A mate of mine found it, he knew I was after one and one of his friends just so happened to have one. Another friend of mine who is one of the biggest Stone Island and C.P Company collectors and just so happens to be from Burnley like me, has got a few pieces from transformable series that Moreno Ferrari did for C.P Company that he is ready to sell, so I am getting them and I couldn’t be more excited. They might not be the best pieces, like the inflatable armchair jacket, but they are awesome. Hey, they are transformables which is fucking cool!

They are a massive part of why I became a designer, those pieces and items like the Goggle Jacket. It’s all about product. If I go in there and put the jacket on, it would be nice but I almost get more enjoyment looking at them to be honest, same with Goggle Jacket I buzz of the fact that it’s got a face. It’s like a superhero costume. They are more valuable as objects. It is why my whole thinking isn’t about styling and fashion but instead about making a cool object, suspending it and looking at it - let’s geek out over it.“

—  Aitor Throup via Style Salvage
It is kind of like how you used to see a new toy, it’s the closest feeling I can think of. When you’re a kid and you get a new toy, everything about that toy excites you. It’s the form, the shape, the name of the character, the smell, the colours, the joints, you love everything about it. I want my work to be like toys. There’s as much value in the object as in what it represents, the character and where it comes from. If you get an articulated figure of Spiderman you don’t just say *dons serious voice* ‘Oh yes, this figure articulates well, it is made solidly,“ it is heavy with contextual value, it’s Spiderman! You’ve read a thousand comics, watched the cartoons and all the films and all of that is embedded in this object. It’s as much about the non physicality of it and what it is about rather than just what it is as an object. My clothes are like toys, that’s the philosophy.

Aitor Throup from “A visit to…Aitor Throup” an interview over on Style Salvage

via Stylezeitgeist.