styled hair


DRESS: Dezzal
BELT: Francesca’s
NECKLACE: Francesca’s

Okay so this day…was so much guys. I threw my adorable boyfriend a surprise birthday party! We first went to the Dia in Beacon to look at some modern art. He was really frustrated at the many rooms full of white squares though haha. This is probably the second surprise party I ever tried to pull off, thankfully he didn’t see it coming! Friends and family, pool, sooo much pizza & baked ziti! We also stopped by our friend/bandmate Mr.Amen Yearns’ solo show and got to enjoy an amazing live performance. 

I got nothing but compliments on this little outfit! I’ve always had trouble dressing for the summer (or anything about 72 degrees) since I love layering clothes. However since I first visited California I started really enjoying bohemian styles which are nothing but flowy, breathable, comfy fabrics/cuts and perfect for hot weather! Dezzal has some really good, runway-inspired avant-garde dresses I can’t wait to perform in. I recommend going 1 up from your regular size for comfort.  

I have another gorgeous dress from them i’ll be posting next so stick around!


Happy 6 years to my favourite human beans ever❤️❤️