styled by mika


I just noticed something.

Can you see it?


It’s a pattern.

They’re all best friends and/or have black/dark brown and blonde hair.

It seems to be a returning trope for me.

I’m not really sure why that happens though.

But at least it’s never happened in South Par-

At least it’s never happened in a regular TV sho-

L'Express Styles February 2017, Editorial “Le champ des possibles”. Dress Aganovich. Coat dress Maison Margiela by John Galliano, Défilé Spring 2017 collection. Socks Falke, shoes Pierre Hardy.

Photographer Jan Welters, Model Julia van Os, styled by Mika Mizutani

Thanks to the Mikayuu/Yuumika gods for this video!

I’m in heavens with this S-rank event, because it has a little of everything the fandom has been obsessing with lately: thirsty Yuu, nagging wife Mika, overprotective Yuu… And I’m happy that this video lets us see that Mika has a routine that doesn’t include Yuu 24/7, like he is perfectly fine even without Yuu around and is not stalking him at all (at least in this video lol).

I took a few liberties in this video because I felt it was more natural this way, but I’m open to suggestions.


Two-part collab with the lovely @momonart to an absolute must read called Corner of a Birdcage by @oxeh! This fic captured me the moment it began! The pacing is perfect, the squad dynamics couldn’t be better, and the slow burn is to die for on top of great writing!! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a fic; if you haven’t read it already, what are you doing here?


@oxeh has opened my eyes honestly i’m surprised at how i’ve never seen this before. mika is meant to be link. featured in chapter 6 of COAB!! 

Yuu-chan Week 2k16

Day 2: Family
Guren being Yuu’s father figure and ish giving him a piggy back ride home after a long exhausting day.