wwooo our first bts request that is not a selca ship


  • really into mario kart and Soft video games
  • FLOWER BOY SO PRETTY BIGGEST FLIRT AND DOESN’T KNOW IT and very confused when people say he is a Flirt
  • every time someone confesses to him he turns them down bc he thinks its a joke lmao rip SM ent.

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  • an unceasing twat in class and oh the judgement but also the “lets mark our homework!1!11!!!1″
  • but u c the night before he had a party and sabotaged everyone from doing their homework. not only is he a Grandpa he is also a scheming Bitch
  • very tsundere

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  • meme boy u can come to him to have a good time and so kind hearted omg nice to underclassmen too
  • wouldn’t expect it but he’s like an onion w Extra layers and each time you discover on it will make u cry DESERVES MORE
  • boy is a literal comedian and wears a horse mask to school

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  • got no jams
  • dresses like a vodka aunt and says he will tutor u to help with ur studies but he regrets and Ghosts u
  • the kind of guy that walks you home and asks about your day and if youve eaten even if you guys aren’t all that close just walking down the corridor

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  • really wants and glow up and growth spurt lmao
  • as a Boi he probably has a high sex drive but as a Man he has lots of future plans like what house u gonna live in what job a pet? children? car? like chill sinnamon vs cinnamon
  • badly dressed but one year he came back with a whole new wardrobe and MMmMMMm S O N FMU ANYTIME

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  • smile child and meme 2.0
  • designated class weirdo and if you get his humour you would be friends 10/10 nobody knows but he is really superstitious and probably takes his friends palm reading that costs $70 for an in-depth reading
  • but the thing is he is that one guy who’s really lucky and wins all the school raffles so his friends probably turn superstitious too

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  • he’s really moody during puberty and has a Scene Phase and then a Soft Grunge phase
  • really into self-development and probably in like one thousand clubs at school and has a massive extra curriculum activity list
  • big softie and likes rabbits. he’s only friends with kids in his year and afriad of Girls

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mod kimchi :))))