On the topic of layers:

In the “Imagine” clip, we had a very open and comfortable Sana. Comfortable with where she was in life, with how (she thought) the two sides of her identity were at peace, with her friends and family. This is reflected, partly, with her clothes and hijab.
She chose, for the first time on screen, to wear her hijab wrapped only around her head (turban style) with visible earings. She’s also wearing a lighter makeup with light lipgloss instead of her traditional dark lipstick (Sana using her makeup as a shield was discussed before in a meta by @evenandsana here).The style makes her outfit look more open than usual.
She’s also wearing a cream coloured top which is unusual for her. We usually see her rock black and mainly black (although she sports colours sometimes, like that killer orange hoodie) but here, she is wearing a lighter colour as well and not just that: it creates an opening in her outfit.
A “white door” in her black outfit. Straight to the heart.

In the “Ikke Snakk Til Meg” clip, however, she reverts back to the style we saw her in first. Hijab tight around her chin, all black clothes with no top with a personalised type of message on (like BOY BYE) that we can see. Her outfit is entirely closed. Her makeup is the heaviest and darkest we’ve seen her in, I think (at the exception of the first time we saw her on the show, like I said). Heavy smokey eye, really dark and opaque shade of lipstick. Her expression is closed too.

I just felt like pointing out how her state of mind is reflected visually in her choice of clothing and makeup as well. And how obvious the details become when the two most opposite outfits are directly compared.

Sana is now back to being closed-off. Back to trying to protect her broken heart with as many literal and figurative layers as she can.


“nah man, I WINGED it!”

this might be the last one for a while you guys hahahah my hand is hurting from drawing all the cherubs 


What I almost immediately noticed is that Kylo Ren looks a lot older here. His face looks harder, his eyes are less prominent, and his hair looks less styled and more natural. To me, this suggests a higher emotional maturity than what we saw in The Force Awakens.

I am so excited for when he and Rey meet again.

JELLY July vol.134 EXO-CBX Baekhyun Solo Interview (Part 2/2)

Q. What is your favourite girls’ fashion?

As long as the fashion suits the person, I think it’s good. But I personally like it when girls wear jeans stylishly. I used to like street fashion but now I prefer simple fashion that goes well with skinny jeans.

Q. What is your favourite fashion now?

I like the style that doesn’t look like it’s well thought out but actually looks great. Like the ones that look casual (not too dressy) but really cool when you see it carefully. I like wearing only T shirt under jacket, and put on jeans. Casual but chic as well.

Q. What is the new fashion item you purchased lately?

I went to buy snowboarding clothes with Chanyeol. So far, I went snowboarding for three times, and I already got two sets of snowboarding clothes. Chanyeol was like “Are you gonna buy new one every time?” and I know for a beginner like me, just one set is enough. (laughs) But I think cloth is important, and I want to look like a professional at least the clothes! Because I think everyone there is seeing not only how people snowboard but how people wear the clothes as well! (laughs)

Q. What is the latest picture you took with your phone?

I took a picture when I got my hair dyed just to check how it looked. That’s the newest one. I love this orange hair!

Source credit: JELLY magazine

Translation credit: exolouder

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I had bright ass purple hair for two years until I RECENTLY dyed it black and I was and still am as goth as ever 🙄🙄

Likewise: My hair is usually its natural dark brown and I’ve only recently tried to keep it consistently purple (which is very time consuming and gets expensive as well). I tried black once and it looked awful, so I don’t think I’ll go back to it. Granted, stereotypical goth hair styles look really cool and go with the aesthetic, but it’s just silly to assume that they somehow define who can be goth and who can’t.

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(When Jyushimatsu insulted your drawing) Your art is better then mine 😫 because I don't know how to draw on a computer. Your art style is cute! *looks at jyushimatsu* as for you How would homerun girl react if you called mun a little shit? *slaps his hand with a ruler* (For mun and jyushimatsu) @Karamatsuanswers

{I mean have you seen @ask-mothneets‘ art? There’s just so much a person can deny for themselves… XD

Plus I can’t draw on a computer either honestly. TwT All the art on this blog is hand-drawn and scanned… TwT The quality of it gets dirty even… TwT But eh… I… Um… Try? Ugh. @karamatsuanswers

(…OK but thank you so much for the support tbh TwT Plus your art is honestly cute èwé Your Kara’s an adorable dork! <3 Thank you for him!^^}

5/21/17 recs

Note: I’m sorry for the lateness and lackluster comments and short lists but I am being killed by studies and have far less time to poke around in the tag than I used to.

1.  You Only Live Once by rinsled05 || Rated T, 33k (WIP)

It’s when the man is soaring in mid-air under the full moon that Victor gets a good look at him: he’s Japanese, with black hair slicked back in a styled look, and a lithe body covered in tight, tight, leather under a navy blue coat. The shirt collar dips low, revealing sharp collarbones that compliment an even sharper jawline above the curve of a slender neck. Wielding the long spear and bathed in moonlight, the man’s ethereal beauty makes for such a captivating painting that Victor breath hitches in wonder at the sight.

And when the man lands on the ground again, Victor sees the final piece that captures his heart absolutely and thoroughly – a pair of brilliant, golden eyes.

This beauty is not human.

  • Comment: Style is occasionally not my thing but it’s entertaining and enjoyable enough, certainly.

2.  Of Kittens and Trees by vibidi || Rated G, 1.7k

This was perhaps, in some manner or form, something akin to a mistake.

During a visit to the Hasetsu Botanical Gardens, Yuri Plisetsky gets stuck in a tree.

  • Comment: If you are dying like me, have a short oneshot which Yuri Plisetsky, a la actual cats, gets stuck in a tree like a little kitten.

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Oh my gosh goopy your lineless style looks so good!!! Holy shit its so nice and seamless *-*

ohmygoshie thanks you!!!

Honestly it needs to be perfect, I am selling it on stickers and shirts on my redbubble soon! a good pal of mine needs money and I promised helped him with it…

I’ll make a post about it soon, i swear, i just need to doodle the promo and all of that, catch people’s attention you know? and taking advantage of the fact that the dollar is really expensive rn in our countries!!! 


the oblivion continues

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