Day 2: apartment therapy style cure…. go out and snap photos of your inspiration!

Easier said than done. I walked around main street and saw some good stuff, but all the furniture stores seemed so stuffy that i was embarassed to pull out my phone and snap a photo.

So instead I went to pinterest and searched for other living rooms that i liked. I loved this orange graffic rug…. and i loved all the living rooms with exciting prints! I liked the funkiness of it all.

"toe lighting" under cabinets!!! Farm Kitchen Remodeling Ideas | Country Kitchen | Kitchen Design Ideas — Country Woman Magazine

“toe lighting” under cabinets!!! Farm Kitchen Remodeling Ideas | Country Kitchen | Kitchen Design Ideas — Country Woman Magazine

External image

What do you think of the colour?
Under Cabinet Lighting Smart Solutions: Under-Cabinet Lighting — Best Products for Small Kitchens Smart Solutions: Under-Cabinet Lighting — Best Products for Small Kitchens How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet Light Rail
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Just slightly obsessed😍
@Regrann from @marcelle_coiffure - Just slightly obsessed😍

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Style Cure Weekend Assignments

So I spent most of Friday painting the grey wall in my living room back to the"french white" color the apartment was originally painted.  I tried to mix the paint as much as I could, but instead of a pancake like consistency… I wound up with a protein shake/ watery consistency. This made my paint roller spray while it was being rolled onto the wall. Geez, I really wished I bought plastic wrap to put on the ground. Instead I spent about 4 hours painting and cleaning the floors. At the end of it all, I was covered in off white paint speckles and sweat. soooo tired.

The cool part was that after I was finally done painting I re-arranged the furniture and re-set up a new console. Instantly the living room looked better. it felt sooo good to be rid of the dark cave.  next time i will really think twice before painting an accent wall grey in a dark room. rookie mistake.

Saturday I went out and bought a bunch of salvation army picture frames to fill the wall above my sofa. i wanted that empty frame look. but after putting it all together, i’m not sure i like that empty frame look. it kinda looks stupid. so now i need to go out and get some artwork to fill them. thinking about doing a mural for jade.  i have one for andy (RIP!) so it only seems fair that she gets one as well.

Speaking of which…. jade has kinda turned into a new cat since Andy passed away. shes been out more and meowing like crazy. during the day i dont mind her long annoying meows. but at 6am…. i just want to choke her. damn you cat. can’t u see i’m sleeping? ugh.

the good news is that the apartment is slowly coming together, and i cant wait. thanks to apartment therapy for style cure! woot woot!

Day 13: Monday, August 19 Assignment: Make some progress on your projects

Dang. So much for staying on schedule.  I spent most of the weekend trying to put up a bookshelf and repainting some old ones I had.

I unsuccessfully got rid of my expedit bookshelf. which means i posted an ad on craigslist and then the person that wants it replys that they definitely want it… and will pick it up some day. and btw- they actually asked if they could disassemble the piece in my living room. dear god, craigslist sometimes it s just too hard to GIVE THINGS away! oh emm geee. so right now this huge thing is sitting in the middle of my living room. its become a new cat bed for Jade. at least someone is enjoying it.

Now… i tried to do the container store elfa project this week. i spent about 2 hours trying to put up some railings. it sounded easy, but for some reason the railings weren’t matching up. somehow the wall started to look slanted. after much frustration and panic, i realized that the wall i was working on was not at a right angle to the perpendicular wall. so when i put the shelves up- it had a false level. it was strange. i thought i was at the mystery spot in santa cruz. so now my books are sitting against the wall. no shelves. :(

the good news in this post was that i was able to do a great job painting some old book shelves. yay! heres the pic:

last but not least. in my endless obsession with Anderson (RIP kitty) I made a mural of his cute face. lately i’ve just been staring at it a lot.

so… style cure. so far i have renovated a bookshelf, created a mural, and decluttered.  i missed my weekend shopping excursion- but will venture out at lunch time today.

Style Cure Day 1

apartment therapy is doing a style cure month where they help readers with re-styling a spot in their apartment. i dreadfully need this because i hate my apartment. everytime i walk in, i just want to throw everything away.

Style Cure – Day 1 – Interview 

Style Cure Interview Questions:

1. List your favorites in each category:

- Actor: Brad Pitt

- Actress: Kate Winslet (not from the work she did in that corny titanic movie!)

- Artist: murakami

- Writer: jk rowling or jane austin

- Music: right now im pretty into empire of the sun

- Restaurant: Providence. best meal ever eaten.

- Automobile: audi s5 with a manual transmission

- Movie:<hmmm i like a lot of movies> forrest gump, royal tennebaums, pretty woman, little mermaid, julie and julia, perks of being a wallflower, breakfast club, sixteen candles, and so on…

- Television Show: right now- true blood, homeland, newsroom

 - Clothing: superdry jacket

-  Designers: im too poor to have a real designer that i like.

-  Clothing stores: crossroads trading co

-  Furniture:  cb2 or crate and barrel

2. Choose three words to describe your personal style:

vitnage, stripes, fun

3. Think back over all the homes you’ve lived in, both as a child and an adult. Which rooms would you choose as your favorites and how would you describe them?

Favorite room from a childhood home and description:

My mom’s living room. it was bright and airy with a huge white couch that wrapped around. she has such great taste. 

Favorite room from an adult home and description:

My kitchen remodel in san diego. it had bright white cabinets, farm house sink with an industrial faucet. just the right mix between farm and city. 

4. Whom do you consider a role model?

Hilary Clinton

What three adjectives describe the qualities that you admire in this person?

- Strong

- leader

- perservering

5. Every home has areas that are “just right”. Which three spots or things in your home do you feel are beautiful and feel proud of, right now, as is:

the bedoom has a great mural wall with a bunch of artwork my grandma did.

other than that… there isnt anything im too thrilled about

6. A month from now, at the end of the Style Cure, how would you like your friends to describe your home?

stylish and welcoming

Conclusion: i’ve realized why my aprtment sucks! everything is dark brown, and creates this mood of a man cave. dark brown couches, dark brown entertaiment center, dark brown kitchen table. yuck! i cant wait to brighten the whole place up!

let me see.. its got to be a mish mash of all this stuff:

External image


External image


External image

style cure, back to work

even though i’ve been feeling really crappy these past few days…. i decided that i need to keep trucking on this style cure thing. my living room is really depressing me. especially since i keep imagining andy sitting all over the place (on the couches, under the media consoles… ) so sad. 

the good news is that i have been staring at his photo so long that i decided it was a sign that i needed to use it for my colors and inspiration for the living room. 

back on track with style cure homework:

day 9: find a perfect pairing. i decided to use the mural of anderson as my focal point. with his face, i decided to use the colors (orange/tan, blue, off white, and pink). see another post for his cute face.

day 10: make a shopping list / budget i need to buy supplies to make the mural. canvas, print out, and paint need new media stand, width no greater than 55" new book case to put in empty space, width 24", height 80" possible reuse of the existing bookcase, paint! reuse: big brown couches, white shag carpet, acrylic coffee table, tv.