Hey all you fantastic fashionista’s! It Is Terr Cacilia here with a new blog post all about the curvy community! Recently while writing a piece for a popular magazine (more details on that come!) I discovered a full figured model/fashion blogger who has truly inspired me. Louise O'Reilly whose ‘Style Me Curvy blog can be found here: and her online portfolio can be found here: . On her facebook page found here: Louise updates all those who follow here on OOTD post, season trends, and her achievements. Most recently Louise O’Reilly was claimed “Best International Fashion Blog” by Cosmopolitan Magazine! This award was defiantly given to the proper winner as Louise’s blog really takes on all of the struggles that go along with being a fashionable woman in the modern world. She truly takes on the role of your best friend, and while reading her blogs you feel as Louise is helping you right along! I say CONGRADULATIONS Louise you are making huge achievements for the curvy community, and have inspired me so deeply!

            This has been Terr Cacilia if you want more of me make sure to check out my links below! Until next time I am sending good vibes to you and yours! Stay Pretty, Stay Chic, Stay Unique.

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I have no rights to the image of Louise O’Reilly,nor does the CMR page. This image was found on her Facebook page with no information about the photographer.