You capture wonderfully the various aspects of the characters. Re-reading your stories opens more nuances about characters and plots. They captivate the attention and don’t let go. :)

I have to say I am still speechless. In a very good way, but still.

Where do I even start? Firstly, thank you. You took time to write this thoughtful, incredibly nice message, and I don’t even know what to say. Why would anyone do this for me? It’s so so so nice.

And–you mentioned my first stories in this fandom, and thank you for that, because sometimes I think I’m getting worse instead of better (I’m pretty sure my first story actually had descriptions. Descriptions, in my fic, that doesn’t happen). I’m glad you think I improved. 

And wow, you addressed another one of my fears here–that I’m getting repetitive. But you said the characters are still different, and ahhhhhhh, I just. Thank youuuuu.

attention fashion-inclined writers!

so the company i work for is taking over writing for Outblush, and we’re looking for fashion/makeup/style bloggers who wanna write articles about stuff. if you care to apply, go to, and probably send me a message saying “hey, i applied” so that i know you’re in there.


sexyunicornbitch asked:

Your fanfiction 'Apart' is actually really good, the writing style is amazing, and at first it made me feel sort of nostalgic and warm, even though I was looking back at someone elses life, and I think thats what a lot of writers want to achieve? I don't know the youtubers but I really want to continue reading it anyway, continue updating it and writing it because it's a great story 10/10 so far

Simon is Amazing Hes an ass but all guys are they have their asshole quirks but he is such a sweetheart.

This is one of my favorite videos by him. And his When I was young. I’m not gonna lie I fall asleep to a playlist of his every night because his voice is so calming.

Thank you!

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