If you’re looking for something beyond the normal, Politburo are for you.

Politburo is an open resistance to the current dogma of cheaply made products, with a very finite life span, yet still very expensive.

In a word of standardization, where products and people look more and more alike, at Politburo, we think clothing says a lot about its wearer.

We believe in a menswear defying categorizations. We are outspoken fans of garments that express diversity and constant sense of sartorial evolution and… revolution. Clothes and accessories very much designed for how we live now, but in an inspired and unconventional way.

We believe in superior quality. A concept of quality not only conceived by an original design, but also by the choice of materials and production techniques. Politburo revels in the real beauty of menswear. We are proud to make accessible the tradition of Italian tailoring craftsmanship, using the best materials to create new contemporary products.

We believe in time. Every product has to be lasting a lifetime and beyond. We believe that, while getting older, every product has to evolve into something precious. Showing visible signs of experience, clothes and accessories have to turn into being an expression of a personal, and therefore truly unique, lifestyle philosophy.

This is the statement of the less obvious luxury.

I like the jackets, I like the trousers, I like the accessories, hell, just take a look.


Egan For AW11 is one of the most innovative and fastest growing designer clothing labels in the UK and was heavily influenced by the aesthetics and attitude of the football terraces. Hailing from the North of England, the brand’s ethos is about attention to detail, giving the wearer a low profile whilst standing out from the high street clothed crowd.


A video guide on measuring suit size from the guys @TMLewin1898.
Loving the cravat. More men should sport the cravat as an alternative.


Tokyo Fashion Week. That’s all I’m sayin.


How have suits changed over the last fifty years?
Starting in the 1960s this video from Henry Herbert Tailors in Savile Row London shows a sneak view of the styles and trends of suits over the last fifty years. Henry Herbert Tailors are bespoke outfitters in Savile Row London. We make perfectly tailored suits, shirts, overcoats and waistcoats.


Woolrich Presents: Ernest Hemingway Collection - F Men, Milan 2011


COS AW11 Lookbook menswear film


Speaking of the cravat, Marc Hughes gets shown exactly how to wear his cravat on BBC 6 Music’s show.