I’ve been playing around with random images, figuring out the style that I want to use that would best express the vibe of a Williamsburg hipster.  Another idea I had for this project was to have an actual Williamsburg resident narrate (excluding myself) a 30 second story of what they see in their neighborhood and I could animate with typography and colorful illustrations.

I’ve been having trouble trying to pinpoint a specific thing about my neighborhood.  This past weekend I strolled around the McCarren Park and tried researching hipster blogs, styles, and looks. So far, I’ve seen A LOT OF BAD FASHION- which is great for my inspiration, but what to do with it is the problem.

I still really like my postcard idea, which Ryan’s comment (Make postcards for non-postcard worthy scenes / actions: Playing Big-Buck Hunter, Buying other people’s clothes, Paying too Much Rent, Paying $50 for Bowling… could be fun) was actually what I had in mind, it would have been a crappy bar, that time I threw up on Bedford Ave, and still unresolved haha.

We’ll see.

I wanted to share a short list of some of my favorite designers & their portfolios in the motion graphics industry. I feel its important to increase your creative eye, the way that I tend to do that is constantly looking at creative work. I’ll do another list of my favorite motion designers in the near future….See More

Ash Thorp -

Jonathan Kim -

Kenesha Sneed -

Danny Yount -

Lucas Brooking -

Alex Mapar -

Benjamin Langsfeld -

Jon Saunders -

Joshua Harvey -

Lauren Indovina -

Josh Childers -

Mara Smalley -

Mike Tello -

Ji Yun ha -

Belinda Rodriguez -

Chris Sanchez -

ColinHesterly -

Gareth O'Brien -

Kyle Smith -

Santi Zoraidez -

Izik Roitman -

Jay Quercia -

Laura Alejo -

Nathaniel Howel -

Nando Costa -