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Flannel Shirt @targetstyle
Long Sleeve White Shirt @targetstyle
Black Jeans @targetstyle
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As part of my journey to get fit and healthy i lost weight, sadly a lot of that was in my boobs but also a lot around my gut and thighs and i am now left with loads of gorgeous dresses that dont fit :( so im going to demonstrate through my blog that you can still alter these to fit your new shape!! All is not lost!! #thriftyfashion #dresses #fcuk #fashionfriday #styleonabudget #styleblogger

Sorority Sunday!

So even though I’ve graduated from undergrad, I’m still very passionate about my Chi Omega sisters. Today was preference day for recruitment weekend, so alumni attend the ceremony and help out. Attire for the day was a royal blue dress, nude heals and my favorite chunky pearls! I generally would wear this dress with a blazer to work but now I can get multiple different outfit from one staple piece!

Hi there! I wanted to talk to you today about the importance of accessories. REPEAT AFTER ME…. “Accessories are friends not foes”. For the longest time, I would not for the life of me accessorize any outfit. It was always jeans and a nice top or something along those lines. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to change that.
One morning as I stood in front of mirror with clothes strewn across my bed … (You know you all have been there)… I could not for the life of me find an outfit I liked. Not one article of clothing appealed to me at all. I sat on the bed and decided to surf Pinterest for ideas. As I browsed around, it hit me. A great necklace and bracelets will help make my outfit great. I ran over to my basket of jewelry … (Yes I have a basket of jewelry because I have a shopping problem and that I only wear jewelry on special occasions.) I picked out a big white necklace and some natural stone bracelets I had made. I laid them on a denim shirt I had on the bed which happened to be next to some black jeggings. There was my outfit. I paired it with some black heels and great bag. The look was effortless and classy. I loved it. Weeks later, in a rush, I did the same outfit but went with bright turquoise jewelry. It completely changed the look.
The moral of my story is that accessories will make the outfit. It will change it from drab to fab in seconds. Don’t be afraid to take chances.
Remeber!!! Accessories are friends not foes.
Thanks for reading!

This chilly weather doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon! So I’m going for super cosy knits with leggings and cute biker boots to add a bit of edge to an otherwise basic outfit. The best thing? If you swap the biker boots for cosy ugg slippers it’s the perfect outfit for snuggling up in an armchair with a cuppa and reading a book! Yay! #versatilefashion #cosy #knitwear #newlook #Superdry #primark #ootd #fashionblogger #fashionfriday #styleonabudget

Steps to becoming UN-STUCK

 So my friends, now that you’ve read my most recent blog post (you know, the one  about all the ways today’s woman can become Fashion Stuck?!) … well, now you are  ready to take steps (or sprint like mad, either way is great) to become  UN-STUCK.  There are five simple  steps one can choose from to help oneself get unstuck when it comes to getting ready  fast in the morning!  This is the  time period where one usually feels challenged … [it’s not only me who hits the  snooze five times, right? … admit  it people]!

1)      The  Red Lip Effect.  You’re rushing and (let’s face it)  you’re probably hung over or dead tired.  So here is by far one of the fastest and  most effective ways to look stylish.   Personally I’ve recently fallen in love with Milani makeup brand.  They have this really great dark reddish  / plum color called Dark Cherry.  Believe it or not, it was only about  seven bucks ~ a STEAL when it comes to finding a really high quality lip color  these days.  Anyway I’m leaning more  towards darker red these last few weeks since I’ve noticed it is the newest lip  trend!  Every celeb is wearing a  vampire lip shade & though it may be shocking at first, you really grow  accustomed to wearing it, feeling super sexy with it on.  If a dark scary look is totally not you,  any red shade will do.  Once the  pigment is on, you all-of-a-sudden feel sultry and fashion-forward.  Everyone around thinks you look more put  together as well, and you will notice that you get more compliments as  well.  Test this theory all you  want; actually, please do!

2)      Bling,  bling; jewelry ~ the simplest step.  Pick a necklace, ring, bracelet;  honestly, it does not even matter what it looks like.  If you have it on, people will think you  have upgraded your look.  But I do  suggest that you put thought into choosing your pieces.  The multi-ring look is super in, and  simple. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M sell packs for less than six  bucks, and you can slide all the rings on your fingers and look super trendy.   Statement necklaces are in as well;  90s jewelry is coming back in, ya’ll.   Watch for a post on Plato’s Closet (Lawrence) Facebook page to learn  about that.  Colorful necklaces,  metal, Aztec, or religious-themed pieces are all the jewelry rage … go with the  trendy look you prefer.

3)      Hair.  Many women complain about how much time  it takes to do hair, and so they opt for a pony-tail, messy-bun, or  wash-&-air-dry; all can be turned into masterpieces if done correctly, but  usually you just end up looking a bit trashy. Œ The high slicked backed bun is easy; if that’s is not true for you, a Youtube  tutorial would be helpful (there are thousands to choose from). Taking five minutes to smooth out your kinks with the CHI is super do-able. Ž There is a miracle product called DRY-SHAMPOO (look it up). Adding a few curls (either with flat-iron or curling iron) to natural air-dried  hair is my fave; you have the natural  look, but then enhance it and correct kinks. Finally, did you know Day Two hair is healthy for you?  Trust me ~ I was a stylist!  Have you noticed that the crazy, dirty  look is in?  Models and celebs have  a dropped curl look about them, and we are in awe (come on ladies ~ catch on  already!)

4)      Layers.  Adding in a patterned scarf or throwing  on a jacket can give a combo outfit the appearance that time was spent putting  it all together.  You have different  options on how to wear your scarf and there are many types of colors, prints,  etc., all of which are bound to enhance whatever they are laid upon.  I used to not really be into jackets (blazers, coats, vests) … and  only in this past year have I grown very fond of them.  But they’re super easy to just throw on,  especially useful when there’s a chill in the air.  And if you’re just plain exhausted (too  tired to care!), then tie a jacket around your waist to even add some surprising  pop.  Jeans jackets, military, fur,  leather bomber cut jackets, and the ever-so-loved boyfriend black blazer are all  in this season!  You can take a  semi-cute outfit & turn it into a wow-stopper with little to no effort.   Jeans and a white tee paired with a  black blazer on top are an instant upgrade.  A jeans jacket with a dress or black  leather vest can make a simple crop-top work for an evening out,  Instagram-worthy look!  I LOVE  JACKETS, and you should too (not to be pushy)!

5)      Pinterest (last, but definitely not least).   I find myself at work telling  customers and coworkers about this site on a daily basis.  It has literally become one of my best  friends to rely upon in my own Fashion  Stuck moments.  I count on Pinterestfor my morning look, my getting-ready-to-turn-up outfit idea …  or just for my late night, boredom-killing, Inspiration Snack (that’s new, from The Tirzah Dictionary ~  TTD).  Pinterest has everything:  hair, makeup, fashion, photography, DIY  projects, etc.  Here’s a simple  example on how I sometimes use Pinterest:  I just purchased a pair of Timberlands  (these were so in last fall; they  still are this year, thankfully!).   Type in your friendly search engine … “Outfits with Timberlands.”  Next thing I know, hundreds of outfit  ideas pop up incorporating T-lands footwear.  So now I’m inspired:  I see the shoes worn with jeans,  high-kneed socks, and skater skirts.   I see both casual and dressy outfit ideas.  So you can utilize Pinterestthat way by searching based on a piece  you have or know you want to wear.   Or start from scratch and browse away!  It is an awesome site to use when it  comes to helping you move beyond a stale style, to improve your own current  style, and to learn about what’s new.   Get inspired!

So  by making wise use of these five simple steps, I hope that those of you who  struggle (like me) find it easier to dress fashionably as well as feel confident  within!  Please read my next  blog-post on how I personally became “Unstuck” and found my own style  nitch!



So today I embraced the chilly fall air that rolled into DC over the weekend. Fall is my absolutely favorite season and what better way to welcome it than a feisty cheetah scarf paired with burgundy and black?!? (I also had my first PSL because I refused to submit until it felt like fall).

This outfit perfectly shows how basics can be completely transformed with one accessory. My giant cheetah scarf makes a huge statement! I bought it on eBay about 2 years ago for $6… what a deal! The pants are ponte black skinnies from White House Black Market, and the shirt is also from White House Black Market. The shoes are from Payless and came in a variety of other colors and patterns.