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New Villains?!  - Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir - SPOILER ALERT

A new powerpoint of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir season two has been released. Considering I am not fluent in French (yet) here are the most interesting observations I’ve noticed in the pamphlet.

1. Juleka and Kim are singled out.

Out of all of the side characters (who attend school with our MCs), Juleka and Kim are a focal point. 


Perhaps Kagami is Kim’s sister much like Luka is Juleka’s older brother? Or even better, maybe they will play a bigger role in future seasons? There is a rumor going around that someone the audience already knows and loves will become a superhero. Personally, Juleka is one of my favorite side characters (though I admit, I’m hoping Nathaniel will be getting a miraculous of some sort.) I also thought Alix would be a good candidate considering she is the character who introduced us to time travel with her special watch - but that’s a theory for another time.


It’s a bit strange to me that Lila, Kagami, and Luka are all coming in as new students at the same time. What if they are apart of a foreign exchange program?

2. Gabriel Agreste is labeled as a minor character? Hmm…

It seems strange that an official pamphlet for Miraculous would label the main villain as a minor character. Perhaps this red herring is to preserve secrecy over Hawkmoth’s identity for a bit longer. Or maybe Hawkmoth/Gabriel is a minor character in season two. The former seems a bit more logical considering Hawkmoth has his own panel.

3. Villains galore! The new villains are made up of all the influential ADULTS of Paris!

Unless I just can’t tell what she looks like anymore, I STILL don’t see Lila anywhere. Maybe she’s not a big part of season two like we all thought? OR, much like Hawkmoth, she’s being saved as a surprise? Guess we’ll find out soon, but in the meantime here are my best guesses of who the new villains are:

3a. Mrs. Agreste, Mrs. Bourgeois, and Nathalie

Nathalie is (potentially) my favorite side character (along with Juleka and Nathaniel). It’ll be interesting to see what she can do as a villain.

3b. Mr. Damocles, Gabriel Agreste, Ms. Mendeleiev

I’m not actually sure if Ms. Mendeleiev is the villain with the speaker, but this villain’s face is quite reminiscent of Ms. Mendeleiev.

3c. Characters we haven’t seen yet?

The knight may/may not be Kagami. Manon is the only little girl I 100% remember, but I’m not sure if that’s her or not (also if you’ve ever seen Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, she looks like Mist). Pirate Lady looks like she’s straight out of Zak Storm, and you know what confirmed character she reminds me of? Anansi.

This is a long shot, but who knows? As for the mermaid and the alien/animal cutie, I’m drawing a blank. Maybe Mireille Caquet? 

4. The villains don’t all seem to come from akumas. So where are they from? We know the newer villains are going to be more sinister than Hawkmoth, but if they aren’t akumatized, what are they? Are they faeries? Kwamis? Miraculous holders? Mages?

5. I’m assuming the BIG villains are Mrs. Agreste, Mr. Agreste (maybe), Mrs. Bourgeois, and Mr. Bourgeois (maybe). Which makes me concerned; Adrien and Chloe are heroes and their parents are villains. While we know that Chloe is going to be a villain at first, she won’t stay that way. What is going to happen to Adrien and Chloe? Especially if their identities are revealed (which I’m positive will happen somehow).

6. Which villains are recurring? Because if all the influential adults are all in a power struggle for these miraculouses (and other things we don’t know about yet) who is going to be in control of Paris when they are (hopefully) defeated? How is Paris going to be affected by all of these powerful people having ill intentions? How is the world going to react?


What if the villains are always working in the background?


What if ALL the miraculous holders’ identities are revealed to the public?

Let me know what you think: who are the recurring villains? What do you think is goinf to happen?

The demise of Vine is drawing closer. I couldn’t stand the thought of all those cat videos out there being lost to the abyss, so I gathered a few (i.e. nearly 50) of my favourites.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of cats and kittens being funny, silly, or just plain adorable.