Manhattan From The Sky

rating: explicit

words:  47343 (seven chapters)

pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles

tags: CEO Harry, assistant Louis, kid fic, American AU


Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet.

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Watch #StyleStage: Our New Documentary About Hair, Style, and Music

Here’s why we did it: Our friends at Garnier Fructis brought to our attention a basic fact: Hair has played a pretty major role in the expression of musical artists and the evolution of pop music since its inception. 

Think about it: Little Richard’s pompadour, Michael Jackson’s jheri curl, or whatever is happening on top of Diamond Rings. There are songs about hair, like Rush’s “I Think I’m Going Bald” or Zeppelin’s “The Girl I Love She Got Long Wavy Black Hair.” Once we started to see it, we couldn’t unsee it, and we started to realize that bands’ and fans’ hairstyles have pushed music and culture forward in a major way. We’re extremely excited to tell that story, and to shine light on the past and present of music, hair, and style. 

Also, for some reason, this story has really never been told, so we figured we should be the ones to tell it.

Speed Date w/Tama Tonga

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Part 5! Over halfway through. Thank you for all of the feedback on Okada and AJ <3

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole - Part Three w/Okada - Part Four w/AJ Styles

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A Love Like War

rating: explicit

words:  173835 (eighteen chapters)

pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles

tags: famous louis, professor harry, lots of angst


“I want your help.”
“Are you sure validation isn’t the right word?” Harry frowns. “Because, Louis, my professional opinion won’t change just because you’re being nice.”
“I don’t want your professional opinion on my work to change. I wanna do better work, so you and everybody else can have a new opinion”, he states simply.

Or: the one in which Louis Tomlinson is a cliched rock star, he’s got everything except for love. But then he meets Harry Styles; the man that, against all odds, saves him in every way a person can be saved, even when Louis didn’t know he needed saving in the first place.

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#StyleStage – Meet the Hosts of Noisey’s New Show: Headhunter 

Back in April, Noisey teamed up with Garnier Fructis to come up with a new show called Headhunter. The plan was, this summer we’d travel to music festivals across the country, seeking out the best hair and style trends. But we wanted to make it interesting, we wanted to get two total unknowns to host the show. So we traveled to colleges—from coast to coast—to find a girl and a guy who loved music, knew what looked good and what didn’t, and crucially, were the kind of people you’d want to hang out with. 


Headhunter: 5 Trends from the Summer Festivals – #StyleStage

We sent a couple of college kids to festivals to find out what people are wearing & what they’re doing with their hair. 


orange you glad i stole your heart? by metamorphosis (@nauticalleeds)
art by @louisloveclub

words: 10k
chapters: 1/1

pairing: louis tomlinson/harry styles
tags: neighbours au, fluff


There are only four left.
Louis does the math in his head. Last week, he only picked two, and there had seemed to be a decent amount left. Or had he been hallucinating? He isn’t sure.
Now that he thinks about it, the tree
has been lacking recently. He recalls a particular tangerine that was difficult to reach, a bit on the higher side. Tall Tangerine Terrence, he had secretly dubbed it in his head. But now, even Tall Tangerine Terrence is gone.

Or, Louis has an unknown neighbour who keeps stealing his tangerines. He didn’t expect for his heart to be stolen, too.

(written for @louisloveclub​‘s prompt)