If you will be in Vegas July 16th or know of anyone who will be, be sure to come check be out in the #backspintothefuture DJ Battle at The Sayers Club inside SLS. This will be the night that I put Las Vegas on notice that I’m here and I would love to have your suppport that night. #djceo #styleandperformance #dopedj #internationaldj #vegas #brooklynsown #brooklynstandup #djbattle #partyrock #thesayersclub #slsvegas

James Brown, New Birth, Prince, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang, Chaka Khan…..yeah I’m talking a Funky Good Time. Join me this Tuesday in Brooklyn at Vodou Lounge as we celebrate the great grooves and funky baselines from the 60’s, 70’ & 80’s. Happy Hour forbthe folks that don’t hang out late starts at 6pm. For all my night owls the PARTAY starts at 10 with yours truly. #funkygoodtime #funk #disco #r&b #djceo #styleandperformance

Just so you know that it’s real. My friends know my love affair for @grandmarnierusa All 3 bottles are gifts. On the Left was a gift from the good people at @rfkyl who I’ve dj’d their annual fundraisers. On the Right (check my post from Yesterday. Shout to Jen & Ra for that one) And the one in the middle is the Natural Cherry #limitedrelease given to me by the homie Angela. Thank you all. #djceo #styleandperformance #rhythmandstyle #dopedj #internationaldj #blendout #grandmarnier

Greetings Ladies & Gents, Purveyors of all things #rhythmandstyle I hope this hot weather is to your liking. I know I lovebirds. Warm weather gives me a reason to be out and about and to celebrate life. I have a lot to celebrate. I have a new hit show on @fusetv @fusehiphophq called “United States of Hip Hop” (airs every Tuesday at 8:30pm) I have my own Vodka out @lotusvodka & now I have a brand new residency at @viktorandspoils in the LES. A place where I have many a fond memory of dancing the night away. I want to invite YOU to come out and do the same. Come celebrate your life and all the joys it has given you. Remember you are a Viktor & you should enjoy your Spoils. #rhythmandstyle #styleandperformance #drinklotusnotvodka

So not only is @msvfox one of the finest black women in Hollywood but she makes 51 look damn good. And she was super cool. She came and said hello to me. Asked me to hold her drink while she took photos (super comfortable right) she don’t know if I’m crazy…deranged lol. Super sweet woman though. And after you see her unsung episode it’s going to hit you like it hit me “damn she put in some serious work” i had forgotten about all the movies she did. She is truly someone that has been unsung. #vivicaafox #unsung #tvone #DJCEO #styleandperformance #dopedj #privatescreening

Hey Harlem I’m coming to have a play date with you guys tonight. Let’s remember to share. I’ll share all ny music with you and you share your energy with me. The whole gang will be there Quick, Sugar. Sunshine, Benny, Vera, Bugatti Calhoun, Phil Cantone & Dominique Lereuix. Yeah they’ll be there for #harlemnights #rhythmandstyle #styleandperformance

This Sunday is the last #everydaypeople brunch of the year and guess who’s doing a guest set? Me that’s right booooooooi. Me and a few other super talented DJ’s like my homie @djmoma. As always hosted by @saadahmedny @chefroble. They will be celebrating the release of The Dans new EP. Special performance by Akua. See ya there. #rhythmandstyle #styleandperformance