some unfinished tf doodles thatll probably never see the color

first 2 involve fidget spinners like the meme trash that i am, lIKE.. I WAS JUST LAUGHIHGN at the idea of rodimus COVERED in fidget spinners

then i realized i could put some on cyclonus too can yall? tell i love cyclonus? hes the only one i can Kinda draw right

theres also a drift practice doodle, im honestly Still figuring out how to translate TF characters into my art style

at some point i gave up and doodles cygate holoavatars for this roommate AU i had in mind but like, forreal if i ever write it, i dont think ill Ever post about it aside from a doodle or two

Dear Neighbors,

I’m usually pretty cool about parties but dude. It’s 230 am. Shut that shit down or I will get weights and load plates and lift to heavy metal and drop the weights hard on the ground Crossfit styleat 5am outside your windows.

the problem with style

the problem with style

is very simply,

the more time and money

and energy you put into

making sure people know

what your style is,

and what it stands for,

and why it is the best

and the baddest around,

the more likely you are

to look at others

who don’t have your style

as losers,

and so consequently you become

just another asshole,

which in my opinion,

is much worse

than dressing

like shit,

and having

no style

at all.