The Perfect Collar Roll | Buttoning Down The Hatches 

Like every other sprezz obsessed menswear nerd under the sun, nothing makes me smile like a good collar roll. Being one of the parts of the shirt that moves with the wearer the most, a rolling collar embellishes shirts with a liveliness that the uninitiated tend to forget about in favor of the more obvious details (i.e. the jacket). 

P Johnson’s new button down collars are a great example of well executed ‘roll’ and furnish the wearer with more than mere aesthetic appeal. A well rolled button down collar also helps affix one’s tie, centering it and assisting in the creation of the much desired tie arc. With such a collar, the chances that one’s neckwear will hang limp and lifeless on the chest are greatly diminished. Together the tie and rolled collar give the wearer’s v-zone a distinctive dimension, working in harmony with the jacket’s lapel roll and other such details.

Liverano button down collars would be another great - if more aggressive - example of this detail. 

(Source: Patrick Johnson Tailors



OOTD 26-03-2013

So long story short: I asked a college dorm mate if he’d like to help shoot some images for a couple articles I was supposed to write over at t.X (shameless plug initiated) and after a while it sort of morphed into me being a fucking herb and - all but - forcing him to take some images of me as I walked slowly up and down stone roads at my University.

Having said that the homie JJ Hamilton did his best to make me look 30 % smangable so shout out to him for having the patience to pull the Canon 5D strap on me and produce these lovely photos.

Hopefully this won’t be a regular sort of thing but we had so many outtakes left over from the article photos that we took that I couldn’t help but post them here. Now awaiting the inevitable torrent of impending hate mail. 

Bless bless. 

Gant Rugger hopsack blazer

Gant Rugger madras oxford cloth button down

The Knottery silk knit tie

Charvet pocket square

Brooks Brothers woven d-ring belt

Edwin straight fit selvedge denim

Meermin Linea Classico tasseled loafers 

All images by Jeffrey Hamilton 26-03-2013 


OOTD 10-05-2014

Its been a while, probably something to do with the 5 cores I decided to take in one semester, so mea maxima culpa to everyone who was - even a little - interested in seeing these posts become a regular occurrence. 

Queensland is again cooling down, with 2 months left until our winter season peaks I figure its now or never when it comes to breaking out the layers. In retrospect, it occurred to me that anywhere else this outfit would be classified as ‘transitional’ gear for the period between winter and spring. 

Another DB-centric look, I enjoy breaking out these Prince of Wales check jacket & trousers whenever I have the opportunity. They are (for better or for worse, you decide) a statement making piece and so I always attempt to mess with their formality. The indigo dyed popover I’m wearing with this rig is a wardrobe favorite, and is an exact replica of the coke white version I sort-of-but-not-really reviewed half a year ago, very casual and very comfortable. People always discuss texture in tailored clothing with regard to its appearance but I also find the interplay between the cotton popover and crispness of blended wool/mohair interesting in its comfort. 

Then there’s @christiankimber’s loafers: lawd have mercy. When I initially declared my interest in purchasing a pair last year Christian told me my size was not readily available. Undeterred, I doubled down and a year later am blessed with a much needed casual dress shoe. The last is appealing, the construction sturdy (made in Spain, Goodyear welted, the whole shebang, readers you know the drill) and crucially these are some of the most comfortable loafers I own. The 'break in’ period usually associated with hard-bottoms is substantially reduced here, and the addition of the leather in-sock makes these easy to wear when sockless and downright pleasurable with good socks. 

All #menswear nerds should cherish the cold because with it come the deployment of classic staples. Its a time for vast experimentation or indeed falling back on old favorites, which is something that goes out the window in - especially - the Australian summer. 

Enjoy it, and a premature merry Christmas in July everybody! 

Suitsupply PoW Soho jacket (6x2)

Suitsupply PoW Soho trousers 

Owen & James indigo dyed popover

P.JOHNSON pocket square

Drakes of London pin-dot braces 

Christian Kimber Pai Mu Tan loafers 
All images by Jeffrey Hamilton 10-05-2014