#manbuns are trending and we at Style at Mac are #hereforit

The top knot has become a mainstream hype that has been sported by some of Hollywood’s finest, such as Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Gavin Rossdale. Although buns are a great androgynous way to keep your hair out of the way, they can often look unpleasant if they are not knotted improperly so we at Style at Mac compiled some inspiring types of man buns to inspire you to style your own mane through the art of the bun this spring. 


Who said buns have to be on the top of your head anyway? 


Teach us your ways, Jared. 


Life’s too short not to be a bit risqué.


Because looking like you just rolled out of bed isn’t always a bad thing…I mean, just look at Avan.


Complimentary wicked beards are always welcome. 


Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah keeps his hair tamed with the power of the bun during a game. Could he play without it? Probably not. 


 Keep it irie like musician Trevor Hall. 


Hurley’s South African surfer Craig Anderson knows how to keep it wavy. An incredible ombre is optional. 


 Buns pull on the hair’s roots which can cause damage so it’s recommended that  buns should be avoided for thinner hair. If you’re working with thick, wavy or curly hair, go ahead and keep doing your man bun thing, boo. 

Is your hair receding? We are sorry to hear that. Don’t do the bun. The bun will just make your facial features look exaggerated and that’s not exactly a good thing. 

If your hair isn’t quite grown yet, don’t try and make a bun out of something that isn’t there. Get a weave, start using lengthening hair products, but do not try and make a bun out of hair that’s not really there, or your buns might end up like Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMA’s. 

Written by Nezariel Scott

ALEXANDER WANG: The Basquiat of High Fashion - Part I

Alexander Wang is, more or less, a savage. In less than 10 years, Wang went from producing small knitwear collections at New York’s Parsons School of Design to having his designs stocked in Fifth Avenue luxury department stores. Today, with a net worth of over 70 million dollars, Wang is stocked in over 700 stores worldwide.

Wang described the concept of his designs as a “melting pot” that takes influence from primarily music, art and theatre. He is known for his prevalent use of black fabrics to make bold and simple fashion statements that exude an urban sophistication. Wang’s main intention is to implement an element of ease in his designs. This is the reason some of Wang’s designs are essentially just modified sportswear. He wants us to feel relaxed when we wear his clothes.

In 2009, Wang was awarded the CFDA’s Swarovski Womenswear Designer of the Year Award for his outstanding design work. He is a perfectionist, known to have very tactful tailoring skills. When designing, Wang focuses mainly on fabrics. Fabrics humanize all of his designs. The clothes speak for themselves.

Tri-coloured Bubble knitwear sweater: Alexander Wang 2014 Fall.

On November 5th 2012, European fashion house Balenciaga announced Alexander Wang as its new creative director. Wang’s first Balenciaga collection was presented on February 28th, 2013 at Paris Fashion Week. On July 31st 2015, Alexander Wang stepped down from Balenciaga to invest full focus into his label, yet his legacy at the company lives on.  

Paris Fashion Week 2013: Alexander Wang.

Wang’s decision to move to New York when he was 19 is one I strongly approve of. For ambitious artists like Wang, New York is a creative playground where dreams are limitless. In a recent interview with Vogue, the designer described New York as a critical “stepping-stone” in his journey as a fashion designer. The city of New York is in itself a muse and its inspiration is heavily evident in Wang’s work. NYC is the perfect setting for Alexander to continue cultivating his beautifully creative imagination and transcending the world of high fashion.

The Alexander Wang store; 103 Grand Street, New York, NY

Mr. Wang’s artistic legacy is comparable to the likes of young influential art legend Jean-Michel Basquiat. Both individuals are very creative and original. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a young New York artist in the 1980s who stood out in the traditional art world by having a postmodern, trendsetting artistic approach. Like Wang, every piece had to be a masterpiece for Basquiat. Their influences and the trailblazing, unconventional originality that are behind Wang and Basquiat creations is what makes them so similar. Basquiat drew influence from music, sports, and politics. He used his art to express his disagreement with world issues and societal norms. His art is also a celebration of the culture he lived in. Wang draws influence from music, theatre, sports and film. Wang’s designs symbolize the ever-evolving culture we live in. What separates Alexander Wang from other fashion designers is his willingness to stay true to independent creativity. We never have to worry about Wang selling out and sacrificing his creativity to make more money.  

Basquiat pictured with some of his art.

Written by Tyler Buchanan-Wright


If you haven’t read Part I, check it out here first.

Wang’s creative process is very ironic. As one would expect Wang to be an outlandishly independent creator, he is, in reality, very collaborative. The process involves a reaction and dialogue conversation with his executive team. Brand ideas are formed very organically. First, a plethora of ideas are spitballed around the boardroom and snowball until Wang is fully satisfied. Creative process: reaction and dialogue; organic (spitting ideas around the table)

Personally, I am most fascinated by Alexander Wang’s obsession with the idea of encores. Encores are the very last performance in a concert when the artist re-emerges at the moment we all think the concert has ended. During encores crowds are in constant anticipation. This element of surprise keeps everyone in the audience attentive and on edge. Wang implements this idea of encores in all of his fashion shows to keep them consistently fresh and exciting. The encore theme will help keep Wang’s collections relevant and fans will always be eager to know what’s next. Fashion genius at its finest.

In November 2014, Wang collaborated with H&M to release a fall collection. The collection was well received and very popular. The standouts from this collection were the puffy hooded jackets, solid-coloured ‘Wang’ pullover sweaters and the mesh pullover hoodies.

From left to right: The puffy hooded-jacket, the ‘Wang’ pullover, and the mesh pullover hoody.

Recently, Wang collaborated with neo-R&B star The Weeknd’s ‘XO’ brand to produce the exclusive ‘WangXO’ capsule collection. The Weeknd showed off this collection for the first time at Coachella. Black WangXO bandanas were available for purchase by the general public and hundreds of trendy Weeknd fans endeavoured.

The Weeknd and two fans, respectively, pictured in the WangXO bandana.

Even more recently, The Weeknd provided a sneak peek of his new upcoming WANGXO collaboration, which will be releasing next week. Featuring hoodies, tees, and sneakers, the line provides a more comprehensive theme than the bandanas from last year.

Upcoming WANGXO sneakers, from The Weeknd’s Instagram

The Weeknd’s music and Wang’s fashion line are transcending today’s youth generation. However, this type of avant-garde collaboration is nothing new. Basquiat and king of pop art, Andy Warhol transcended the youth generation of the 80’s. Ironically, Basquiat and Andy Warhol collaborated artistically multiple times. Figures like Wang, Weeknd, Basquiat and Warhol are generational role models that are encouraging young people across the world to access untapped areas of their imagination to showcase their creative genius to the world.

Wang is associated with and worn by many other famous figures focused on transforming their generations: The Weeknd, Kanye West, Cara Delevingne, etc. In his recent Vogue interview, Wang acknowledged the fact that “fashion is always changing.” Wang, being the accomplished icon he is, is doing a damn good job of keeping up.

Written by Tyler Buchanan-Wright


Name: Mischa

Program: 2nd Year Studio Arts

Your leggings are awesome! What propelled you to choose this pair to wear today?

I love wearing leggings, and I wore these for the first time today since they’re new and just came in the mail!

Do you have a favourite place to shop?

I like shopping online at BlackMilk Clothing!

What do you look towards for style inspiration?

The BlackMilk clothing community is tight-knit and everyone shares styling advice, so I look there!


Student: Marsha

Program: 1st Year Life Science

What types of clothes do you lean towards? Does this preference based on season?

“I like dresses and have dresses for every season. I usually pair tights with my dresses in the colder months.”

What is your favourite winter accessory?

“Earmuffs! They keep me really warm!”

What is your favourite thing about Mac so far?

“The size! Everything is close together so it feels like a tight-knit community.”


Name: Krystina

Program: 3rd year Theater and Film What inspired your look today? “I wanted to look dressy. I don’t normally wear dresses. Normally I wear skinny jeans and heels.” Favourite thing about being a McMaster student? “I love the campus. I love the colours, the teachers, the atmosphere. Everyone is really nice.”

Featured Artist of the Week: Josette Cacnio

You might have spotted the ‘Josette Cacnio’ clothing stall inside the McMaster Student Centre. Here you can find an array of unique, eye catching, and fun clothes and jewellery for sale. Style at Mac has certainly had its eye on this exciting brand and we wanted to catch up with Josette Cacnio herself to learn a little more about her business…

First of all, could you describe a little about what Josette Cacnio is?

Well, it’s my brand really! It’s a little bit of everything. I sew, I make jewellery, I upcycle clothing. Upcycling simply means modifying or repurposing vintage or used clothing to make it unique. 

And who is the 'Josette Cacnio’ girl? 

I’d like to think girls who wear my clothes are fashion-forward. I like to be unique and keep my clothing one-of-a-kind. I definitely want the Josette Cacnio girl to feel like she stands out.

What made you want to get into fashion designing?

It’s something that always came very naturally to me. I taught myself to sew when I was 8 years old. I’ve always had to alter my clothes for them to fit me so I’ve been doing it for a long time. In high school I started making my own prom dress. Once I graduated, I realised that making clothes was such a passion of mine that I should continue!

And what advice could you give Mac students who are interested in going into fashion designing?

That’s a hard one! I guess the main piece of advice I would give is to stay true to yourself. If it’s something that you really love and are passionate about, then go for it. You could try and do it as a side hobby but it’s a lot of work so you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time on it.

If you could collaborate with any other fashion designer who would it be?

Well one of my fashion designer icons has always been Betsy Johnson. Her clothes are so fun! You can immediately tell when looking at any of her pieces that it’s completely her style. Her style has transcended all decades. A lot of the designs that she produced in the 60’s she’s reworking now. They have stayed relevant to her fashion. Her look has changed with different trends but ultimately she has stayed true to her brand. 

What’s your favourite piece at Josette Cacnio now?

It would have to be my line of t-shirts that I’ve been making for a few years now that say “FUCK HIM!”. It’s one of the items that has never decreased in popularity. 

Everyone always has a boy to say 'fuck you’ to! 

Exactly! A lot of clothes from five years ago wouldn’t work now but this T-shirt has stayed popular! 

What’s your opinion of the style here at mac?

I’d say it’s comfortable and trendy. You have to be practical while at school but people still try and make their look a little fashion-forward, which I like.

And finally, how can our readers find Josette Cacnio and check out your clothing? 

I have an online shop,, where you can order directly. Or I often have my stall here in the student centre which is great as I don’t charge tax, and obviously there’s no shipping fees! 

You can also find out updates and more information about Josette Cacnio from the Facebook page, Be sure to stop by her stall next time she is at McMaster!

Written by Julia Pagni


Student: Victoria

Program: 3rd Year Humanities

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop at Forever 21 a lot as well as H&M. It’s easy to find pieces to mix and match at those stores and their clothes are reasonably priced…most of the time.

Do you have any particular style influences?

Since I listen to a lot of foreign music, I guess a lot of my style influences come from the artists I listen to. The way they dress looks so cool and comfortably casual. (Lately I’ve been influenced by BoA, Lee Hyori, and Kim Jaejoong)

Where do you like to hang out in Hamilton?

As a member of McMaster KPC, I spend a lot of time on campus. When I’m not at school, I like to walk around the bayshore or wherever there’s water. I’ve also been known to go to King Karaoke with my friends from time to time.

Interviewer’s Note:

  • KPC = Korean Pop Culture club

Style at Mac Fashion Show: HORIZONS

Thank you to everyone who participated in the show, including the hairstylists from Studio 136, the makeup artists from Motives Cosmetics and BeautiMarkPro, AvTek Stage productions, our student photographers and videographers, the local designers and retailers, our student models, the raffle sponsors, and the SAM executive team!

Visit over the next few days to view all the event photos!

Photography: Daniel Ngai

Yohji Yamamoto and His Haute Couture

72-year-old Japanese-born Yohji Yamamoto is a master tailor and one of the greatest living designers. Yamomoto graduated with a degree in law from Keio University in 1966 before pursing his interest in fashion at the famous Bunkafukuso Gakuin, a fashion institute in Tokyo. The well-known Japanese designer started his own company in 1972 under the label Y’s.  The designer presented his first collection in Tokyo, 1977.

“When I started making clothes for my line Y’s in 1977, all i wanted was for women to wear men’s clothes. I jumped on the idea of designing coats for women. It meant something to me- the idea of a coat guarding and hiding a woman’s body.”

Just 4 years later, Yamamoto presented his first collection in Paris, 1981. Yamamoto other main line is named after himself (Yohji Yamamoto), which was first opened in 1988, and is considered to be the purest form of his expression.

Yamamoto picked up essentials of designing by helping his mother with her dress shop. Yamamoto’s mother, a dressmaker by trade, suffered what Yamamoto recalls as the humiliations of a highly skilled worker whose gender and station in life afforded her little opportunity to make a rewarding living or to obtain recognition for her talents. This inspired Yamamoto to pursue fashion and become one of the greatest in the work of haute couture.

Yamamoto’s work is heavily influenced by gender ambiguity and the black aesthetic. Yamamoto expressed his love and respect for women by exhibiting a lack of western-style gender markers. He showed a strong distaste for overtly sexualized females by dressing women in designs inspired by menswear and choosing women as models for his male fashion shows.  Basically, Yamamoto creates a line characterized by oversized silhouettes; it typically features loose drapes in varying textures that naturally change with the figure’s contours and movement. Often, a single colour (particularly black) and a single shade are used. Much of his clothing contain additional flaps, pockets, and straps. The use of black alludes to Japan’s history and defines the culture. The colour black can also be seen as association with poverty, a background that Yamamoto faced in his early life. His constant use of black-on-black aesthetic earned his followers the nickname karasuzoku. When asked about his excessive use of black, Yohji describes it seemingly perfectly:

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all black says this; I don’t bother you-don’t bother me.”

Yamamoto is the only Japanese fashion designer to have been awarded the French Chevalier de L'Ordre des Art et Lettres, Yamamoto is also the recipient of the American Fashion Award. Yohji Yamamoto Inc. reported in 2007 that the sales of Yamamoto’s two main lines average above $100 million annually. He operates one hundred and sixty stores in Japan, six stores outside of Japan and sells to two hundred stores worldwide.

Written by Haseeb Rana

First Kanye, Now Kendall + Kylie

We are all well aware that the Kardashians are always coming up with some new way to end up in the front of the magazine stand.  One of their recent tactics being targeting the fashion industry.  First with Kanye’s new line, then hitting the stores with Kardashian Kids, and now …. drum roll please… Kendall and Kylie are all set to release their new clothing line in February of 2016. 

This collection is not to be confused with the dynamic duo’s previous collaboration with Topshop and Pacsun.  The new brand, KENDALL + KYLIE, will be sold at a number of high-end retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, with pieces ranging from $68 to $298.  In a recent interview, the duo described their new line as a combination of Kendall’s classic, feminine style with Kylie’s edgy, streetwear aesthetic.  

The girls have already started wearing the collection (and instagramming it) keeping everyone (including me) on the edge of my seat for the release of their brand.  The two have officially achieved Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen status.. but I’m not complaining.  Check out the pictures below for a sneak peak into their new collection.

For more info check out

One of my favourite features about the website:

Written by Elysia Grose


Name:  Andrea

Program: 3rd Year - Multimedia & Communications

Are you always this fashionable all the time? And what do you think of the style at McMaster University currently?

Its fun putting outfits together every day, its my daily dose of creativity so I try not to miss it. I occasionally spot super stylish people at Mac but most times people just slack off in sweats which of course is comfortable. I think there’s this perception that the more school work you have to do the less time you have to be stylish, which is generally not the case. Managing your time properly will leave enough room for great style along with great grades.”


SZN: slang used to describe a time of year, often a substitute for the term “season”

On August 2nd 2010, following Drake’s blink-of-an-eye rise to the top of the rap game, the first annual OVOfest was held in Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. Not only did this mark the first of many highly anticipated OVO festivals to come, it also marked the first time Drake’s clothing brand, commonly referred to as ‘OVOwear,’ was made available to the general public.

Drake and his crew founded the OVO brand circa 2007. Presently, the brand serves as a blog, music label, clothing line and radio station all in one. The initials stand for ‘October’s Very Own’, which represent Drake’s October birthday. October being the incumbent month, this article couldn’t have arrived at a better time… it’s literally OVO.

Initially, OVOwear had a small selection consisting of hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops, sold exclusively on the blog, Following the establishment of the OVO Sound music label in 2013, brand merchandise selection expanded to include selections of jackets, hats, sweatpants, shoes and numerous accessories.

In partnering with largely popular brands Canada Goose and Roots, OVOwear pays homage to Canadian fashion. This is by no means a coincidence because when he isn’t busy doing meme-worthy salsa solos under trippy neon lighting, honoring The Great White North is one of Drake’s favorite pastimes. OVO Canada Goose jackets and OVO Roots sweaters are fall/winter consumer favorites.

A grey, digitally patterned OVO Canada Goose jacket.

But wait, the partnerships don’t end there! In January 2014, OVOwear teamed up with Raptors Basketball and released hot OVO-Raptors gear. The release date of this line was promoted heavily and was deemed ‘Drake Day’ by the Raptors basketball association. With all of these big-name partnerships, OVOwear’s brand power is undoubtedly strong. Hotter collaborations are in store for the brand and this isn’t something that true consumers will question. It’s just something they know… they know… they know… they know.

OVOwear styles range from simple to extravagant. Simple OVOwear is solid colored and will often have one of the brand’s many logos stitched in medium sized font over the left breast, similar to how the Polo logo is stitched in traditional Polo clothing. I’d recommend simple OVOwear for those of you with very minimalist fashion sense. The brand’s more extravagant wear can be solid or multi-colored and has the logos stitched in bigger bolder font, showcasing the brand more prominently. Extravagant OVOwear caters to those of you with a more grandiose, loud sense of style. Whatever your style preference, rest assured OVOwear has a little something for everyone.

OVOwear accessories are also very popular amongst consumers. Accessories include lighters, hats, phone cases, keychains, pins and fridge magnets. The OVO hats are my personal favorite. At this year’s OVOfest, I myself purchased a plain white OVO baseball cap with the word ‘WOES’ (a slang term from Drake’s Toronto theme song ‘Know Yourself’) stitched in black across the face. Although the hat is the only OVOwear I own I am able to rock it with almost any urban ensemble. Peep the hat below:

The white ‘WOES’ Hat

This season, the hottest new addition to the OVOwear collection is the Nike OVO Air Jordan 10 shoe. The Jordan 10’s are available in two styles. The first style has a crisp all-white exterior accompanied by a gold-embroidered ‘OVO’ fashioned twice to form a stylistic cross on the sole. The second style is externally black with the OVO owl stitched in gold at the back of the shoe, beside the recognizable Jordan Jumpman. The latter comes with a special edition that has purple shoe lining instead of black. There is no question that these shoes are eye-catchers. Rapper-endorsed shoes have become staples in 2015 high fashion. In terms of trendy urban fashion appeal, The OVO Air Jordans are definitely up there alongside Kanye West’s highly sought-after Nike “Yeezy’s.” If you choose to cop the OVO Air Jordans, I suggest you match up with a fresh pair of khakis or dark jeans, a neutral colored top and a matching white or black hat.

The two designs of OVO Nike Air Jordan 10s

As if the label and online shop weren’t already generating enough buzz, December 2014 saw the grand opening of an OVO pop-up store on Dundas Street West, located at the base of a grey brick building in between Little Italy and Trinity Bellwoods, two well-known Toronto neighborhoods. For anyone who’s never been, OVO store’s design is very simplistic in nature. The store has no exterior sign, is painted all white, has 12 cubbie shelves, 2 clothing racks and a front counter- glass case boasting a plethora of OVO accessories. In-store merchandise includes a limited selection of seasonal items also available online. With a line usually extending a couple blocks on a good day, the OVOstore is a very familiar attraction amongst Drizzy’s loyal Toronto fandom. He doesn’t call himself ‘6 God’ for no reason.

OVO pop-up store, 899 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

This fall, prideful fans can be seen decked out in their latest OVO jackets, pullover sweaters, sweatpants, hoodies, hats or all 5! You’ve probably seen these fans on the street, in the halls, around campus, outside your favorite nightclub or even at the office. Stay on the look out!

It only took a couple of years for OVOwear to go from appealing only a small niche market of hardcore Drake fans to a much broader, worldwide market of urban hipsters and “real G’s”. The clothing line’s success places Drake amongst the ranks of respected rapper-fashion designers, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Sean “Diddy” Combs with their Rocawear and Sean John brands, respectively. OVOwear’s ascent to the top of  urban fashion is incredible and proves to be another “W” for Drake who, with two of the biggest selling hip-hop projects in 2015, several career launches to be proud of and a highly anticipated album on its way, seems to be catching a lot of those lately. But hey, I guess that’s just the motion.

Left to right: OVO Sound artists PartyNextDoor, Roy Wood$ and Drake, rocking some seriously fresh OVO gear

Written by Tyler Buchanan-Wright

The Necessity of Contemporary Streetwear

Long gone are the days of having to plaster your outfit in brands and logos to be recognized as part of the streetwear community. Nowadays, the aesthetic, comprised of fit and colour themes, says more than ever. This shift may make some anxious, specifically for those who merely combine expensive items together to garner attention in the fashion community. However, this is what unfortunately led to the colloquial term ‘fuccboi,’ in an effort to describe such people. For others, being able to convey a style with little use of branding is relieving, as it provides extensive versatility and allows for the preserving of style through various conditions, one of them being cold weather.

As we approach winter with great enthusiasm and excitement, it is also time to think about maintaining a sense of style in the chilly months. Here, the idea and use of contemporary streetwear is vital. With simple, muted colour schemes, clean lines, and varied textures, it presents as a nearly obvious decision for those whose style revolves around the classic streetwear look. Seemingly popularized by Scandinavian fashion (perhaps due to their prominent cold weather), several brands have emerged from that area which showcase this style effortlessly. See: Norse Projects (Denmark), Rains (Denmark), Stutterheim (Sweden), and Acne Studios (Sweden). Raised by Wolves (Canada) also provides similar characteristics for their F/W lines, with the Canadian winters being somewhat comparable to our Scandinavian counterparts.

The key to achieving this look is to pay great attention to the details of your outfit. The cuts of the pieces and the silhouette they create is an important facet, along with the use of layering to create a more cohesive, streamlined look. Colours are relatively interchangeable, but for winter I like to stick with an overall dark look with some lighter accents. For example, using a white shirt to pop out from a bulkier, dark jacket is a tried-and-true look. Textures are another common detail. Polyester is common for waterproof coats and provides a sleek look. Pea coats have popularized the use of wool, providing a rugged and robust look to sustain the harsh temperatures. And while you may only strictly like to wear streetwear, the winter is a perfect time for you to try different looks. Throwing on a long overcoat with some skinny jeans and boots provides a sense of elegance, while also preserving hints of streetwear, if executed properly (see: A$AP Rocky).

For those of you with deep pockets, you can always check out Kanye West’s latest instalment, YEEZY Season 1, as an option for the colder months. The whole collection offers heavy materials, neutral colours, and aggressive silhouettes, presenting as another option for those interested in the new look of contemporary streetwear.

Written by Aneesh Karir


Student: Alah

Program: 1st Year Nursing

What is/are your largest source(s) of inspiration?

My largest source of inspiration is K-Pop!

Do you have any particular style icons?

My style icons are usually K-pop idols because they are so vibrant, unique and exciting.

If you could only bring one clothing item or accessory to a deserted island, what would it be and why?

If I had to bring one piece of clothing to a deserted island, it would be my really old jacket since it has a really familiar “home” scent to it; if I were deserted on an island by myself, I would feel pretty lonely, but my jacket would make me feel comfortable and safe.

What do you like best about Mac?

Definitely the people and the atmosphere! It’s very friendly and welcoming! I love most of the people I’ve met, especially my KPC family!

Interviewer’s Notes:

  • K-Pop = Korean pop music
  • KPC = Korean Pop Culture club

Name: Kyle

Program: 4th Year - Multimedia

Do you think with winter coming around the corner, fashion is less important to people because of the cold?

“Fashion gets hotter with the cold, in the summer you are so limited to the tshirt/short combo. The cold allows you to put together a whole collage aka layering. By layering a cardigan/dress shirt/blazer combo… it’s like layers to a cake - everyone wins. Layer it up or lay it down.”


Name: Andrew

Program: PhD - History

Are you always rocking a bow tie and dressed this nicely? What are your views towards menswear fashion here at McMaster?

“Much to the respect of my colleagues, I guess I have. It’s something I’ve done since my first year here at McMaster. For my views on men’s fashion here at Mac… I don’t really know. I wouldn’t make a character judgement for what they’re wearing since they wear clothes for comfort, either get to lecture, library, or their dorm rooms. But as a grad student or as a TA, there’s a certain level of professionalism for me to dress.”

Style Watch - Travis Scott

If you haven’t yet heard of Travis Scott, keep your eyes peeled for his presence in 2016. After working under the wing of Kanye West for a few years, dropping 2 mixtapes (2013, 2014) and his debut album, Rodeo, in the fall of 2015, he has begun to join the ranks of mainstream and underground rappers alike. However, Travis has proven to not only excel in music, but also his taste in fashion. As his aesthetic is known to garner influence from punk-rock themes, it is not surprising that his style also follows suit.

Skinny jeans are a staple to Travis’ looks, and are something that anyone can learn from. Often paired with heavy, draping tops, the combination produces a killer look. As you also may have already noticed, he likes to dabble in looks involving large amounts of gold. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even grills seem to find their way onto Travis’ body one way or another. He also tends to lean on the side of more in-your-face branding, repping clothes from HBA, Supreme, and Bape more often than not.

As you can see from the pictures below, the progression of Travis Scott’s hair has been similar to other rappers such as A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, PartyNextDoor, among many others. Personally, the long sectioned dreadlocks are an immaculate look for Travis. Nothing is more rockstar than having long hair.

Written by Aneesh Karir