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What do you have to lose? There will come a point where you are tired of fighting, pushing, resisting. Tired of fighting your logical and reasoning mind. When you reach that point, touch that nerve, I tell you something: End the fight. Just try using your imagination to get there the easiest, fastest and most fun way. Put 5 minutes aside morning and night to see in your mind’s eye how life would feel if your dream were true. The degree to which you feel it, you will live it.

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  • My friends: don't get dressed up all weird and witchy, it's just a causal thing.
  • Me: yeah okay sure! *turns up in a floor length black dress with complimentary lace cape - decorated in moons and stars, covered in layers of crystal necklaces with herbs and flowers tucked into and falling from my large black hat*

Hey friends!

Meg here for this week’s TUTOR TUES-WEEK! I got a rec curious about how styles come about, so I sat down and started mapping out steps I felt most artists have gone through based on personal experience as well as observation. I feel these steps happen for a reason and lend themselves to our improvement and growth as artists! If your have tutorial recs send ‘em in here or my personal. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


The Many Faces of Laura Hollis 

Just some practice drawing some of Laura’s most noteworthy facial expressions because wow she’s one expressive gal 

(Click for better quality)


Killed a bear without knowing it had cubs and now she’s stuck with five hairballs that she named after each of her fingers.

Rakonna is on Wyrmrest Accord.  ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง And she will fight you.