Nadia I 

This is Nadia from I discovered her through Instagram as one of my followers recommended her! She is an amazing inspiration and just keeps it going with looks week by week! Her style is casual, simple and also comfortable. She has an amazing niche for boots this season as I love all of them!!!

She covers beauty, fashion and style for all seasons and the stores that she shops at are affordable and trendy. I love her blog because she is very relatable and also she translates her blogs in english and espanol!

Nadia is seems to be right with me with weeks at 26 weeks so she is amazing to follow on Instagram!

Follow her for more amazing style on Instagram, Facebook and of course her blog at

I hope you enjoyed!!

Stay Chic My Loves!





Hello Loves, 

Here are a few style items that I have found to simplify my closet choices in the last 16 weeks. I’ve decided to break up the bump have series for style, beauty items and even home items to make your preggo experience easier. This is strictly the style must haves: Items that will make your closet choices a lot simpler.

DIY Belly Band

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As I am researching and looking up how I can style myself on a daily basis with my growing bump, I come across so many amazing women who inspire me! I wanted to start featuring women who are stylin’ their bump on a weekly basis. If you are a stylin’ bump lady you can submit your look to and in the subject line put BUMP OF THE WEEK SUBMISSION. I will then feature you on my blog!

HEDVIG  I  The Northern Light  I  London, United Kingdom


Hedvig started to have a happenin’ bump from October 2012 until her beautiful baby girl was born in February of 2013. She has been a total chic inspiration to me over the past few weeks so I could not wait to cover her on IDHC.CO. Plus she was pregnant at the same time of year as I am (due in March). So as far as fall and winter weather ideas, she is a good reference. Hedvig has been a London Fashion blogger since August 2010 according to her blog roll, she is an experienced content creator and has seriously kept it up beyond the hard days of carrying a human. 


Her look consisted of simple, classic and chic pieces. She has truly been able to pull off a seamless transition from no bump to bump. And the colors that she chooses are so simple but elegant. I just love her style if you can’t tell lol. Sroll through to  see all of my favorite looks.






{STYLE BUMP} Hello to Fall + 12 Weeks Preggo!

Fall is here yet again. This is an outfit that has been in my mind for a while and I finally purchased the shirt to complete it! The colors in this shoot were simply inspiring. I absolutely LOVE FASHION and STYLING!!!

So when it comes to style and this season, I am all about classy and comfy. Although these shoes aren’t too comfortable, but they are so cute! So there are some things that may slip through. 

Boyfriend jeans  or like I say ManPiece Denim are a must for you this fall. These jeans will turn any saturday into comfort without sacrificing some style. You can also style them with feminine flats or like I did with a feminine pump. Don’t go to bulky on the bottom to prevent you from truly looking like a boyfriend.

For my top, I was inspired by the back to school adds and magazines. This shirt just speaks fall to me. It reminds me of a school uniform. Although it may seem hard, this shirt can really go with anything! You can tuck it into a pencil shirt or even wear it open over a maxi.


I haven’t quite completed my fall shopping list, but I assure you that it will be an evolving wardrobe for the simple fact that I am PREGNANT!!!

YUP! PREGGERS. I plan on putting an official video out to tell you in person, but, I just can’t hide my excitement anymore! 

So now I can really talk about this look! I am about 12 weeks in this picture here and yes my little bump has been causing a bit of friction between me and my closet. So ManPiece Denim are my best friend right now. The top I bought with anticipation I may have to open it up soon. As far as my heels go, I will stay as long as I can!!

With that being said, I will push as hard as I can to bring you weekly looks. This new series will be called “Style Bump”. I will be showing you my favorite looks of the week and also keep you updated on what is happening in the maternity world. This will be my little way of documenting my first pregnancy.

I am so excited for this new chapter in my life. My husband, J and I are ecstatic to share this time in our lives with you.

{Outfit Details}

Jeans - H&M $15 Sale!

Top - Forever21 $19.80 (here)

Shoes - Forever21 $29.80 (here)

Purse - H&M NYC $12.80

Watch - Michael Kors (similar here)

Bracelet - Forever21 $4.80 (similar here)

Necklace - Forever21 $4.80 (here)

Ps. Remember, it is not the price of the clothes you are wearing, but the price of what you believe you are worth in your heart. The right attitude will add a million bucks to any outfit.



(photo credit: J. Anthony Cruz of MKHM}



Back to work most of us go. Fortunately, I scheduled a cruise this week so I have about 7 more days of relaxation. Who is full from all of that food??? I AM! I am currently on a water overhaul to clean my system the best way I can while pregnant. 

Okay, so with fashion, this outfit is my usual every day look with a few tweaks like maternity skinny jeans and a large tee shirt. I am currently 24 weeks so this is comfy and still chic. This ensemble is great for work, especially if you can get in the office with jeans on. Working in sales has its perks. 

Style Tip: To appear more contoured with your shape, adding a jacket or extra layer will do the job. 

I decided to go with a grey color scheme because of the scarf. This scarf makes me feel like I am in London, so the grey is perfect. Sometimes you just want to tap into your Meek n Mild Style, like my one of my favorite United Kingdom bloggers Shirley.

Well enjoy your Monday!!  Motivational Monday post will be up next week and also our Bump of the Week will be featured this Saturday when I arrive back! LOVE YOU ALL !!


Britani Marie

Outfit Details

Tweed Jacket - H&M $15

Grey Tee Shirt - Forever21 $8

Scarf - Forever21 $6

Maternity Skinnies - Motherhood $15

Black Heels - Charlotte Russe $30