I love you all :) x


My La trip!

Can I just say how annoying it is when you search for an exact for like 2 hours and then when you find it tons of other blog steal it and pretend they found it and I'm just like, “Oh, ok. Thanks for the cred.” And they’re all “Omg no I found it myself!”

Wey hey

So I know that I have been slacking lately and I am sorry about that but i have multiple explanations why!
1. I am literally phoning it in right now. Due to my mothers twisted logic I am currently without a computer. It is also well known that the polyvore all isn’t the best per say. (I actually hate it more than anything omg) I am still unsure about weather I will get it back before I leave or not.
2. I just finished school/my finals on Monday and that was a struggle beyond belief. I think I stress cried at least twice. But it’s summer!
And finally
3. I am leaving the country on Monday. Sí I am going to Spain for 12 days! It will be my first time to spain and my first trip to europe without my parents I am so excited omg. But this means that I will be on even less than I already am. :( my chaperone tells me that there is wifi over there but I have no clue how that will end up.

So yeah I thought I would just fill you in a bit so you don’t think that I have left or something cray like that. Mwah! X

Lets get serious now.

So I have been pondering starting a personal style blog for quite some time now. But I dont want to make one and then legit have nothing to do you know? 

So what I am asking is would you guys be interested? Should I even do it? I would really appreciate some feedback :) x

I'm Leaving.

never coming back again.. lol jk.

If you have seen my christmas video, interacted with me in the last few weeks, or looked at my polyvore recently you will know that I am going to California for a week!

I leave tomorrow morning (eep). Although I will be bringing both my phone and my ipad so i wont be completely gone, I obviously will not be on as much as I normally am all the time.

I will be posting loads of pictures and such on to my instagram ( jiiisuiiivan ) , and our twitter ( @stylemedeleanor ) So go follow them!  

:) xoxo 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your co-owner speaking.

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