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straight smut
  • she bit her lip and looked down at the floor
  • took off her oversized cozy sweater and messy bun
  • put down her cup of tea she cautiously was sipping on
  • he hugs her from behind w/ boner
  • calls her “baby” 700 times
  • their tongues fought 4 dominance. he wins
  • he pinned her down on the matress. oh my she said
  • his hands roamed her curves
  • “ur so beautiful” as he entered her
  • throbbing member
  • their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces
  • “"his musky smell”“
  • no mention of protection of any kind
  • girl comes wildly from having 1 lame boy finger in vagina

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little things is such a shitty song and i know it wasnt meant this way but man this song is stupid as fuck cant just put someone down like that and then make urself some kind of hero for loving me anyways.. oh, you love me “despite” my thicc ass thighs? you still want to acknowledge my exsistence even though i have cute ass eye crinkles and back dimples?? should i feel blessed? who do u think you are?? im sexy and smart as hell and i dont need those kinds of backhanded compliments from anyone