Watch #StyleStage: Our New Documentary About Hair, Style, and Music

Here’s why we did it: Our friends at Garnier Fructis brought to our attention a basic fact: Hair has played a pretty major role in the expression of musical artists and the evolution of pop music since its inception. 

Think about it: Little Richard’s pompadour, Michael Jackson’s jheri curl, or whatever is happening on top of Diamond Rings. There are songs about hair, like Rush’s “I Think I’m Going Bald” or Zeppelin’s “The Girl I Love She Got Long Wavy Black Hair.” Once we started to see it, we couldn’t unsee it, and we started to realize that bands’ and fans’ hairstyles have pushed music and culture forward in a major way. We’re extremely excited to tell that story, and to shine light on the past and present of music, hair, and style. 

Also, for some reason, this story has really never been told, so we figured we should be the ones to tell it.


Headhunter: 5 Trends from the Summer Festivals – #StyleStage

We sent a couple of college kids to festivals to find out what people are wearing & what they’re doing with their hair. 


#StyleStage – Meet the Hosts of Noisey’s New Show: Headhunter 

Back in April, Noisey teamed up with Garnier Fructis to come up with a new show called Headhunter. The plan was, this summer we’d travel to music festivals across the country, seeking out the best hair and style trends. But we wanted to make it interesting, we wanted to get two total unknowns to host the show. So we traveled to colleges—from coast to coast—to find a girl and a guy who loved music, knew what looked good and what didn’t, and crucially, were the kind of people you’d want to hang out with. 

Behind the Scenes with Austra – Style Stage

We join Austra in Austin Texas to speak with singer Katie Stelmanis about her style evolution, from her early days as an opera singer, until now. Along with band member Romy Lightman, Katie shares personal photographs to illustrate how she’s moved from an almost anti-fashion stance, to embracing clothes and hair as a means of expressing herself, as well as being an essential facet of Austra as a whole.   This intimate, behind the scenes piece includes clips of Austra performing new track “Home,” from their live performance at Noisey’s SXSW Style Stage launch, plus footage of the official video for “Home” and “Lose It” from their previous record ‘Feel It Break.’

Watch the video


Still Corners – Style Files – Noisey & Garnier’s Style Stage

Still Corners have an origin story that sounds like a meet cute for some lame rom-com, but it’s better than that, because it’s actual real life. A few years ago Greg Hughes, who’s originally from Texas, and Tessa Murray, who’s from the UK, separately boarded a train they thought was heading to London Bridge. One diversion later and they found themselves kicked off said train and loitering on a deserted platform. It was late, it was raining, and they were the only ones there, so they started talking. Turns out Tessa was missing choir practice because of the transport screw up and Greg was looking for a singer to front his project Still Corners.    Since coming together, they’ve released two records on Sub Pop, including this year’s Stranger Pleasures, an album defined by its synthy, dream pop atmospherics, clipped beats, and Tessa’s celestial vocals.   Noisey met up with the duo before their show supporting Chvrches at New York’s Webster Hall, to talk about the new LP and their formative influences—in terms of both style and music. This piece includes clips from their video for “Berlin Lovers,” plus an exclusive live performance of “Fireflies.”