The summer season is nearing the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stow away all summer wardrobe essentials. Cut-off shorts are still up for some fun and play well with your early fall ensembles.

Here are some quick tips to transition your jean shorts into casual cool outfits for autumn:

1. Blazers and layers: the more on top, the less your cut-offs look like too much skin exposure.

2. Shy away from neons and other summer brights. Mix your denim shorts with rich, fall hues like oxblood, caramel brown and charcoal grey.

3. Skip the flip flops, even if it’s near 70 degrees. Maximize chicness with booties and peep toe fall shoes.

4. If you don’t have cut-offs from summer, now is the perfect time to pick up a pair while summer items are on sale. You’ll wear the shorts now for a couple months and then again starting in late spring… Win-win.