Married male friend's birthday party style etiquette

Married male friend’s birthday party style etiquette

Let’s say you’ve been invited to your married male friend’s birthday party. You’re beautiful. You’re sexy. You like to flaunt what you’ve got. You like to outdo every other woman around you. But should you try to outdo even the wife of your male friend at her own husband’s birthday party?

Kim Kardashian vs Chrissy Teigen

John Legend recently celebrated his 36th birthday with a party in NYC that…

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Style Etiquette with Acura & Gotstyle Menswear

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I hate hate hate it when Europeans talk shit about American table manners.

/Especially/ when they claim that Americans don’t know how to use a knife and fork.

(Warning, I’m gonna start talking etiquette here, and I’m on mobile, so no read more.)

There are two different dining styles: Continental and American. Why do we get our own dining style? Because fuck you, world power privilege. Our dining style has been around since the Roaring Twenties, because it was felt that we needed to distinguish ourselves from the European aristocracy.

We handle cutlery different here. We cut with different hands, we shift about a little differently. We take time when we eat.

That’s important, because you’re /supposed/ to take time when you eat!

I also think it’s worth noting that over here, we don’t give a damn what style you’re using. If you’re a guest of honor and we’ve all learned continental, frankly, we’ll probably just mimic you to make you feel more comfortable. If we don’t know it, we’re going to American style. And we personally don’t give a damn how fucking snooty you get over it.

We are seriously one of the most charming and polite nations in the world (not boasting, there are fucking numbers, look them up) and you want to give us shit about cutlery. Yeesh.

Also, when you bitch about Americans eating with their hands, I’m suspecting that you have only seen us in family service or fucking fast food. Do you eat hamburgers with a knife and fork over there?

If you do, well, that’s just fucking weird.