you guys all talk about how sky high and the incredibles are the best super hero movies (sadly they are) but the best superhero story i’ve ever seen in terms of how it handled the typical tropes in superhero stories and flipping them around without straight up disrespecting the superhero genre is danny phantom

some things about danny phantom:

-he was a magical girl style superhero, he transformed into his hero persona
-he was both hated and loved by the people he protected, a very spider-man trope
-he didn’t keep his identity a secret to protect his family from his villains, his villains knew who he was, but danny was scared of his own parents finding out about his identity. because he thought his own parents would kill him
-HIS VILLAINS KNEW WHO HE WAS! the people out to kill him knew him better than most of the other people in his life (not counting sam/tucker/jazz) this gave him a very complex relationship with his enemies
-the lore, the lore had so much potential, the world building was batshit in all the right ways, i admire that
-he has a clone, dani, and every superhero story should have at least one clone at some point
-his story was a super interesting mix of supernatural and magical
-he had really cool and creative powers
-he was still a guy dressing up in a costume fighting crime, like a superhero should be

in terms of being a story about a superhero, danny phantom takes the cake. we deserve a edgy adult swim reboot that takes advantage of all it’s potential and has better art. this show honestly handled the superhero genre in a new and interesting way wile still staying true to it’s genre

Concept: Dungeons & Dragons, except adventurers have to do magical girl style transformations in order to access their extraordinary talents. There are suitable costume variations for all species and genders, so it’s not 100% frilly dresses, but being flashy and fashionable is not optional - your halfling burglar’s adventuring outfit is likely to be very dapper indeed.

How Do You Transformers Anatomy: A Guide By A Fan

Also titled “Grey’s Anatomy Transformers Style”

OKAY SO I HEAR A LOT OF PEOPLE GET CONFUSED ABOUT ALL THESE WORDS AND TERMS FOR TRANSFORMERS (because we, as a fandom, like to use fancy words for our robots, we have literally reached subculture status guys we have our own dialect congratulations) AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO USE FOR WHAT SO BECAUSE I TOO SUFFER I WILL HELP YOU



  • Been here since I was 12
  • Fanfic writer
  • I’m smart
  • “I was here before TF was cool” hipster status
  • Transformers consumed my life


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“Off busy doing that dynamic duo thing again.”

@kiarou​ convinced me to watch Young Justice after I really enjoyed watching Under the Red Hood. I felt obligated to put my head down and study muscular anatomy if I were to fanart the Bat Boys bc I want to really capture the strength, power, and dynamism that is iconic of superheroes. I personally like drawing the Bat Boys because they have a slender acrobat build (I don’t favor drawing super muscular builds lol!). As someone who has predominantly drawn in the manga style, I am really excited how the western style would influence and transform the way I draw things. I already felt some serious improvement drawing this piece :’)

I also started Super Sons as well after seeing cute art on it floating on tumblr uvu; I never dream I would actually get into western comics, but I think I slowly found my niche in the Bat Boys Fam B);; 

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Hey R-kun!! Just wanna say I've been stalking your blog these past few days because they're absolutely fantastic. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Gotta love your ideas, man :) Can I ask, what are your favorite chapters in re:?

Hey, thanks anon! For a brief selection, in chronological order:

31.5 - The Christmas chapter. Perfect wind-down chapter after a very intense arc which also, I think, cemented the most strongly just what a happy life Haise led at the CCG. It’s very difficult to read that chapter and not think “God, I wish I was in that room”. Because it demonstrated that so expertly, it made Haise’s struggles with his past life in the second half of the chapter all the more impactful - excited as we are to see Kaneki’s mask again, there’s an underlying sense of unease that it’s going to sink its tragic teeth into the harmonious life that not just Kaneki, but we the readers, have just enjoyed (something also indicated by the leather eyepatch Haise gives to Mutsuki). As indeed it does. As befits a Christmas chapter, it is primarily about bonds - bonds that are going to come under severe strain by the end of the next arc, which is why they’re painted with such a fine brush here to smoothly transition between the two - Kaneki and the Quinx, Kaneki and Arima, and the memories of his old bonds through his mask and through :re. A real Christmas present of a chapter!

53,56,57,58 - The death of Haise and the birth of the Black Reaper. :re was Kaneki’s attempt to escape his tragedy, but it followed him even into the realm of a different story, and here, returning along with his memories, it finally re-establishes control. The world of happy illusion is shattered after Kaneki is pushed to the edge by Eto (his doppelganger who reminds him of his true self and heralds Haise’s death) who forces the fruit of Knowledge down his throat to bring him back to the path she needs him on. The darkness of the old world had been slowly creeping into the story for a while now, catalysed by the reappearance of old characters and shards of Kaneki’s memories returning, but this was the spark that led to the inferno and the genre shift becomes gut-punchingly obvious with Kaneki’s new appearance and attitude together with the death of Shirazu. The chapter is all the more impactful because for ages the audience had wanted Kaneki’s memories to return, but now they’re back, we remember why he wiped them in the first place. The Kaneki who returns is not the one we all know and love; it is the broken shell of a man who has accepted his fate to die at the hands of his genre, and who has cast aside any pretences he once had to morality or selflessness. This style of transformation was so far from what was expected, and yet it makes all too much sense. The Kaneki we once knew, as we slowly discover, is still underneath all the burning hatred and cold defeatism, which only makes our pity for this wretched creature all the stronger. Haise Sasaki’s existential dilemma becomes one of the most heartwrenchingly tragic arcs of the whole manga, especially since the reader feels party to it as we ourselves wanted Kaneki back without properly acknowledging what it would mean for everything that had made Haise ‘Haise’. The contrast between the two fiercely drives that realisation home. But of course, at the same time, who didn’t love “Shut the hell up?” Or how Kaneki managed to wreck the fearsome One-Eyed Owl? Much as this was a negative development for Kaneki (albeit a necessary one), it’s difficult not to respect how he took his life back into his own hands after taking so much shit and playing puppet for so long. As my blog background and title already indicate, I love this mini-arc with all my soul, and I haven’t even talked about throwing Tsukiyama off the building, the beginning of Kaneki and Eto’s enthralling dynamic, and “I suppose this is my fault?”. Ah! Shivers.

120 – The first glimmer of hope for the CCG to accept the existence of Ghouls and to break the endless turning of the wheels of revenge. We’ve already seen ways that Ghouls and Humans can live in peace through Nishiki and Kimi, Kuzen and Ukina, etc. but what about the CCG, who have spent their whole lives hunting Ghouls? 120 shows reconciliation is possible through Akira, whose hatred of Ghouls runs deep, forgiving not just Ghoulkind, but the specific Ghouls who took her father from her. The chapter carries a powerful, reflective ambience throughout, aided by many quiet moments interspersed with poignant conversation as well as excellent emotive facial and background art from Ishida. As well as shining a lot of light on Akira’s current mental state, we see much more of how Touka has been confronting her issues in all the time we haven’t seen her, and watching her now as a calm and wise mentor figure highlights her incredible development from her brash and reckless teenage years as well as the influence of old man Yoshimura. An acceptingly melancholic but quietly hopeful chapter that portrays fascinating psychological developments in its three focal female characters – Akira, Touka and Hinami – and explores touchingly their complex relationships with the past and the dead, and what it means to move beyond that.

122 – We all knew this chapter was going to be amazing after 121’s cliffhanger. Kaneki and Touka finally open up, and it turns out great. Comparing this to the confrontation in the original series’ 120, it’s a wonderful piece of evidence for :re following the same path as the original series but going right where they once went wrong. Incredibly satisfying to finally hear the feelings spoken aloud that we all knew were there, and Kaneki’s “Will you come with me?” led to the greatest breath of relief I’ve had throughout the series.

125 – Surprise surprise. I’ve already spoken ad infinitum about this chapter, so in short, it’s an incredibly ambient, symbolic and beautiful experience that results in the emotional salvation of the series’ two lead characters. Their catharsis is our own, and we go away from it feeling as though a great weight has been lifted. It’s due to Ishida’s master craftsmanship with the art, lighting and mood of this chapter that it can connect so deeply with the heart of the reader.

Honourable mentions to 117 and 119, for the Touka-Amon and Kaneki-Amon conversations, and like, all of the Cochlea Arc, but that would be cheating.

Please, please don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers.

Hey guys!! SO I hope that this will help answer any burning questions that you haven’t had answered yet! Also, I wanna add a quick thanks for all the new follows!! You guys are gonna make me cry. I’m just a little nobody on tumblr and I just started posting today’s adventure so that I could share my joy and excitement with others. No one I know likes anime so I went out all by myself.

Let me just preface all of this with the fact that I don’t actually speak Japanese and therefore a lot of the heavy dialogue is absolute guess work based on context. I went knowing this because when else was I going to get this chance?

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