Free samples from SampleRoom PH.

I got these free samples from Star Style Ph x Sample Room Ph, few months ago. I decided not to blog about it unless I already tried every product in the package. Before I go into details, I’d like to give you first an idea of what Sample Room Ph is.

Basically it allows you to try and test products, such as hair and bath essentials,   before you actually pay for it. Their tagline says it all — Try Before You Buy. All you have to do is visit their website. Choose the product/s you want to get free samples of and they will deliver it to your doorsteps. All you have to pay is the shipping fee which costs less than 200 php.

Here are the free samples that I got:

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ok so I’ve seen a lot of things about YouTuber!Cosette and I fully support that and I’ve been thinking. so. consider me this.

Most of Les Amis have YouTube channels, but none of them really use them (except for Cosette). They use their channels to like and comment on things, occasionally upload a video compilation of Marius tripping, something along those lines. They don’t try to make videos.

Cosette is the only one of her friends that actually tries to maintain her channel. She posts videos on a weekly basis, and has maybe a few 1000 subs? not a big channel, but a decent following. she makes a lot of different kinds of videos: makeup and fashion videos are her most popular kind, so she does those a lot, but her ukulele covers have also gotten a lot of attention. she also does q&a’s, talking to camera style videos, room tours and what’s in my bag and that kind of thing, and many many videos on feminism and activism and all that jazz. her and eponine often team up for the feminism videos.

So yeah. She’s a YouTuber. BUT. Imagine this. One day, she’s going to go hang out at Courf & R’s house with the squad, and she decides to bring her camera. she gets there and everyone’s there, and she asks them if they want to film a video with her. so, all 13 of them pile up on Grantaire’s ginormous couch (no one knows where he got it or how the hell he managed to afford it, but it’s the only one they’ve ever seen that fits all of them. it’s perfect for movie nights.) and decide to film a video for Cosette’s channel.

it’s chaos. it’s 15 minutes long, and honestly doesn’t have a point to it. she tries asking them questions from a random question generator, but that’s only for the first 5 minutes. it’s pretty much just them talking from there.

but although it’s a mess,
it’s hilarious. there’s bossuet falling off of the couch not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES, Grantaire making sexual innuendos and staring goo goo eyed at enj when he forgets he’s being filmed, jehan knitting the whole time (which shouldn’t be funny? but it is??), courf constantly referencing different musicals, and that one time when they all burst into song when someone accidentally said a lyric from Hamilton. the video is beautiful.

and Cosette’s audience loves it. it gains her a ton of subscribers, and people beg for more videos with the squad. she starts doing a whole group video every other month, and her channel just continues to grow.

and the best part of this is the shipping. people go all out. “DID YOU SEE THAT. COURF AND FERRE LOCKED EYES. I SWEAR TO GOD THEY’RE IN LOVE” there are edits on tumblr, fan accounts, people love them.