We always see the perfected version of what’s in a person’s purse, no used tissues, receipts, or other junk. But what about what’s actually there? That’s what I’m sharing with you today, a what’s in my purse video. Ok, you caught me, I did recently throw out about five hundred gum wrappers but that was a total coincidence, I swear!

This is only the second video we’ve done and we’re learning to edit as we go, so be kind. And it kinda sucks because Movie Maker is crap, but before we shell out cash for Adobe premier or Final Cut Pro we need to lock down our video game. Do you guys have any suggestions on which editing software is best? We know nothing. AND we don’t own Macs so…no easy iMovie access. Tell us your secrets!

What’s REALLY in My Purse | Style and Cheek on YouTube

So here’s what’s in my purse:

- A cigarette case that used to hold my money but now holds random things like a soon to be expired alcohol server permit

- My iPhone and phone case (because everyone makes fun of my phone case but jokes on them!)

Coach wallet (envelope style all the way)

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Coach keychain

- My work badge with my dorky photo cause I didn’t give a toothy grin, just a smirk

- Saline solution and usually my glasses case (I still need new glasses, I’ve had these since 2007. yikes)

- Advil, Tylenol, etc. etc.

- ALL of the lipstick. MACTarteBlistex

- A protection pouch (YOU KNOW)

- rewardStyle usb which I got from rewardStyle during a meetup/blog class

- A lovely note from Dan. He gave this to me soon after we started dating because I was going out of town with friends. When I got home I went straight to Dan’s apartment and never left. And that’s the story of how I moved in with him. Actually, I asked him if he wanted me to go home and he said, no. The note isn’t super romantic or anything, actually it’s quite silly but that’s why our love works

- Bobby pins (I’ll need those, if I can remember that they’re in there)

- A stupid fortune that wasn’t even a fortune

What’s REALLY in your purse? Leave a comment or make a video of your own. :)

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And it begins! Hart of Dixie recaps with Julia and Dan. Sadly, I don’t have the same camera that I used for the previous recaps but we’ll make do. Dan’s prediction: that the show gets cancelled at the end of this season. Thanks Dan, thanks a lot for that positive prediction. Now let’s take a look at what the crazy people of Bluebell are up to now that George and Lemon split…(via Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 1 “The Aftermath” on Style and Cheek)

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out Blows

Everyone told me that they had an easy time, that by the 2nd day they had little pain and were eating solid foods pretty quickly after. Either they had the best drugs in the world or they are the luckiest people ever. If you’re one of those people you’re probably like, psh it was easy, no way it sucks that much for this girl – she’s a wuss.

But it so does suck. It looks like someone punched me in the face! And I got them out last Friday. On Sunday I had crazy amount of pain in the middle of the night like I bit down too hard on my bottom wound and now there’s constant pain up my ear and eye socket. Possibly dry socket but the dentist said I wouldn’t know until this coming Friday. I don’t understand why I have to wait so long. Ugh. So much pain. (edit: I hounded them, I’m seeing the extractor guy today at 1pm. Fingers crossed he fixes me) And the best part of the whole wisdom teeth ordeal? I have nasty smelling/tasting stuff seeping out of the wounds on the right side. Basically, I feel like a monster, and smell like an old sweaty pair of socks.

Having your wisdom teeth removed is different for everybody. For some people it is easy, but some end up with dry socket in all four teeth. What I am going through may not happen to you (if you’re lucky). Reassurance has its benefits. But people telling you “It’s easy, you’ll be fine,” does not make it so. Give yourself ample time to rest, relax and recover. Right now I’m freaking out because I’m moving to Georgia next week and really need these last two paychecks, which leaves little time for rest and recovery.

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As far as food goes I’ve been eating a lot of soup: miso, udon, pho and chicken vegetable. The less chunks the first few days the better. Miso made me feel a lot better because it’s protein but all liquid. But honestly, my favorite food has been Peter Rabbit organics. Which is essentially baby food but anyone can eat it. Weird right? But I’ve been craving them – a little fruit, veg combo without as much sugar as juice or smoothies. My favorites are peach and apple, apple and grape, and pumpkin, carrot and apple.

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