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Cuties on toned paper - Ernest

I saw videos on youtube about toned paper and I wanted to try it. So when I saw a sketchbook with this kind of paper I couldn’t resist buying it.

In my opinion toned paper gives best effects when drawing in sepia or making Art Noveau or Mucha’s style kind of drawing. And also when working with pastel colours (white, cream, mint), which don’t pop out much when used on normal white paper (because of contrast).

I wanted to test it on Ernest since his skin colour matches the one of a paper (and he’s my favourite character to draw), which was handy.
On the other hand, he was pretty hard to colour. For this series of pictures I want to use black as rarely as possible and to keep the palette as light and pastel as possible, which was a challenge since his eyes, hair and T-shirts are either black or very dark. I decided to toss out black colour (only for lines) and to make darker colours and shade with grey and purple, which IMHO gave nice effect.
Maybe he isn’t classic cute and graphic on his shirt is more creepy than cute but I like the light pastel colours contrasting with this.

I want to turn this into series of drawings of cute characters. Not only my OCs that I (or you) find cute, but also cute characters from other series. And since I can’t remember all of them you are free to suggest characters (and pretty much anything I’m open to suggestions).

Made with Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment 0,1 fine liner and Faber-Castell Classic Colours coloured pencils.

Dolce & Gabbana Designer Pants in Black Faded Effect Denim, Straight Leg Style in 100% Cotton, with D&G Logo Belted Design!

Made in Italy, Tag Shows Italy Size of 40 which is a US Size 4, Front Zipper and Button Closure with Inseam of about 32 inches! Excellent Used Condition!

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I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to rejection

Every time I post on an AT journal, trade journal, and get no response, it’s like a slap in the face. Then I look back on my art and I hate that it doesn’t fit the pretty popular style. That my art isn’t desirable or wanted by anyone

Then I feel worse bc nobody is obliged to look at my art, much less like it. But here I am, breaking apart and hating myself and I want to blame someone for all these terrible feelings, except it’s no one’s fault. It’s all just me

La La Land: a Short Review

On the 16th January, I went to see La La Land in theatre and I wasn't surprised to be by far the youngest person in the screening by a large margin. though from viewing the film it was clear why the film would appeal to a much older audience. the film is seemingly geared to be an homage to the musicals of times gone by. the film centres around two people, a young aspiring actress named Mia (Emma Stone) and a failing Jazz Musician (Ryan Gosling) though initially disliking one another, together through a series of chance encounters begin developing a strong romantic bond as they work to help one another achieve their dreams of becoming a famous actress and owning his own Successful Jazz Club. It makes for possibly one of the most visually impressive I’ve ever seen, the film is filmed with some truly magnificent set design and art styles that seem to have been ripped straight from classic musicals from the likes of Fred Astaire of Gene Kelly

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The director, Damian Chazelle, took full advantage of the fact that he was filming on the Hollywood Lot not only incorporating it into the plot of the film itself but also its art design and overall aesthetic, it’s clear that every room throughout the film, that isn’t a famous location in Hollywood just a set in itself, however, the director never intends to hide this fact instead using it to his advantage in order to better capture the style of classic Hollywood movies and broadway productions. 

not so casually uses one of my roleplay icons for this.

hey !! so, i’ve seen that the downloads for the caps is building slowly and this is really awesome !
i’d actually love to see if anyone has made icons from them, so if you’re reading this and you’ve made some icons from them, pop by and say hi — i would love to see what’s been done with them, the psd styles used etc. don’t be afraid or shy, people. :’) lemme praise your work and compliment it, yeah !?

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This is a very fun body con dress. It’s 37" in bust and the longest part of the dress is 32". It’s marked size L, but definitely a medium. Dress is a soft cotton/poly blend. And Medium is a small. Size up on this one🌺. Pic 4 is from Pinterest as a style idea!

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