Mad Dogs and Dapper Englishmen go out in...

Terry Thomas was a distinctive English comic actor. He was famous for his portrayal of sharply dressed, disreputable members of the upper classes, with his trademark gap in his front teeth and cigarette holder. He always played cads with a certain panache.

Terry Thomas played cads who were sharp, and for this we salute you sir.

Blazer Trail

Picture this. Guy needs a jacket. One jacket, multi-purpose, all singing and dancing for every occasion and for all seasons. Ok, cut to the chase, a jacket that makes a guy feel confident of stepping from the office to that dinner date and still feel good and still feel confident.

Any guesses? Anybody at the back know the answer?

What if I told that the answer to this clothing riddle is quite simple?

It’s the blazer. With it’s long, narrow lapels, flat shoulders, patch pocket, double or single vents at the rear. Buttons can be gold or silver, matt or polished. The blazer comes in a variety of materials, light cotton, cashmere, wool and flannel. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of the jacket world.

One of the big advantages of the blazer is that it can be worn in tandem with almost anything. For example:

With Jeans, blue button down shirt, and a pair of Hampton Boat shoe in chocolate by the Vintage Shoe Company. Or with a white shirt, regimental tie, dark blue trousers and a pair of Hans Penny Loafers in brown by Fossil.

There are major no no’s in the matter of wearing a blazer.

1. Scrunched up sleeves (Like Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice 1980’s). No.

2. T-shirt underneath (See Point 1).

3. Vest underneath (See Point 1).

4. Sandals and socks (Just plain no).


Egan For AW11 is one of the most innovative and fastest growing designer clothing labels in the UK and was heavily influenced by the aesthetics and attitude of the football terraces. Hailing from the North of England, the brand’s ethos is about attention to detail, giving the wearer a low profile whilst standing out from the high street clothed crowd.


A video guide on measuring suit size from the guys @TMLewin1898.
Loving the cravat. More men should sport the cravat as an alternative.


Tokyo Fashion Week. That’s all I’m sayin.


How have suits changed over the last fifty years?
Starting in the 1960s this video from Henry Herbert Tailors in Savile Row London shows a sneak view of the styles and trends of suits over the last fifty years. Henry Herbert Tailors are bespoke outfitters in Savile Row London. We make perfectly tailored suits, shirts, overcoats and waistcoats.


Woolrich Presents: Ernest Hemingway Collection - F Men, Milan 2011


COS AW11 Lookbook menswear film