What is the Client-Search Directory?

StyleSeat has a client search directory on our homepage for clients to find and book beauty and wellness professionals near them. Here’s how it works:

Clients can search by:

  • Name
  • Service
  • Location
  • New Client Offer
  • Online booking
  • Available now
  • Recommendations

Get added to the Directory:

Learn how


Once you’ve completed these steps, you will be added to the directory. You can check out how search looks by logging out and going to You can search by name or service in the left field, and location (city or state) in the right field. 


Tip: If you don’t see your self in the first batch of pros that surface in results, try zooming out on the map to see more pros in the area you searched. The way search-by-location works is that it pulls results from the center of the location searched, so the further you are away from the center of your city, the more you  have to zoom out on the map. 

How does search work?

Search works with a specific algorithm that takes various elements into account. Location of client, city searched, did the client search by city and state, what key words they typed in, etc. You will come up first sometimes, but other profiles might be closer to the search criteria that the client entered. It’s important to note that the more you promote your page, the higher your chances are of surfacing first in search. 

How can I improve my search results position?

  • Upload tons of high quality photos
  • Ask your clients and friends to “Like” your StyleSeat page by clicking the Facebook Like button
  • Ask your clients and friends to heart your photos (tip: if you heart other pro’s photos, they are more likely to “heart you back”)
  • Encourage your client to leave you a recommendation on your page (hint: If you have your “Client Thank You emails” turned on, StyleSeat will automatically send out an email thanking your clients, and asking them to leave you a recommendation)

Online Booking:

Clients can filter their search criteria by “online booking”, which means only the pros that offer online booking will surface. Find out how our FREE online booking works here.

Painted, Patterned, Matte and Glossy! Our favorite Spring Themed Nail Art!

From mix-and-match manis to brighter shades and floral designs we’re super excited about Spring nail art!  When it comes to the creative manicure trend the possibilities are endless!  Check out these fun and festive ideas!

Photo credit: Maile Soon, Sarah BlandSpifster Sutton, Nichole Bailey

Photo credit: Lindsey Medley, Denise PerezSarah Bland, Kati Elliott

Photo credit: Cheryl Cheryl, Melanie Woodard, Maile Soon

What's a URL? What's my website?

Ya know that bar at the top of your web browser where you type in web addresses? That’s what we call a URL; think of it as a sort of naming or numbering for every single page on the World Wide Web, including your StyleSeat profile page.

StyleSeat lets you choose your URL for your profile page, so clients have an easy and direct way to find you.

From your home page, go to “My Profile”/ “edit profile” / “basic info”.  Just below the “about me” text box, you will see “My StyleSeat Web Site*” followed by “” and another text box.


Enter your name, your nick name or something else relevant to you or your business and is easy to remember. [*Note: make sure it’s short enough to remember and the spelling is easy for clients to search.] Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “save”. whatever you entered in the text box, will now be a direct link to your StyleSeat profile page. (URL’s are not case sensitive, which means if I write “michelle” in all lower-case, and someone types in, they will still land on my page.)


This web address is now your business website. You can share it with clients and friends, and you can print it on your business cards! 

October Newsletter!

Happy October!!!

External image

Marty Serroque, Stylist

It’s October and fall has officially arrived! Get your new fall color mixed and your pumpkin facials ready, because StyleSeat has new ways to help you build your business this month!

External image

Amber Powell, Stylist

Your Business at a Glance

StyleSeat will begin to send you daily and weekly stats emails! These emails will show you your revenue totals, online bookings, site activity, and more! The more you know about your business the easier it’ll be to grow it! Learn more about how it works here.

External image

Faith Haller, Stylist

Import Your Clients!

Now you can import your clients from any other system! Export your clients into a file and email it to us at !

Click here to get started!

External image

Kenneth Edgerton, Stylist

What’s app with that?

We know that some of you have been experiencing issues with our iPhone and iPad apps, and we appreciate all of your patience and feedback. We’ve listened and tested and are happy to announce that we will have an update by next week! Check our Facebook page for exact dates. 
*Android app is still being tested, but within a few weeks of release! *we’re so very excited to get it in your hands :)

External image

Amber Powell, Stylist

Improved Power Booking

StyleSeat has made it easier on you to use the power booking feature. Now Finishing Time is blocked off on your calendar as well as Initial Time. This means that on your internal calendar you will see the accurate available time, so you can schedule appointments while your other client is processing. Get the full story from our support desk on how it all works.


StyleSeat will be hosting an informational webinar on November 14th at 6:00pm! All you need is a computer. We encourage everyone to join as we host a question and answer session to help you learn more about how to get the most out of StyleSeat, and for us to better understand your professional needs. We will be sending out an email with more info soon, but make sure you mark your calendars!

Enjoy your new features and have a Happy Halloween!

Sent with <3, 
The StyleSeat Team

The importance of student recommendations

Hello Students!

We just wanted to remind you about the importance of gathering recommendations as a student, and how beneficial it will be to you when you graduate and become a professional (in real life as well as on StyleSeat)!

Why are recommendations important?

We all know that recommendations help potential clients gather a comprehensive view of the pro they’re scouting. But what you might not know is that they also bump your order of appearance in our directory search when you become a professional, as well as your order of appearance on larger search engines like Google.


Even if you are a brand new student, or graduating next month, start asking your clients to write you recommendations now! They can do so by clicking on the “Write a Recommendation” link near the bottom of your StyleSeat profile page.

How do I get recommendations?

Ask for them!  Tell each of your clients about your StyleSeat page when they’re in the chair and how much you would appreciate it if they could write a few sentences about their new haircut or facial. Plus, when a client leaves a recommendation for you, they are automatically added to your client tab, so you can have their info for when you start to send email marketing campaigns after you graduate. 

Leave the work to us:

If you use StyleSeat for online booking or scheduling, you can utilize a feature in your profile settings allowing StyleSeat to send out Thank You emails to your clients after their visit with you.  Each email thanks your client for coming in and asks them to write you a recommendation. Find out how to start using us as a scheduling tool here.

Social Media:

And remember, the internet is your friend! Using Facebook, twitter, and even your personal marketing emails can help you reach out to all your friends and family members, who are always willing to help you out.

Remember, recommendations are the evidence of happy clients, and having tons of happy clients leads to more happy clients, more income, and who knows, maybe even some job offers!


The StyleSeat Team

StyleSeat Honors Black History Month

February is Black History month in America and StyleSeat would like to take a moment to reflect back on the history of a remarkable woman who forever changed the hair care industry. Following an era of slavery and black oppression in America, Madam CJ Walker, born Sarah Breedlove, rose to the challenges that lay ahead of her. She recognized the prominence of hair loss in women in the 1900’s due to poor hygiene and lack of resources. Her experimental home remedies eventually lead her to discover the benefits of sulfur on scalps, generating healthier hair growth.

Madam CJ Walker eventually developed her own products for sale, opened a school focused on training “hair culturists”, built a factory, and was deeply involved in philanthropic efforts to train female entrepreneurs in building their own businesses. Walker is not only an inspiration to African American women, but to the hair care industry in general. She saw a need for improvement, developed a strategy and product, and utilized her business skills to capitalize on her knowledge.

At StyleSeat we thrive to teach the same business skills that CJ Walker had, by providing you with modern tools and the technology necessary to build a successful business. Madam CJ Walker began with nothing, and ended as the first self-made female African American entrepreneur. Success is not predetermined, it is created, and StyleSeat is a tool to help make that happen!

Connect your StyleSeat account with your Facebook!

The Facebook account you choose will be the account that all your StyleSeat sharing activity is linked with. This means anytime you share, promote, or post from StyleSeat, your links will go to the Facebook page that you choose. 

Get started

Log in to your StyleSeat page, click the “Account” link in the top right hand corner. 

Under “Account Settings” click “Facebook” to manage your Facebook connection. Next click the “Connect with Facebook button” to get started. 

If you’re not logged into Facebook on your computer, this screen will pop up prompting you to login:

Once you’re logged in, Facebook will pop up their standard “Request for Permission” screen. [?] Click the “allow” button to begin sharing. 

After you click “Allow” you’ll see you’re now connected to Facebook and which account you’re connected to. You’ll have the option to connect to your business page as an alternative. Find out how

Tip: If you want to disconnect the Facebook account you’re currently logged in under, just click the word “disconnect”.

If you would like to switch Facebook accounts, just disconnect first, and then click the “Connect with Facebook button” directly after to login with another account. 

Now you can start to share your page, photos, and recommendations to your Facebook page, so all your friends and their networks can start to market FOR you! 

Tips to Make Your Profile Pop!

So you’ve just signed up and you’re ready to set up your StyleSeat profile! Congrats. Your profile is a beautiful page about your business that helps clients find you in online searches and see how talented you are. Help build buzz about your skills by making yours POP!

Tip 1: Get your profile to 100% completion: a complete profile means there’s more information on the page to help convince clients to choose your services and also raise your profile’s visibility in search engines. When you complete your profile to 80% we’ll add it to our featured providers list and you’ll unlock your 30 day free trial to StyleSeat pro!

Tip 2: Upload great photos: photos are the most visual element of your profile and help paint a vivid picture to everyone who comes to your page. Mobile photos are great, but if you can include at least some high-res photos do it! You and your profile visitors can also share these photos with their friends on Facebook, so the punchier they are the more eyeballs you’ll attract to your profile.

Tip 3: Keep your About Me punchy: a short, descriptive About Me can tell the story of your business and help bring you clients. You can include information about your education, your expertise and your passion. Keep it interesting and brief.

Tip 4: Add your Twitter Account: give clients the option to follow your Twitter account so they can keep up with your day-to-day and know about promotions you offer right away. If you’ve got one, share it!

A few great profiles for a Iittle inspiration:
Caley Alyssa, yoga instructor:
Lindsay Sutton, esthetician:
Glenda Darling, hair stylist:
Andrea Turner, massage therapist: 

If you have any questions, you can always ask us by clicking the bottom right chat button or by sending us an email at


I’m so impressed with StyleSeat, by the way. I already have the esthetician at the salon I work in using it, too. It’s exactly what i’ve been looking for, and the free version is perfect for our needs right now! You guys are AWESOME! This is really the best thing ever for my independent business. Even my husband, who is an IT guy by profession and a geek by nature, was impressed with the functionality of the web-based portion and the app. He said the app was very well designed! And now, I’m even more impressed with the customer service! “ - Miranda Ferneau