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DIY Paperclip Necklace: Birchbox Video of the Week

There are so many amazing videos on YouTube, we have a hard time keeping up with all of them. You name it, there’s a video about it. Wondering how to turn flat, limp strands into sexy supermodel hair? There’s a video for that. Always wanted to see what a moonwalking pony would look like? There’s a video for that. That’s why we’ve decided to choose one video a week to share with you. Keep reading for this week’s pick. 

While we love pretty DIY jewelry, sometimes the the multi-step process of putting a piece together seems overwhelmingly complicated. So when we came across this unbelievably easy necklace tutorial, we were happy to see that we only needed colored tape and paper clips to make this eye-catching piece. If you’re looking to add some pop to an outfit sans breaking the bank, watch and learn how to make your own bright necklace below.

Have you ever tried a jewelry DIY? What’s your favorite design? Let us know in the comment below!


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(Image and Video: stylehaul)