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Can we get HC for how RFA+Saeran would react to MC with edgy fashion style? My friends won't stop making fun of me and calling me edgy sh*t, it's just how I dress and I'm wondering maybe I'm just weird....;;;

You’re not weird, anon. Admin Rina and MP call me out on all my edgy fashion choices. I can’t help that I like dark colors and ripped fabric. I feel your pain ಥ_ಥ

☆Admin Destin

(I just dress like a lesbian all the time, so I can’t even talk ~Admin MP)


  • Zen would probably really like their edgy style
  • That boy loves dressing in all sorts of styles for different roles
  • He would totally plan couple’s outfits for dates and outings
  • Like matching leather jackets or flannel scarves and shirts
  • And if anyone dared make fun of MC for dressing that way
  • Whoo boy, Zen would go HAM on them
  • He’d pick apart their outfit like a pro
  • “Shut the hell up, Susan. At least MC HAS style”


  • This small child may be a tad intimidated at first by someone rocking a more punk style
  • But as he got used to it, he started really liking it
  • “MC, you look like a videogame character today!”
  • (Which imo is the highest form of compliment)
  • I could see him trying to incorporate some of the more casual bits into his own wardrobe (like maybe a pair of ripped skinny jeans or a band t shirt)
  • He would make such a cute little punk kid honestly


  • Jaehee loves seeing MC express themselves with their own personal style
  • Jaehee likes dressing more cute or practical tho
  • She would be the cute preppy bab to MC’s edgy punk chick
  • The two of them would go shopping together a lot
  • Often, they would try and pick out clothes for each other
  • But Jaehee doesn’t understand MC’s edgy style and MC doesn’t understand Jaehee’s cute style
  • So they end up getting really weird outfits
  • Which they wear anyway
  • Anyone that insulted MC would get a judo kick
  • Or at least one of Jaehee’s patented death glares
  • No one insults her MC


  • Jumin would find MC’s fashion sense rather charming
  • He’d like their self confidence when they express themselves so openly
  • MC would get tons of expensive outfits from Jumin that fit their style
  • Beautiful and dark custom made ball gowns and premium Italian leather jackets
  • Jumin loves seeing his MC in all these outfits
  • He gets that tiny smug smile on his face when he sees them in something new
  • He’d also probably find all the leather, piercings, and tattoos pretty hot


  • Seven would think MC’s style is pretty cool
  • He might poke fun at them every once in awhile
  • But he’d love how unique they looked and that they weren’t shy it
  • Nevertheless, he’s still wearing his hoodie and sweatpants
  • Which of course means that MC can make fun of him too
  • When they go out though, Seven makes a bit more of an effort to match MC’s style
  • Even if it’s just a dark shirt and jeans, he does his best to roll with it


  • V appreciates the artistic value of fashion and how people use it to express themselves
  • One day, he hears someone teasing MC about their clothing and how “edgy” it is
  • After that, he asks MC to describe what they wear every day so he can know how it looks
  • And honestly, it sounds super attractive and great to him?
  • And really, in his official outfit, he looks like a grunge baby. Look at those boots.
  • He can’t see MC’s clothes, but he always smiles when they describe their outfits to him
  • He likes playing with their jewelry when they’re together, and runs his fingers over the frayed edges of their old band t shirts
  • Also, I feel like he’d have some edgy clothing of his own, so he likes to wear them at the same time as MC


  • Saeran already dresses like an edgelord
  • MC could probably borrow his jackets
  • They would be just a bit too big on them
  • Saeran would borrow stuff from MC’s closet too
  • It doesn’t matter that everything is just a bit small on him
  • You know he’d look good anyway
  • They’d spend more than half the time mixing and matching each other’s stuff
  • They go shopping at Hot Topic together and get excited when there’s sales