hello lovelies! my favourites are finally here! there is not really much to say so let’s go ahead :)

R U L E S 

  • you must be following me (flahei)
  • reblog this post as many times as you want (the more you reblog, the more chances you get to be chosen!)
  • likes will not count


  • i will be picking between 10 and 15 blogs
  • i will follow you back (if i am not already)
  • each of the winners will be promoted at least once a week
  • there will be a link with the list (favourites will be bold)
  • i will reblog from your blogs all the time

H I G H E R   C H A N C E S

  • follow me on instagram (@_nrod)
  • reblog more than once
  • have a similar style
  • send me a message telling me why you want to be on my favourites

M O R E   I N F O 

  • i will be choosing my favourites at the end of october
  • you will be promoted to at least 7k active dashes
  • message me if you have any doubts

so now the only thing you have to do is reblog! (pls do it or it will be so embarrassing :/

I love you all so much and i hope you have a wonderful day xx