seventeen cute habits/quirks
  • Soonyoung claps like a child 
  • Mingyu chews on ice cream
  • Wonwoo drinks water and keeps the water in his mouth creating a duck face.
  • Seungkwan can’t sit indian style
  • All of seventeen claps after each member’s introduction
  • Soonyoung can’t eat boiled chicken because of his childhood pet chick, koko, but is a fried chicken maniac

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Your tumblr gives me so much life! Can you maybe link me to some Haylor master post from the beginning to now! I'm a beginner shipper and I need everything from then to now! Please!

Yes I can. First of all welcome to the Haylor world, there’s no going back so enjoy :)

Haylor lovestory, from beginning to now

Harry’s Taylor Swift smile

New year’s eve in NYC and making out in elevator

Harry loving booTAY

Haylor during Jingle Ball

Harry writing A LOT of songs about you know who

“I just bumped into her in a zoo”

All the times Taylor’s talked about Style

All the times Harry talked about Perfect

Taylor liking Harry related things on tumblr

Haylor friendly hangouts

Haylor at the 2013 VMA’s

What’s behind every song on 1989

When You Ask Them to Paint Your Nails

S.Coups: Would turn it into a competition to see which unit can paint your nails better

Jeonghan: He would be happy that you ask him to help you with stuff like this

Joshua: *when he see’s that he did a decent job*

Jun: *does aegyo to get out of it*

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Hoshi: Wouldn’t you rather do something else? *puckers lips*

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Wonwoo: Nope, no, and no *tries to run away from you*

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Woozi: When he spills it all over the place

DK: Somehow manages to get nail polish all over his face

Mingyu: Would actually be really focused. He wants to take his cosmetology skills to the next level lol 

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The8: No thank you *sees your face* what color do you want? 

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Seungkwan: He ends up using all your nail polish remover instead

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Vernon: You want me to… what? 

Dino: At first he would be like what? but then you tell him you’re painting them Michael Jackson style

All gifs are not mine. Credit to their rightful owners. 

I had to end up redoing this because I pressed the back button and lost all my work :/ good thing I remember what I had before though! :)

Requests are open! 

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So here he comes right on time
And he has class and quite a style
All of his own and they all know him
As Lupin the Third

He walks a line, one fine line
Though danger lies, he’ll be just fine
He’s here today, but gone tomorrow
He’s Lupin the Third

All his life has been
One rollercoaster ride of dreams
No time for looking back, never regretting that
His smile is all that he can leave behind

And there he goes nice and slow
Wish he would stay another day
So we can give darkness away
My Lupin the Third

All his life has been
One rollercoaster ride of dreams
No time for looking back, forgetting who or what
His song is all that he can leave behind

On quiet nights I hear him still
Whistling a tune I know so well
Gun in hand, rose in the other
He’s Lupin the Third


Hey, what’s up everyone, I’m offering commissions again!

Since I’m gonna be starting classes soon and I’m also currently without a job, I thought I might as well try opening these up again. Not much else to say about it, really, so let’s just get to price breakdowns and stuff!


Normal Style

Lines/No Color | Bust: $7 / Waist: $10 / Fullbody: $15
Colored (Flats or Shaded) | Bust: $10 / Waist: $15 / Fullbody: $20

+$5 for every extra character
+$5 for detailed BG (basically anything more detailed than simple solid colors or what’s in the sample above)

Chibi Style

All options for lineart/colorless chibis (bust/waist/fullbody) are $3!
Flat Colors
| Bust: $4 / Waist: $6 / Fullbody: $8
Shaded | Bust: $6 / Waist: $8 / Fullbody: $10

+$2 for every extra character
Solid color backgrounds only (or simple patterns/designs), no charge!

Mini Style

All options for the sketch/lineart only minis are $3!
Flat Colors:
Shaded: $6

+$1 per extra character
Solid color backgrounds only (or simple patterns/designs), no charge!

*Mini Style Shrinky Dink Phone Charms*

For an additional $3 to your order, I can print out your mini style commission on Shrinky Dink paper, shrink it, seal it, turn it into a phone charm/keychain, and mail it out to you! All mini style phone charms/keychains will have cleaned up lineart and colors! Size will probably vary depending on your commission, but I usually try to keep them to about 2in x 2in. They’ll be sealed with 3-5 coats of modpodge, and can come on either a keyring or a phone charm strap!

Each phone charm/keychain will also come with a little thank-you card from me with a bonus doodle inside! All I ask is that you’re comfortable giving out your address for this option–and that if you’re under 18, you have permission to give your address out!

For a general idea of how your phone charms will come out, here is a picture of some charms I made for myself!


I won’t draw:

-furries/anthro (I am all-around bad at basically anything nonhuman, but I will draw characters with animal ears/tails/wings/etc.)
-NSFW content
-shotacon/lolicon/anything sexual involving minors
-overly detailed gore/violence

Anything that makes me uncomfortable I’m not going to draw, basically. If you think your commission might include something not listed here, but you aren’t sure (or you’re not sure in general), feel free to ask me and we can try to work something out.
That being said, however, the above four items are non-negotiable.

I will draw OCs, fancharacters, and shippy things (so long as they’re SFW)! Basically, if it’s not on the “won’t draw” list, chances are I’ll draw it. All I ask is that you send me proper references of who/what you’d like drawn–images are preferred but description is fine, too! I’ll send (watermarked) images as I work to ensure that what you’re getting is what you want, so feel free to let me know if something is off or needs to be changed a bit (hopefully as soon as you notice it! It’s easier to fix in a sketch than when I’m almost through coloring).

I will only be accepting payment through Paypal, so please send it to If you have any questions, you can contact me through my askbox, fanmail, or through my email! I ask that you please send your commission requests via email only–I’m going to be sending progress shots of your commission exclusively by email, so please use an email that you’ll check frequently!

Annnd I think that’s about it! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! If you’d like more art samples, you can find them under my art and doodle tags! If you can’t or don’t want to buy, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated. <3

Thanks! xoxo