Living Abroad

You know that feeling you get when you touch down in another country. Its almost as if you’ve been instantly infected with the ‘what if’ bug. What if we stayed a little longer? What if we re-located?

Well call me infected. Because right now I see a world full of great opportunities!

StyleMeHester comes to you today from Tel-Aviv Israel.
Where the beauty has no limits and the sense of adventure runs through the city.
As Sophia Amoruso would say
“Curiosity about life in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”.

Fashion is bilingual! It speaks not through words but through actions. And travelling is what I’d describe as the most important element in this process.

Today’s Outfit:-

-Boohoo Royal Blues Maxi Dress £14.99
-River Island Gold Grecian Style Sandals £19.99
-Topshop Denim Jacket £39.99
And Pleather backpack £29.99
-Colin Leslie Bespoke Bamboo Glasses £100-£130

My 5 Top Maxi Dresses







Look at what you have in that wardrobe of yours. I can guarantee you that a new outfit can be created every single day from those items we redeem as 'all so boarding’. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. God knows, I’ve been there many times myself before. And getting out is the challenge.
Just open your mind, pair two items of clothing together you thought would never mix or would have never dreamed of pairing together.
What does it look like? Good? Not so good?. Whatever the outcome, it doesn’t matter the most important thing about this exercise is trial and error. After all taste is an individual thing.

Have fun my lovelies pushing that creativity to the limits!


Show Off Apparel

And you thought that Mondays couldn’t get anymore exciting..
Well they just did!

I’d like to introduce you to one of the hottest new up and coming fashion labels around ‘Show Off Apparel’ London based designer Skyla Monroe has combined her sleek collection of leather and stud embellished pieces with quality tailoring to create a new A/W 2014 collection due to be released this summer. The diversity of the collection enables the appeal factor for all and with the male collection soon to be released

And the most exciting bit I’M THE OFFICIAL BLOG! Above I wear a Show Off Apparel leather and studded Shirt with a pair of wet look leggings and black show stopping platforms. As the shirt is a massive statement piece in itself I’d suggest keeping the rest rather basic to equal the look. Add a black leather rucksack and chunky gold ring for the finishing touches -Show Off Apparel Shirt (price to be realised) -Topshop Wet Look Leggings £14, Rucksack £30 -kat Maconie Platforms £90 -NewLook Ring £2.99 Check out Show Off Apparels official blog NOW LIVE!! (Blogger Hester Clutterbuck) Happy Monday My Lovelies StyleMeHester

Dirty Denim!

Come on girls.. ever feel like you just need to let that denim loose? Yes I’m talking shirts, jackets, dresses, dungarees and even backpacks baby..Let’s do this..Let’s make it a denim day! JUST PROMISE NOT ALL AT ONCE OK!

Here I wear my cotton denim shirt with a cute and classic pencil skirt in red and black cross hatching with black opaque tights, sassy mid length leather boots and a black biker jacket. Add a little extra romance with the star of the show this deep red vintage satchel in real leather and a loose hanging triangle pendant.

-Topshop Denim Shirt £30
-Primark Pencil Skirt £10, Biker Jacket £10, Tights £2.50 
-River Island Boots £30 (January sales)


-Italian Leather Satchel €80
-Topshop Pendant £10

Check out what denims about:-




<p>Moorish Monday!</p>

<p>So Christmas may be over but the fun goes on ladies, because right around the corner lurks the biggest night of the year yes I’m talking NYE!!! And we’re partying into 2014 with style <3

For the lead up to NY I’m showing you some one the cutest dresses out there! Starting with this one, today I wear a B&W heart patterned Tea Dress from Primark and coming in at a mere £5 you can’t go wrong really! I have teamed the look with some simple black opaque tights also from Primark at £2.50, fake patient black Chelsea’s by Deichmann £20 and a Topshop real leather bomber £80. Finish the look with some cute vintage goods, a real leather white satchel, chunky Fur bobble had, large beaded necklace and a Casio style watch.

-Sue Ryder Satchel £4
-Estonian Real Fur Bobble Hat (present)
-NewLook Necklace £4
-Blue Inc Casio Style Watch £5


With its reputation of being one of the most flattering dresses about, the little tea dress is a gals MUST HAVE..
With such a vast range of styles, cuts, patterns and colours out there now there is truly one for every shape and size SCORE! This particular style as seen above is what you would call the 1940’s pin up, with it’s bold patterning and shaping around the bust/sleeves, you’ll be a working your Dita Von Teese look in no time. Simply work that hair with a little front quiff or roll, and add some sexy red lips and hey presto your 100% retro baby!!

NYE DRESS SPECIAL TOMORROW! So keep tuned you gorgeous lot!!

StyleMeHester Xxx

What The Fog!!

Tis the season to get wrapped up baby.. And we are doing it with elegance today! Forgot snoods, forget fuss and forget fluffy bits in your eye lashes! I introduce to you the Faux Fur detachable Collar…Simple, quick and super sleek! And coming in a range of styles, colours and textures there’s one for us all! Here I wear my enriched burgundy faux fur collar with a cute crisp white jumper with diamanté collar detail, accompanied by this black and white Aztec pencil skirt, thick black tights, chunky rebel boots and black bomber jacket. Accessorise with a white leather satchel and diamanté drop earrings. Make the hair a cute factor, to soften the look a little! That’s why I have opted for a loose side plait

-Wallis White Jumper £9 -RiverIsland Pencil Skirt £14 -Primark Boots £20, Jacket £10, Tights £2.50 Accessories -Primark Faux Fur Collar £7 -Oxfam Leather Satchel £5 -Topshop Diamanté Earrings £4.99 LETS GET WRAPPED UP BABY… Here I have put together 5 of my fave collars:- 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Now SHOP SHOP SHOP!! Enjoy Xxx StyleMeHester

The Little Tea Tuesday!

Right I know what your thinking.. 6:30am how the hell am I going to be able to select an outfit whilst my brain is non functioning?

It’s called prep a wardrobe!

Before I sleep every night I prep.. Organised freak? Maybe but it WORKS!!
Today I have put together a cute girlie look especially for all those girlie girls out there! Consisting of a monochrome bird print tea dress, simple black opaques, a waterproof sheer dark blue anorak and lace up vintage boots. Not forgetting the main features of every look ACCESSORIES, here I and added a white leather satchel and cute diamond shape drop necklace.

-H&M Tea Dress £14
-Primark Tights £2.50 (pack of two)
-Portobello Market Vintage Boots £40
-NewLook Anorak £20

-Oxfam White Leather Satchel £5
-Oliver Bonas Necklace £16

I’d also suggest wearing a warm burgundy or black cardigan under the anorak for extra warmth!

Here are my 3 fave tea’s!

1),default,pd.html 2) 3) Anyway the rest is up to you my Beauts Have a bloody amazing day Xxx StyleMeHester

Ho Ho Ho

3 days and counting.. Yes advent is well under way, the party frocks are out in force, and well honestly all that’s left to do is get merry and smooch under the missile toe. Because It’s begging to look a lot like Christmas! If you haven’t already, go out and get some Christmas spirit or should I say ‘spirits’. Today I’m taking you though 'A Festive Socialite’s Wardrobe’ proving jaw dropping party combos to wazzle and dazzle your way though until the new year. Christmas Eve:- (Think understated statement) try teaming a cute LBD with lacy jacket and gold chocker) * * * Christmas Day:- (Have fun with our outfit today, don’t be too serious after all it’s Christmas) * * * Boxing Day:- (Think elegant formal, opting for A black and gold playsuit and black heels) * * New Years Eve:- (THE BIG ONE, SO SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD) * * New Years Day:- (Take a chilled today, wear comfy and casual) * * * * THERE YOU HAVE IT! your total wardrobe planned for the festive period so what are you waiting for.. Merry Christmas And Thank You so much to my dedicated followers

Holy Monday!

Welcome to this bank holiday edition of StyleMeHester

Yes I know an extra day of luxury laziness and BBQ mania oh how delish but we also need an outfit to fit and seeing as today lacks in sunshine and warmth I’ve opted for the chick B&W tea dress with thick tights. Add a pair of black Chelsea’s and an awesome hat to compleat the look

-Primark Tea Dress £9.99
-H&M pack of two Tights £6.99, Hat £14
-Deichmann Chelsea Style Boots £20
-Sue Ryder Satchel £4


The one piece that can bring instant wow factor to your outfit changing it from average to outstanding. Check out my fave hats below 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Happy Hat Hunt

Perfect Pinafore!

HAS SUMMER REALLY BEGUN? Oh yes it has and how do we know? Because the rails are afloat with swaying skirts, peachy playsuits and perfect denim attire.

We need to get summer savvy AND FAST!

Today I wear this chick denim pinafore with a pair of black Birkenstocks, leather ruck sack and bohemian accessories. Simple yet effective and of course you know I like to think about tanning potential

-Warehouse Pinafore £36 
-Office Birkenstocks £49
-Topshop Rucksack £29.99

-All from unknown jewellery stools at festivals

20% off at Warehouse
Yes you heard me right.. There is a 20% off deal on selected items up until end of may so GET SHOPPING! Here are you five perfect pinafores 1) 2),or.&bvm=bv.66917471,d.ZGU,pv.xjs.s.en_US.iZDr9Av0tZE.O&biw=768&bih=928&tch=1&ech=1&psi=jgh5U50oodHsBq-NgegE.1400440975643.5&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX8Lt05R87omH7NAACd-ik98ujxK6Mfhqh3gqJSDPXV-BRLZIeWPaIgntw5gbnWCpvjS7vvawMLpe1AKFqNXl4iPZYaiCZhlqX2tb0a5wvBBHEKM7cBIZAFPVH724BY7BEh3iOuzTKwcC0Ba42FYVgQ&sa=X&ei=uQh5U8zJHIPY7AbDuYCIDw&ved=0CMcDEL8TMB8 3) 4),or.&bvm=bv.66917471,d.ZGU,pv.xjs.s.en_US.iZDr9Av0tZE.O&biw=768&bih=928&tch=1&ech=1&psi=jgh5U50oodHsBq-NgegE.1400440975643.5&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX-McLTjhu7-0AiueZnAFdqsYH-ZU6fq8Wm1EFrdgWasUN_YTIMz2HTdayrPyf7vOGm3AN3FOrNM-wnqq5EvSlSpRm6nVq1RPvEBJABOjzpRyuT3mWRIZAFPVH712bOrG72qfwxM7rrLjOERykMAqQg&sa=X&ei=uQh5U8zJHIPY7AbDuYCIDw&ved=0CMwBEMATMAg 5) ITS TIME TO GET EXCITED StyleMeHester

Bright As A Button

Happy Thursday to all your lovely followers, the smog may be lingering over the city of London but dull just isn’t out style baby

Let’s mix it up today nannies, I’m thinking sports Luxe come urban rock!
How to create this look? Simple try teaming a pair of denim ankle grazers with a cute retro print vest part tucked in and chunky black boots. Along with an oversized black bomber jacket, fabulous heavy gold earrings and not forgetting the gym style BAG! -Topshop Jeans £39, Heels £30 -Acklam Market vest £5 - H&M Bomber £20 -American Apparel Bag £21 

-Colin Leslie Eyewear between £70-£100 -NewLook Earrings £1 (yes in the sale believe it or not) -Spitalfields Market Ring (2 for £5) SPORT LUXE GOES BAG CRAZY! I know what you’re thinking, how the hell can you make a gym bag look wearable? It’s easy follow the tend sports Luxe straight off the runway and you will understand. It’s not about looking as though you have just finished that legs, bums and tums class at your local, but more so dressing up the casual sporty gal! Here are 3 statement sorts bags to sport this Spring/Summer 1) 2) 3) TRY IT OUT! StyleMeHester

Royal Blue Thursday!

Because sometime you just gotta..Come on people… Let me Royalty just for one day! I’m taking elegance and femininity with a touch of sass <3

Today I wear this beautifully blue English style tea dress, with its lace collar detailing and fabulous shaping it has to be a massive 10 out of 10 from me! Here I wear it rather simply with but a pair of black tights and classic black heels. Add some some contrasting creams to the look with this pleather satchel and a set of pearl beads.

-NewLook English Tea Dress £14
-Primark Tights £2.50
-Peacocks Heels £20

-Accessorize Pearls (priceless present)
-IKRUSH Satchel £18

THE HAIR.. I’d suggest something super cute and girlie for this one such as loose tussles, plait or even simple bun!

Check the dresses:-


Vamp Me Wednesday!

Come on people it’s mid week, yes you have nearly done it, nearly got though that first week back to work CELEBRATE!

Today I’m feeling slightly vamped up baby.. Lets rock that pleather! Plus with this wild wind you won’t want to be wearing any cotton potential flashers ay!

Here I wear this very simple black pleather tunic dress, with some very berry tights and cute Chelsea style black boots. For warmth add an oversized cardigan here I have opted for this large knit B&W style. Now for the last minute touches, a vintage real leather burgundy handbag, simple gold drop pendant with a set of black and animal print bangles.

-Primark Pleather Dress £5, Very Berry Tights £2.50, B&W Cardigan £10
-Deichmann Boots £20

-Cancer Research Bag £4
-Clare’s Pendant £2.50 (sale)
-French Connection Bangles (present)

Here are some of the best pleather and leather dresses about:-

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) So fellow followers I need your help, this year I am aiming to make my blogs more about what you the viewers want to see. Is there anything you especially like and would like to see more of or less of? All suggestions, comments and constructed criticism would be much appreciated! Thank you

Make A Statement Monday!

The best things in life are bold…

Today I would like to introduce to you a new up and coming bold and brilliant brand..’WILLIAMS AND BLAKE’ combined with style and attitude, this unique design was created in celebration of the classic literature poet William Blake. Inspiration for this range was mustered from British and American collage style clothing worn by students.

Designers Sebastian Blake And Friend currently promote the brand via their website @
These unique statement T’s can be purchased for a mere £25 each and come in choice. of Blue, Black or White combinations. Hoodies are to be released soon YAY!


Simple keep it super cute! Here I wear mine with some casual and chick skinnies, chunky lace up boots, very berry hoodie and knitted beanie. So I haven’t overdone it on accessories (to try and avoid the cluttered look) but just simply add a leather rucksack and perhaps an oversized gold ring and studs to compleat!

-WilliamsandBlake Tee £25
-Topshop Skinnies £38
-Primark Boots £22
-H&M Hoodie £14

-Topshop Rucksack £39
-Primark £5 (men’s)

so remember the name guys WILLIAMS AND BLAKE

Fabulous Thursday!

Tis the season to be jolly… La la la la la la la la la
so get your outfits in the trolley la la la la la la la la la..
Lots of drinking, mince pie eating la la la la la la la la la la la..
So come on ladies let’s get meeting la la la la la la la la la!

You know it girls the festive season is all about parties, mingling and meeting! So we defo have to feel amazing in every outfit we put on. Today I have put together a little Christmassy look compleat with this cute skater dress in deep maroon, B&W Aztec tailored blazer, black opaque tights, cream chunky lace up boots and shiny maroon handbag. Finishing off with a matching statement Aztec chocker and earrings.

-Topshop Skater Dress £18
-Primark Aztec Blazer £25, Tights £2.50
-RiverIsland Boots £30

The Bling
-Accessorize Bag £40
-Topshop Matching Choker & Earrings (present and priceless)


Here are some lovely blazers to sport this festive season:-

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) A little tailored jacket can work with almost any out fit may it be over a cute full length dress, or a trouser suit! It’s a win win situation for a night out WOOO HOOO! GET GOING LADIES! StyleMeHester

Pukka Up For Polka!

Welcome to Wednesdays StyleMeHester.. Full of fabulous things!

Today I wear cute polka dot high waisted shorts from NewLook coming in at £9.99 with a sheer blouse embellished with a gold collar by George at Asda £8 and black opaque tights £2.99 from Primark. Finishing off the look with a pair of stunning brown leather ankle boots at a shocking £39 by NewLook, blue circular satchel £4 (charity shop) and triangle drop pendant £16 Oliver Bonas.

Don’t forget for that winter warmer add a touch of cosy with a hat, beanie or even snood!


Woollen Wednesday!

Come on ladies..where are those beanies? I know what your thinking ‘isn’t that a little kiddie’ uh NO! Beanies are an essential item to have this winter.. Not to mention the range of colours and styles available are out of this world!

Team yours with a little dog tooth print (AS SEEM AT LFW AW13) here I have done this with this fab burgundy and cream woollen jumper! Accompanied by a little black mini, chunky black boots, quilted biker jacket and leather back pack. Don’t forget the accessories NEVER FORGET THE ACCESSORIES! Add a grey knit beanie and bike chain necklace. -George By Asda Tooth Print Jumper £12 -H&M Black Mini £10 -Primark Boots £18, Black Tights £2.50 -Matalan Quilted Jacket £30 Accessories -Topshop Back Pack £35, Bike Chain Necklace £9 TOOTH PRINT.. MUST BUY! So if there is one item you buy this season it’s got to be a dog tooth print! Not only is it affordable and accessible in all high street store, but is also an extremely flattering pattern to wear! YAY.. Try wearing a cream chiffon blouse tucked with a dog tooth pencil skirt in black and cream (you will literally be sex on sticks baby) Here are my faves:-

1) 2) 3) You don’t have to go braking the bank with the mid season sales going on right now, a bargain is bound to be around the corner.. GET HUNTING! StyleMeHester

Flirt On Thursday!

Ok peeps of words out that apparently this is the last TROPICAL HOT DAY for the summer.. From here on the rain is making its way I have made it my mission to embrace the summer style as much as pos today hence this mini, highly colourful floral skater dress.

I have teamed this floral number with all white accessories to help complement the white within the patterned dress. This consists of a real leather satchel, pleather waist belt, Pretty plimsolls and matching beaded necklace and ring. The hair has been loosely plaited to the side to help finish off the girlie look and of course sunnies are a MUST!

-Primark Floral Dress £5 (summer sale) White Plimsolls £4

-NewLook White Pleather Waist Belt £3, Necklace £3, Ring £2.50
-Sue Ryder Real Leather Satchel £4

My TIP OF THE DAY wear your most summary item that you have in that wardrobe of yours, you know the one you had been putting off because you though it wasn’t the right time! well today is the day. GO ON and enjoy the sunshine ladies x


Flirty Friday!

It may be cold.. It may be raining but we sure wont let it get to us… Right..THE BRITISH ADDAPT!

That’s why today I’ve thought sod it.. I’m itching to wear my new floral skater dress oh yes.. Just simply team with a oversized cardigan or leather jacket which is what I have done above! For footwear I’m going almost moulin rouge style YES YOU KNOW IT..with the lace up vintage leather boots purchased from the amazing Portobello market! Accessories I’ve kept to the colour theme of red and black and hair simply swept into a ponytail CLASSIC!

-Primark dress £5 (amaze)
-M&S black 60 denier tights £5 pack of two
-Matalan Pleather coat £30
-Portobello market vintage boots £40

-Topshop triangle necklace £10
-bag was a present sorry

Markets are amaze for finding some of the most vintage pieces about.. These boots where the only pair at the stool and hidden under other vintage goods.. I had to DIG DEEP! But so worth it when you do find that unique item that you know no one else has. My TIP OF THE DAY when your shopping markets don’t skip the stools that look like junk.. That could be the gold! Always haggle start at a price that is unrealistic therefore when you do reach a realistic price the stool holder will jump at it even if is lower then the original price SWEET!

Happy hunting beauties