styled by gap

Comic N-50 “What a coot!”

Seeing fifty ducks fly off as the refrain hits on “death by glamour” is an experience I can’t explain with words.

1.You’re just making excuses for your heart.
2.I’m sorry for lying through the same soft lips I kissed you with.
3.I promised one day that I’d bring you back a star but I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand.
4.When you’re so old that you no longer remember my face, I will meet you for the first time again and again.
5.I want to be your 9pm kisses and 3am whispers. I want to be the one you hold while you sleep.
6.I think you’re making a huge mistake.
7.I think you’re convincing yourself that it won’t work so that you don’t have to try.
8.I think you’re scared.
9.Why did you promise me forever?
10.We can learn to put each other first.
11.We’re not broken, just bent.
12.I’ve forgotten every word except your name.
13.I’m sorry I never thanked you for sacrifice; for the massages and the breakfast in bed and the late night car rides with the windows down.
14.Did you ever care at all?
15.My father found me passed out on the kitchen floor and when I woke, the only thing I could do was throw up vodka and your name.
16.You were always the one that I wanted.
17.Your eyes have always reminded me of a late night ocean speckled with flecks of gold.
18.Am I not good enough for you?
19.I was there when you became a teenager. I was there when you became an adult. I’ve loved you throughout.
20.I would show you love one thousand times over.
21.You kissed me like a promise and I never questioned why.
22.I allow the cold to engulf me in his arms because his touch feels just like yours.
23.I am in love with you to the very depth of your being.
24.I wish I was less volatile.
25.I wish you were less cynical.
26.I wish neither of us knew what tears tasted like.
27.It was 2am and the whole world had stopped. We walked into love.
28.Our bruised necks and scratched backs were the most delightful reminder of our love.
29.You’ve always surprised me into surprising myself.
30.You destroyed me and I said thankyou; I said please.
—  everything i wish i would’ve said to make you stay