A mate of mine found it, he knew I was after one and one of his friends just so happened to have one. Another friend of mine who is one of the biggest Stone Island and C.P Company collectors and just so happens to be from Burnley like me, has got a few pieces from transformable series that Moreno Ferrari did for C.P Company that he is ready to sell, so I am getting them and I couldn’t be more excited. They might not be the best pieces, like the inflatable armchair jacket, but they are awesome. Hey, they are transformables which is fucking cool!

They are a massive part of why I became a designer, those pieces and items like the Goggle Jacket. It’s all about product. If I go in there and put the jacket on, it would be nice but I almost get more enjoyment looking at them to be honest, same with Goggle Jacket I buzz of the fact that it’s got a face. It’s like a superhero costume. They are more valuable as objects. It is why my whole thinking isn’t about styling and fashion but instead about making a cool object, suspending it and looking at it - let’s geek out over it.“

—  Aitor Throup via Style Salvage

the-ophilus  asked:

Ok so I've been living under a rock for a few weeks so could you sum up all the important stuff we know about D2 if it's not too much to ask? Sorry for the trouble and thanks for keeping everyone up to date on the latest Destiny news!

Sure thing!


  • Destiny 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One. and PC
  • Destiny 2 will be released Friday, September 8th worldwide on PS4 and Xbox One. PC will be available at a later date that has not been discussed yet.
  • Destiny 2 is 4K compatible, but which “flavor” of 4K has not been discussed.
  • Consoles are capped at 30fps. PC is uncapped!
  • PC has special features like an FOV slider, custom mapping for keyboard controls, and advanced video settings.
  • Three new subclasses; one for each class. And reworked returning subclasses.
    • Dawnblade for Warlock, Sentinel for Titan, and Arcstrider for the Hunter.
  • Destiny 2 has more cinematics than all of Destiny 1, lots of quests and missions, and a bountiful haul of weapons and armor.
  • New strikes, one new raid
  • Three new planet(oid)s to explore, and the European Deadzone.
  • New social space called The Farm!


  • All crucible game modes will be 4v4
  • New game mode called Countdown. 
    • Skirmish/Salvage/Elimination style revive system. When dead, you have to be revived. But you can only be revived once.
    • An attack-defend objective game mode and which attacking players arm a bomb, while defending players prevent attackers from arming it
    • A team wins when either: All enemy players are defeated, (As an attacker) successfully have the bomb detonate, (as a defender) disarm the bomb, If all attakers are defeated but the bomb is armed, you still HAVE to detonate the bomb.
    • Each player has one “revive token” in this game mode. If you are revived, your token will be used, and if YOU revive SOMEONE ELSE, YOUR token is used in addition to your teammates
  • No info on other gamemodes at this time. It was confirmed a Trials-like game mode is returning some time after launch.
  • Rumor: Trials of Osiris is being recalled (replaced?) with a game mode called Trials of the Nine!


  • European Deadzone is at least two times bigger than any area in Destiny.
  • The map can be accessed via Ghost and has loads of new information on it!
  • Public Events are now located on the maps and have a timer to when they occur!
  • Adventures are essentially side-missions you get from NPC that can be located on your map!
  • Lost Sectors are dungeon like areas. When you find one, you can venture into one and explore its depths. Finding the boss will give you access to a key that will unlock a chest.

Clans and Guided Games

  • Clans are officially in-game now! There will be rosters and clan rewards as well!
    • Clan rewards haven’t been discussed much but they were mentioned!
    • It appears that you can invite other people from your clan to do nightfall or the raid with the press of a button!
  • Guided games are for the solo players who want to participate in some end-game content.
    • Essentially an LFG-like system!
    • Currently, it will only work for CLANS looking for a slot to fill. Basically. for example, if two members of a clan want to do the Nightfall but no one is available for their third strike, they can use Guided Games to seek for a solo player seeking to team up for the Nightfall. The solo player isn’t IN the clan per say, but they will accompany the two clan members into the Nightfall!

I’m sure I am missing a few things but that pretty much sums up a very great deal of current info!



  • Weapons are now handled differently for Destiny 2!
  • Instead of Primary, Special, and Heavy; they are now called Kinetic, Energy, and Power respectively. 
    • Kinetic weapons are just that. Kinetic. They have no elemental damage. Can be a Pulse Rifle, Hand Cannon, Auto Rifle, Scout Rifle, Submachine Gun(?), and Sidearm!
    • Energy Weapons are elemental weapons! These weapons deal bonus damage to Guardians using Supers (PVP ONLY). They can be the same weapon type as your Kinetic weapons!  YOU CARRY TWO PRIMARIES NOW!
    • Power Weapons are elemental weapons that are…well super damaging. Shotguns, Fusion Rifles, and Sniper Rifles have been moved to this slot. Additionally, you will see Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, and Grenade Launchers in this slot!
  • Swords are still a thing and they come in different shapes and sizes it seems!
Cosplay Tip: Hot Glue Disasters and How to Salvage Pre-Styled Wigs

If you’ve ever owned a wig that is literally hot-glued together (for ponytails, buns, etc.), you’ll find that it tends to get ratty after a few uses, especially since you can’t brush it out like a normal wig. Thankfully, they can still be saved. Rubbing alcohol removes hot glue from not only pre-styled wigs, but every surface imaginable. Just rub the alcohol onto the glue with a cotton ball, q-tip, or tissue. The glue’s hold will loosen until it can be scraped off with a fingernail. With a little bit of patience, you can remove the glue from your wig so that you can redo it any way you please. Again, rubbing alcohol removes hot glue from almost any surface, so this trick can be a lifesaver even when wigs aren’t involved.