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1. How are you, really?
2. Pizza or chicken nuggets?
3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
4. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. What are you looking forward to?
6. Do you like chocolate?
7. What’s your favourite joke?
8. Are you a religious person?
9. If you had a magical pet snail what would you call it?
10. How do you like your steak cooked? (if you eat it)
11. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?
12. What phone do you have?
13. Have you ever got blackout drunk?
14. What do you think people think of you?
15. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?
16. What’s something you want right now?
17. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
18. In general what do you think about art?
19. What are some of the first things you do in the morning?
20. Marvel or DC?
21. Do you like to talk on the phone?
22. What’s your favourite song?
23. What would you do if you won the lottery?
24. What’s your middle name?
25. Do you have any pets?
26. What was the last dream you can remember about?
27. Are you single?
28. Do you like scary movies?
29. What were you thinking about before you come on tumblr?
30. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
31. What’s your last text message say?
32. What are some things you are scared of?
33. Do you like travelling?
34. If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
35. What kind of people are you attracted to?
36. What do you do?
37. Do you feel uncomfortable if someone who you don’t know is physically close to you?
38. What has been your worst haircut/style?
39. Can you play poker?
40. Where were you when you had your last kiss?
41. What’s your favourite flower?
42. Do you buy from charity shops?
43. Are you ticklish?
44. What do you do for fun?
45. What was the last thing you ate?
46. If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for? (more wishes doesn’t count)
47. Favourite band?
48. Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they?
49. Have you ever been fishing?
50. What was the last present you received?

Autumn playlist

1. Alice Phoebe Lou - she

2. Kodaline - all i want

3. Birdy - skinny love

4. Catfish and the Bottlemen - cocoon

5. One Direction - a.m.

6. Ed Sheeran - dive

7. Cody Simpson - awake all night

8. Melanie Martinez - soap

9. Wolf Alice - slik

10. One Direction - 18

11. 5 seconds of summer - vapor

12. Sam Smith - too good at goodbyes

13. The neighbourhood - daddy issues

14. Little mix - turn your face

15. LP - lost on you

16. One Direction - moments

17. Harry Styles - meet me in the hallway

18. The script - the man who can’t be moved

19. Niall Horan - paper houses

20. Il volo - grande amore

21. The weeknd - shameless

22. Selena Gomez - cologne

23. Macklemore ft. Kesha - good old days

24. Ed Sheeran - give me love

25. One Direction - fool’s gold

26. Zayn ft. Sia - dusk till dawn

27. Lana Del Rey - born to die

28. 5 seconds of summer - beside you

29. Little mix - the end

30. Lady Gaga - you and i

31. Ariana grande - thinking ‘bout you

32. Niall Horan - this town

33. 5 seconds of summer - jet black heart

34. One Direction - little things

35. Melanie Martinez - night mime

36. Alice Phoebe Lou - orbit

37. Ed Sheeran - perfect

38. Harry Styles - sweet creature

39. Niall Horan - flicker

40. Rihanna - love on the brain

41. Il divo - regresa mi

42. One Direction - i want to write you a song

43. James Bay - let it go

44. Little mix - love me or leave me

45. Salvador sobral - amar pelos das

46. Alice Phoebe Lou - girl on an island

47. Wolf Alice - i saw you (acoustic)

48. Ariana grande - a little bit of your heart

49. Ed Sheeran - the a team

50. One Direction - fireproof

51. The makemakes - i am yours

52. The neighbourhood - you get me so high

53. The script - no good in goodbyes

54. Niall Horan - mirros

55. Alice Phoebe Lou - society

56. Ed Sheeran - photograph

57. One Direction - over again

58. Wolf Alice - blush

59. Demi Lovato - hallelujah

60. Alice Phoebe Lou - the city sleeps

61. The neighbourhood - sadderdaze

62. One Direction - walking in the wind

63. Haley Reinhart - can’t help falling in love

64. Ed Sheeran - friends

Things You’d Never Know Without Fanfics...

(WARNING: Strongly advise you not to read/comment/reply if you’re easily offended as this is full of heavy sarcasm. If you do not get sarcasm, DO NOT READ.)

(Updated: 7/27/17… starts at #36)

1. Eyes are not called eyes. They are orbs. And usually the color of chocolate.

2. A woman will begin experiencing pregnancy symptoms less than 24 hours after sex. In some cases, there will even be a small bump.

3. It doesn’t matter if you’re a minor, you can still miss 12 days of school without any repercussions.

4. All female protagonists must have ridiculously complicated names or names that generally are associated with boys because they’re “not like all the other girls”.

5. Love triangles are completely original ideas.

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#39-Another Boy Makes You Cry (Niall/Louis)

Warning: Anxiety, crying, mean Louis.

You took deep breaths, trying to quell the rising panic within you. The press of the crowd on either side made you feel trapped, and you hurried forward, trying to get to the car as quickly as possible. You walked past Louis, accidentally bumping into him, and all but yanked open the car door. You got in, shutting the door behind you and wrapping your arms around your ribs. Your breath came out of you in short bursts, and you tried to focus on calming down.

“I’m here, love,” Niall whispered, wrapping his arms around you. “Breathe with me.”

Niall held you until your breathing began to even out, and the interior of the car came into view. Harry and Liam were looking at you with concern, but Louis looked at you angrily. You took a deep breath, and looked over at Niall.

“Thank you,” You quietly said, leaning your head against his shoulder.

“Any time, love,” Niall replied. The five of you sat in silence, until you were a block away from the hotel.

“I’m sorry, guys,” You quietly said.

“It’s okay,” Harry, Liam and Louis said.

“Honestly, (Y/N),” Louis angrily said. “Why can’t you go one day without having a panic attack? You’re so pathetic,”

“Don’t talk to her like that, Louis,” Niall snapped. You leaned back against Niall, closing your eyes and turning towards him. You leaned your head on his shoulder, squeezing your eyes shut and trying not to cry. You arrived at the hotel soon afterwards, and you and Niall were out of the car first. You hurried away from him, up to the hotel room, opening the door and quickly shutting it behind you. You hurried towards the bathroom, stepping in and shutting the door behind you. You locked it, and took a seat on the edge of the tub. Hot tears welled up in your eyes, and you felt them fall down your cheeks.

“Love?” Niall said, knocking on the bathroom. “Can I come in?”

“I’m fine, Niall. I’ll be out in a moment,” You said. You heard Niall walk away, and took a deep breath. You sat there for a while, until you calmed down and the tears ceased to fall. You stood, splashed water on your face, drying your face off before stepping out of the bathroom.

“Love?” Niall quietly said.

“Niall,” You said.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Niall inquired.

“Talk about what?” You asked.

“I know that what Louis said upset you,” Niall said.

“It’s no big deal, Niall,” You murmured.

“How can you say that, (Y/N)? You’ve been in the bathroom, crying, for the past 40 minutes!” Niall said, frustration leaking into his tone.

“It hasn’t been forty minutes,” You quietly said, glancing over at the clock.

“Love, please,” Niall murmured. “Talk to me,”

“What should I talk to you about, Niall? How your friend is cruel? How he thought it was okay to say something horrid to me?” You snapped. “Thanks, but I don’t really feel like talking to you right now.”

You grabbed your pajamas, going back into the bathroom and getting changed. You stepped out a few minutes later, walking past Niall and getting into bed. You turned your back towards him, exhausted and angry.

“Please don’t go to bed angry,” Niall whispered, getting into bed next to you. “I’m sorry that Louis said that. I’ll talk to him, if you want,”

You turned to face Niall, looking up at him before hiding your face in his shirt. Hot tears rolled down your face, soaking Niall’s shirt. He held you until your breath steadied, and you relaxed.

“I love you,” Niall quietly said, pressing his lips to your forehead.

Written by Angel

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1. What do you like best about yourself?
2. Pretend you create a band, what’s your role and what’s the name of the band?
3. List 7 things that cheer you up.
4. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
5. Define yourself without using adjectives.
6. What do you do in your free time?


7. Describe your “type”
8. How long has it been since you dated someone?
9. Do you have a crazy ex?
10. Tell us all about your current crush.  What are you doing to woo them?
11. What’s a good piece of dating advice you think everyone should know?
12. Would you date someone you met online?


13. Are you a people person?
14. How do you start a conversation with a stranger?
15. Who is your favorite person that you don’t personally know?
16. Pretend you’re stranded with three other people; who would you want them to be?
17. What’s your favorite thing about humanity?
18. Who are some other great people on tumblr?  Tag them and explain why.


19. Where did you grow up?
20. Tell us about your first friend.
21. Who was your favorite teacher in school?
22. If you could go back and change one thing from your past, what would it be?
23. Describe a happy memory from your past.
24. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?


25. Where would you live if you could live anywhere and why?
26. What invention would you like to have in the future?
27. Are you optimistic about what’s in your future?
28. What do you want to be when you’re older?
29. List 5 things you want in your future.  
30. Skip ahead 10 years, what is your best friend up to?


31. What’s your favorite food?
32. How’s your cooking skill?
33. Do you prefer making your own meals or eating out?
34. What are some of the best things you can cook/bake?
35. Which food/s do you have strong memories attached to?
36. What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?


37. Describe your style.
38. What would you like to change about your style?
39. Tell us a short story about someone with a very unique style.
40. How have you decorated your house/room?
41. Who do you know that has a great aesthetic?
42. In your mind, what’s the worst style / style mistake?


43. Look to your left and describe something you see without telling us what it is.
44. What does the last text you sent say?
45. Who gave you the best present you ever received?
46. What are three of your most prized possessions?
47. Grab a book nearby and tell us the name, author, and why you have it.
48. What do you spend your money on besides necessities?


49. What are you thinking about a lot lately?  
50. Which life question do you most want the answer to?
51. What do other people think about?
52. What story do you want to hear/watch/read from another character’s point of view?
53. Do you think dreams have meaning?
54. Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know?

Famous Questions:

55. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
56. Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?
57. Who’s on first?
58. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
59. Why is the rum gone?
60. You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?  Well, do ya, punk?

Star Wars Ask Meme

1: what color would your lightsaber be and why?

2: what generation in the star wars timeline would you live in?

3: what would be your job in the star wars universe?

4: would you join the rebelion or the empire?

5: what would be your species of alien?

6: what kind of droid would you own?

7: what would you do if your ship just got boarded by stormtroopers and you had stolen plans to their new space station?

8: would you try aunt beru’s blue milk?

9: which star wars bounty hunter do you most relate with?

10: how would you run the galaxy if you were the emporer?

11: would you upset a wookie? Apparently its not wise.

12: what planet would be your home?

13: would you trust Jar Jar Binks?

14: what color would your pod racer be?

15: how would you get ewoks to become your ally?

16: what would your Darth name be?

17: if you had one force power what would it be?

18: how would you free a princess from a deathstar?

19: what would you do if you just failed darth vader?

20: describe the life style of a scruffy looking nerf hearder?

21: would you rather be a bantha or a taun taun and why?

22: what drink would you order at the cantina?

23: what would be you TK stormtrooper number?

24: what do you think Moz would give to you in her basement?

25: how would you escape the blast of the death star or star killer base?

26: what would be your droid name?

27: what would you name your ship?

28: what would be your job in the galactic senate?

29: if you were a clone how would you distinguish yourself from the others?

30: what would be your star wars weapon of choice?

31: what would you do to apease jabba the hutt?

32: what imperial craft would you command and why?

33: of your friends what would their jobs be aboard your starship or settlement?

34: what would your life as a death sticks dealer on courescant be like?

35: how would you improve your aim as a stormtrooper?

36: what rebel starfighter would you pilot in the fight against the death star and why?

37: what would you smuggle in your ship for profit?

38: what kind of lightsaber / fight style would you have?

39: what would you do for fun in the star wars universe?

40: what would be the weirdest thing youd want to do in the star wars universe?

41: how would you train your jedi padiwan?

42: what would you do if you were betrayed by your best bud on bespin?

43: where would you be stationed as a stormtrooper and why?

44: what climate of planet is your favorite?

45: what would you do if you were stuck on a star tours shuttle and you found out someone was a rebel spy?

46: what star wars hero or villan would you most like to meet?

47: what pattern would you paint on your xwing fighter?

48: what kind of jedi would you be?

49: describe your outfit in the star wars universe?

50: if you could change one thing in the star wars universe what would it be?

#39 The New Role In His Life (Harry Styles)

Will make this a series if you guys like it…

Storyline: A new role for Harry’s best friend in his life. 


“I don’t see a way out of it,” Harry sighed, as he came and lay beside me. I was cuddled up in my sheets eating my chocolate raisins and watching Telly. “Shift a little, let me in,” he pulled the sheets. 

“But, I’m warm,” I whined. 

“You’re not listening to me,” He got in my sheets and pulled me closer to steal all my warmth. “I’m very serious. It’s not going to happen. I can’t get married.” 

“Of course you can’t,” I tried pulling away, “It took me hours to get warm! Let me go!” 

“I’m cold,” He was so strong now, it annoyed me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head on my chest. 

“You’re too close to me. I don’t like touching,” I grumbled. 

“Shut up and solve my problem. Why are you even my best friend? I’m ruining a good title for you,” He showed me his tongue and, went back into cuddling me. “They want me to get married.” 

“Nobody can force you into marriage. Stop the bullshit, please. Just say no,” I said, finally giving in and changing the channel to watch something that wasn’t telemarketing. Nothing else played at 3 A.M. 

“There are a lot of benefits, though,” He looked up. 

“Then say that.” 

“Fine! If I get married now, it will really add to my entire career and image. After an age, it becomes important and, you know the rest,” He cleared, “I just an not marrying Kendall.” 

“She is your option?” I shifted up the bed and placed another pillow behind my back. “I thought, you didn’t want to go beyond the girlfriend thing.” 

“Yes, exactly. And getting married to one of the Kardashians? It’s not going to add in the way, I want it to, but we have discussed all of this Lilith! I can’t marry her!” He exclaimed. 

“You’re sick. You’re in a relationship with her. And, don’t want to marry her! You’re absolutely sick.” 

“She doesn’t want to marry me either. It’s mutual,” He sighed. 

“She doesn’t want to marry you? What’s her reason?” I asked. 

“You’ll laugh.” 

“Who says I’m not now?” I smiled. 

“Stop it, Lilith! She wants somebody who actually loves her and not, well, that’s now me,” He answered, now shifting his head to my stomach. 

“You know, I’m ticklish and, you still don’t stop!” I groaned, trying to shift away from his body, but to no avail. “Let me think about it. I can’t help you. You know so many women, ask one of them.” 

“Really who?” He said, sarcastically. “Who can I actually just go and marry?” 

“You want to be smart, get out! Let me sleep!” He showed me his tongue and switched off the television. Pulling me down to cuddle again which he knows I hated. 

I woke up next morning on my stomach, and Harry’s head on my back. “Harry, Harry, Harry…” I tried waking him up. “I’m too hot now, move!” He groaned and shifted on his back. This man had an issue of shedding clothes and was now sleeping almost naked in my bed. “Completely hopeless!”  

I made breakfast for both of us while reading the newspaper. I had a busy day planned and, I wasn’t going to let Harry make me late again. He walked into the room, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Taking a seat on the kitchen table, “Are you going to work today?” 

“I have no idea why that’s a question,” I laughed. 

“You can work from home. I still remember you saying that’s the best part of your job! Not tied to one location,” He pouted. “Help me, Lilith!” 

“Oh my god! Eat your breakfast and go home! Talk to your manager, and finalise on who you want to get married to, if you want to get married even and, stop cribbing, Harry! Of all our discussion, this is the most ridiculous one of all!” I scolded. 

“What nonsense! I think the worst was if jellyfishes can hug!” Harry yelled behind me. 

“And, this is what he argues about!” I shut the door, laughing. 

Harry and I had known each other since school. It was only a few years ago, when I had met him again, by chance and then, stayed in contact and now, he was my best friend. I liked our relationship, I was comfortable around him. He was the only guy I could be comfortable around after all my failed relationships that lined my history. 

Finishing my work from the main office, I took a cab to Harry’s house since he had some brilliant news to tell me. I rang his doorbell, checking all my mails because, once in the house, I wouldn;t get the chance again. 

“And look who is here,” Harry opened the door. Something was wrong, I could feel and see it. He stood there, in a Sheer black shirt leaning against the door with a seductive look in his eyes. 

“Harry…” I warned as I stepped in, knowing all his tricks really well. 

“I made dinner,” He smirked as his closed the door and walked behind me. 

“You always make dinner,” I eyed him. 

“I do, only for the special,” He kissed my cheek, taking off my coat. 

“You have a lot of special people then, Harry. What did you make?” I asked, trying to step away from him. 

“Your favourite, sit,” He pulled the chair. 

“I’ll help you get the food from the kitchen,” I stopped him, but then I looked towards the kitchen, ”but, you have servers, okay. Am I missing anything?” I took a step back, but he pulled me towards him and made me sit. 

The servers brought food in, and Harry poured the wine. It was all my favourite. After taking a bite of my food, confirming he had cooked it, “Okay, what do you want?” 

“Marry me.” 

Request here for a Part 2? 




the-owlknight  asked:

Top 5 of your favourite quirks of Cass. Please.


5. Is actually really nervous and insecure about crowds/social stuff

[Wonder Woman (1987-2006) #174]

4. Trying out words/practicing saying her thoughts outloud

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #61]

3. Eats like it’s going out of style

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #39]

2. Amazingly cocky/thinks she can literally solve things with her fist

[Batman: Gotham Knights #35]

1. Won’t let anyone speak ill of her loved ones

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #67]

anonymous asked:

9, 11, 20, 39, 40, 46, 53, 54, 76

  • 9:My best first date

Well we didn’t last long but we went to this hot chocolate place and spoke until the place was closing. 

  • 11:What do I miss

Pulling me closer during mid-day naps

  • 20:First thing I notice in new person

Hm, I don’t know. Dress-style, eyes, hair probably. 

  • 39:Do I and my last ex hate each other?

Pretty sure he hates me. I don’t blame him. 

  • 40:Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?


  • 46:If I were drunk & and can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?

A friend or boyfriend.

  • 53:What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?

Hope she treats you right and you guys are in a healthy relationship. 

  • 54:Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?

I don’t think so but you never know life, right?

  • 76:What do I think is Satan’s last name is?

Sixpenceee ;)

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #39


“I’m excited, Harry!,” Henley squealed through the other line. “Our very first concert as a couple, and It’s a Coldplay concert! Argh, this is awesome!”

I chuckled. “Calm down before you burst”

“Yeah, sorry,” she laughed. “I just haven’t been to a concert in a very, very long time! And this would count as our first official date instead of the previous one!”

“I know, love,” I said, smiling to myself. “And I know how much you love Coldplay, so you’re definitely going to enjoy the show tonight”

“Yes!,” she exclaimed. “Although, I’m very bummed that we can’t arrive together. Are you sure you can’t come and pick me up?”

“No, baby, I can’t-”

“Oh, right,” she cut me off, her voice suddenly sounding annoyed. I could picture her rolling her eyes at the moment. “I forgot that you’re going to tutor… her”

My chest started to hurt with guilt. Running a hand through my hair, I said, “I’m sorry, babe. I don’t wanna do it, but she just kept insisting and insisting. I’ll make it quick, okay? Just one hour of tutoring and then I’m off to the concert with you. And I will take you back home, so we’ll still spend some more time together. You have my ticket?”

“Safe and sound in my purse” she said sounding almost proud, which made me chuckle again. Her excitement was coming back.

“Good,” I said. “I’ll see you later, then?”

“Okay, Haz. Imma go and get ready!” She said. I could still hear the smile in her voice.

“Alright. Love you!”

“Love you more”

When the both of us hung up, I sighed. I felt horrible for being here instead of being where I was supposed to be. Getting ready for my first official date with my girlfriend. And I felt like the most horrible boyfriend in the entire universe.

I took one last hesitant glance at Nicole’s house before I hopped out of the car.

When I reached the doorway, I knocked on the door after taking a few more seconds to ponder if I really should do this or not. Henley was already mad enough about me agreeing to tutor Nicole. It took her a while to finally “be okay” with it. Thing is that I would’ve said no to Nicole, but I didn’t trust her anymore. And I didn’t want her saying anything to Henley about… ‘that’. I guess I did the right thing on telling Henley where I’d be, though, or the situation would’ve been much worse.

I looked back at my car as I waited. I could make a run for it, no one probably heard me knocking. But, of course, as soon as I started to turn around slowly, still doubtful if I should just run towards the car, the door had opened. Closing my eyes, feeling stupid again, I turned to look at Nicole, who was standing there with a black tank top and some shorts, with no shoes. She smiled. “Hey, you’re here!”

I tried to smile back. “Yeah. I am”

Looking at me up and down, she bit her bottom lip, then got out of the way. “Come on in”

I did, and she followed behind me, right after she closed the door. The house was nice and welcoming, and it seemed sort of old fashioned. Maybe her parents were actually nice. “So, are your parents upstairs, or…?” I asked, turning around to face her.

“Oh, my parents aren’t here,” she said with a light shrug. My stomach dropped. “Dad’s at work and mom’s out getting her hair done. So It’s just you and me now”


“Hey, lighten up, I don’t bite,” she said whilst chuckling. Walking closer towards me, she added, “Unless you want me to”

I took a step backwards, taking out my Math book from my backpack. “We should start now”

“Oh, no, no, no,” she shook her head, lowering my book with her hand. “First, we eat. Fancy some lasagna? It’s already in the oven”

I shook my head this time. “No. Nicole, I didn’t come here to eat lasagna with you, I came to help you out with Math class. That’s what you asked for”

She fake pouted. “But there’s nothing wrong with having some dinner together. Besides, I’ll learn faster with a stomach full”

“Fine. Then you eat, I’m not hungry anyway” I said as I sat down at the table and opened the book.

She groaned. “Well, maybe I don’t like to eat alone. Come on, Harry, I made it specially for you”

I sighed. I cannot believe I ever thought this girl was “cool”. “Okay, whatever,” I said before she could continue whining like a child. “But only a small slice”

At that, she smiled, then clapped her hands. “Great! I’ll serve you one right up!”

While I waited for her to do that, I pretended to read the Math problems that were in the book. But really, I was just thinking about wanting to leave this place as soon as possible. I looked at my phone screen. 5:33. The concert started at 8pm. At 6 or 6:30 I would be leaving this house.

“Here you go!” I heard her say.

When she put the plate in front of me, I saw a slice of lasagna that was far from being small.


After basically shoving the whole lasagna piece down my throat without even being hungry, I opened the book in front of her. She was still only halfway through her food, and I had a feeling that she was doing it on purpose. “Nicole,” I sighed. “Please, let’s just start with this already. I really need to leave as soon as possible”

She looked up at me, then smiled 'sweetly’. “Well, I still haven’t finished eating, silly!”

“Yeah, well, it doesn’t really matter. You can eat while you learn,” I said, going through the pages almost desperately. When I stopped at the one I was looking for, I said, “Now, let’s start with these three Math problems first-”

“Harry,” she cut me off, setting her fork down. “Honestly, what’s the rush? Can’t you just wait until I’m finished?! Geez…”

As I opened my mouth to talk again, she grabbed the fork once more and started to eat again as if I wasn’t there. Then, she added, “You can’t rush a girl on anything”

And then she didn’t say another word. She just slowly kept eating her lasagna. And I couldn’t do anything else but to sit there and hope that she finished up quickly and that she wasn’t doing this to purposely make me arrive late.



Whilst I got ready for the concert, I received 3 hate texts from my beloved friends.

'Heeeyyy, hope you have fun on the concert I won’t be able to attend, little bitch ;-;’ from Valerie.

'I’ll just be here in bed listening to all of their albums while you go and watch them live. Bitch.’ from Amy.

'I hate you so fucking much’ from Joseph.

I laughed at all of them. I did feel bad for them not being able to make it, but that didn’t take away my excitement. Liam and Niall were going to the concert, though, but they were going to be sitting at different areas. Harry and I will be sitting next to each other, of course.

At 6:35pm, I was already ready. When I got downstairs, mom was in the kitchen and dad was sitting on the table checking something on his phone. “Oh, hey sweetie, you ready to go?” She asked me as she smiled, chopping some tomatoes.

“Yup, sure am” I said. I was still pretty jumpy from excitement.

She chuckled. “Harry coming to pick you up?”

“Unfortunately, no. I’ll meet him there” I answered.

She nodded in understanding. “Remind me again which concert is it?” Dad asked, lowering his phone.

“A Coldplay concert, dad” I said.

“Coldplay?,” he repeated, furrowing his eyebrows. “They’re still doing music?”

“Of course,” mom said. “And you used to love their music”

“I did not 'love’ their music,” dad said. “You were the one who kept playing Viva La Vida and Fix You and all those other songs everytime we went out”

“And you loved them” mom pointed out.

Dad rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’m more of a Rock & Roll guy. You know, the classic rock, not the crappy rock they play on the radio these days”

“Hey, that rock isn’t crappy!,” I exclaimed, but I was laughing. Dad waved his hand in a 'Whatever’ way whilst mom just grinned as she washed her hands in the sink. “Anyway, I’d love to stay here and discuss good music with you guys, but I think I should run. I’ll see you guys later!”

“Okay, you have a great time!” Mom called as I made my way towards the front door.

“And drive safely!” Dad added before I closed the door behind me.


“There she is!” Niall practically shouted when he spotted me from the distance.

Despite that we caught a few people’s attention, I smiled at him and Liam, who was standing next to him, and waved. When I finally reached them I hugged them both. “Where’s Harry?” Liam asked.

“Oh, uh, he’ll be here later,” I answered. “He’s tutoring that girl, Nicole”

“Nicole? Nicole Gardner?,” Niall grimaced. “Aw, man, I hated that bitch on ninth grade! I bought her some chocolates on Valentine’s Day and she rejected them. Who the hell rejects chocolate?”

“And she always seemed really fake to me,” Liam added. “Why is Harry even tutoring her?”

“Because she’s dumb,” I replied. “And because she probably wants some alone time with him”

“So, why are you okay with it?” Niall asked.

“I’m not,” I sighed. “But I trust Harry. He won’t let her do anything inappropriate. And if they do something inappropriate, I’ll cut them into little pieces, then cook them, and then feed them to Valerie’s dog”

Niall laughed. Liam shook his head, but he was grinning. “Okay, then,” he said. “Do we wait for Harry here or do we enter now and wait for him inside?”

“Let’s wait for him here first” I suggested, to which they both nodded. And so the three of us found the nearest bench and waited for Harry to arrive at any moment.




How the hell did time go by so fast?

At 6:30, I was already ready to leave, but Nicole “still didn’t understand anything”, so I told her that I would stay a few more minutes to explain it to her once more. After that, she started to ask really dumb questions that were starting to make me really lose my temper. Questions that I know she knew the answers to, but asked anyway, just for the fun of it, it seemed. I was tapping my feet impatiently and looking at the clock all the time, the image of Henley waiting for me producing a hole-like pain in my chest that would most likely haunt me for the rest of the night, and for a longer time after that. I was gonna be late, I knew that, and I really hoped that Henley wouldn’t get mad at me for it.

I stood up from my seat. “I really gotta go now. Henley’s waiting for me and-”

“Henley?,” she huffed. “You’re worried about Henley? Oh, come on, you have this whole weekend to be with her!”

“We have a date tonight” I said through gritted teeth.

“Oh,” she said, not so cheerful. But then, she gave me a smile that was as fake as her. “How sweet. But I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you staying a few more minutes here”

“No,” I shook my head, gathering my things. “I’m sorry, Nicole, but I’m not gonna stay here any longer. Call someone else who knows this stuff better to help you, 'cause I gotta go”

When everything was back in my backpack, I turned to leave without saying anything else. She did, though. “Fine,” she said, still on her seat. “I’ll call Henley, then, since you told me she knows oh so much about this. And I’ll probably talk to her about something more than that”

Closing my eyes, I sighed, but I didn’t turn back to her. “Go on. Tell her, I don’t really care anymore”

And just when I was about to walk out the door, she said, “I have a video, you know”

I stopped walking at that sentence. This time, I turned my head to look at her. She had a smirk on her face. I had my eyes wide. “Y-you… you don’t really-”

“Oh, but I do,” she stood up. “It’s upstairs in my room. All safe in my camera. I haven’t shown it to anyone yet, but every now and then I look at it, and God, It’s a really good video”

She walked closer towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Maybe Henley could be the first person to watch it”

I pulled away from her. “You wouldn’t”

She chuckled. “If you don’t want the video to fall in her hands, then come here and take a seat”

I gulped as I kept eyeing her. Was she lying about the video? Was she actually telling the truth? Was she really willing to show it to Henley, or to anyone else? Why would she even have a video of that night?

This girl was completely psycho.

But my mind was numb at the moment, and all I could do was sit down across from her, taking out the book once more. She smiled. “Good boy! Now, where were we?”




“Umm,” Niall broke the small silence that had built up between the three of us after minutes of small conversations. “We should really be heading inside now”

I kept staring at my phone. Harry hasn’t texted, yet, and I was starting to get worried. Was he coming? Did he forget about the concert? Did he go somewhere else?

Was he still with Nicole?

I would really rather it be the first 3 questions. If he was still with Nicole I would definitely not be happy. My blood started boiling just at the thought of it. “Maybe he got caught up in traffic,” I let out a small chuckle as I looked at them. “Tell you what, why don’t you guys go inside already? It’s about to start in a few moments”

Liam gave me a worried look. “It wouldn’t be fair for us to leave you here alone and-”

“Hey, I’ll be fine,” I assured him. “Seriously, he’s probably on his way, so maybe I don’t have to wait too long. I’ve got my rape whistle just in case, though”

“Which we wouldn’t be able to hear because we’d be at the concert” Niall pointed.

I rolled my eyes. “Go. I’ll be fine”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure”

Both of them exchanged worried looks before finally agreeing on leaving. “Just text or call us if you need anything,” Liam said, Niall nodding in agreement. “We’ll have our phones in hand”

I nodded, giving them a small smile. After they returned it, they walked away, leaving me sitting on the bench and still waiting for Harry to come.

If he was coming…

What was I saying? Of course he was coming! He wouldn’t just bail on me like that!

I sighed, looking down at my phone and unlocking the screen. I sent him a text that I hoped he’d answer.

'Where are you?’




Nicole was a bitch.

I wanted to yell and punch something from how angry I was at the moment. I was already late to the concert, I wouldn’t have time to go home and get ready, and I didn’t even want to start imagining how Henley was feeling. She was probably really disappointed and upset, and it would probably take me a while to make it up to her.

Nicole took so much trying to solve Math problems I gave her, pretending to think and then writing things down just to erase them because she had “made a mistake in the process”. This continued for what seemed to be an eternity, and I already had enough of it.

She was still writing when I stood up and grabbed my things. “I’m leaving now”

Almost too quickly, she looked up at me and let go of her pencil. “We’re not done yet-”

“I don’t fucking care!,” I almost shouted. “I had to meet Henley at the concert before eight and I’m already half an hour late, all because I’m wasting my time HERE! And you can tell Henley anything you want because It’s not like I cheated on her. And yeah, she’d be upset, but I wouldn’t lose her because of that. As for the video? It just makes you look desperate that you have that with you. So, I suggest that you just move on from all of this and leave me the fuck alone”

Nicole’s angry expression deepened a little bit more each time I finished a sentence. She stood up, as well. “Who do you think you are, talking to me that way? I could make your life a living hell if I wanted to, so you better watch it!”

“I. Don’t. Care” was all I said before the both of us heard the front door opening.

Walking in was a woman who seemed to be in her early 40’s, so I quickly assumed it was Nicole’s mom. Nicole turned to her and her tone change quickly. “Oh, hey mom! You look great!”

“Thanks, honey,” her mom smiled. Then she looked at me. “You must be Harry, am I correct? I’m very pleased to meet you”

I knew immediately that this woman was nothing like her daughter. “Pleasure’s all mine, ma'am,” I said while smiling back and placing my things inside my backpack. “But I was just leaving”

“Oh!,” she said. “Are you sure you don’t wanna stay for dinner?”

“No thanks, I already ate,” I said quickly, making my way towards the door. “It was nice meeting you, though”

And then I closed the door after catching sight of Nicole’s fiery glare directed at me.



I couldn’t wait for him any longer.

The concert had already started and Harry didn’t answer any of my texts. Sighing, I stood up. I took one last look around, as if Harry was gonna pop up any second now. But the place was almost empty because everyone else was already at the concert.

Shaking my head, I put my phone on silence and then I headed inside. I wanted to think that he got stuck on traffic but the streets weren’t too full at this time of the night.

When I reached my seat, 'Hymn for the Weekend’ was already being sung. I didn’t even sit, because I wanted to try and blend in with the people who were already dancing and singing their hearts out to the song. But I couldn’t concentrate on the music, or on Chris Martin who was gracefully moving around the stage, because the seat next to mine was empty.

Tears started to build up in my eyes as soon as Harry and Nicole came to my mind, but I managed to shoo them off as I started to sing along. At this point, I didn’t even bother to think of the possibilities of why Harry didn’t show up. Then I thought to myself: if he did show up, he couldn’t enter anyways because I had his ticket. Well, screw it. Screw it because he left me waiting, and thanks to him I missed half an hour of the concert, maybe even a little bit more. And screw him for being such an asshole and being late to our first official date.


“Dammit” I muttered to myself as I saw the hour. 9:01pm.

In addition to the whole Nicole thing, the ride to the concert was like half an hour long, which made me arrive even more late than I thought.

As I hopped out of the car, I punched myself mentally for being so stupid and actually staying at Nicole’s house and let her manipulate me so easily. I could’ve just left. Even better, I could’ve just ignored Nicole’s request and gone straight to my house, and then to the concert. Then, I wouldn’t have to be so worried to see Henley. I knew she would be angry at me -I would be too- and I never liked it when she got angry at me.

Just realizing that she had my ticket, I tried to call various times, but they all led me to voicemail. My chest tightened as I tried one more time. But nothing. Sighing in frustration, I went to the ticket booths, asking if there were, by any chance, any tickets left. They were sold out.

Then I tried to get past security by trying to explain to them that my girlfriend was inside but she had my ticket. Of course, you might’ve already guessed their answer…

After a good 20 minutes of trying to get in, I sat down in one of the benches in surrender. This is what I get. I deserved it, really, but I didn’t want Henley to go home thinking that something happened between Nicole and I.

Sighing, I took out my phone one more time. Glancing at the previous, desperate text messages I sent her a few moments ago, I typed in one more, still in hopes that she would answer.

'I’m sorry.’



The concert felt like it had lasted an eternity, and I took that in a good and a bad way. Good, because it felt like I had more time watching Coldplay. Bad, because part of me just wanted to go home and sleep. Sleep for two days straight and then wake up to the smell of bacon waiting for me.

The concert was so incredibly amazing, but I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I really wanted to. I was still upset and holding back tears through the night, and I also felt kind of guilty. But I tried to brush it off as I took out my phone once everyone was heading out. I had 10 messages; 1 from mom, 1 from Niall, 2 from Liam, and 6 from Harry. Reading through them all, I told mom that the concert was already over, and then I told Liam and Niall that I loved the concert but couldn’t go out to eat with them because I had a headache.

Without trying to find Harry through the huge crowd outside, I made my way straight to the parking lot. But when I finally reached my car, my struggle to not be seen had failed. “Henley!”

Closing my eyes for a moment before turning around, I tried to prepare myself mentally to face him. When my eyes finally met his I tried my very best not to yell at him. “Henley,” he breathed again. “I am so sorry, I really am-”

“Don’t apologize,” I cut him off, shaking my head as I took out my keys. “The concert was awesome. Brilliant. Too bad I missed the whole beginning because I was still waiting for you…”

“I know, I’m a douchebag,” he said as I turned to unlock the car. “But I don’t want you to stay mad at me, I wanna fix it”

I let out a short laugh. “It’s okay, you don’t have to fix anything, babe. Shit happens. I guess Nicole just needed extra tutoring, I get it”

When I opened the car door, I heard him sigh. “Henley, please don’t leave like this”

Finally, I turned to him one more time, and I let my true thoughts out this time. “You’re an asshole,” I started, glaring at him. “I can’t believe that all this time you were at HER house! I told you that I didn’t have a problem with you tutoring her but I actually DID have a problem. But I trusted you because I thought that you would be punctual and be here before eight. How damn wrong was I?”

Gulping, he slowly nodded, a look of guilt and worry plastered on his face. “You have every right to be mad,” he said calmly. “But I promise you, I won’t do it again”

I scoffed. “Right. Goodbye, Harry”

And before he could say something else, I hopped into my car and left.


1934 37  first style frame buckle

1938 39  Second style frame buckle

1938 second style frame buckle 

1938 Second style frame buckle

1939 - 1942  second style frame buckle worn with field grey wartime uniform

1937 - 1940 circa   Dress Brocade belt buckle worn with white uniform

1937 - 1940 circa Dress Brocade belt buckle worn with brown party uniform

1937 - 1940 circa Dress Brocade belt buckle worn with brown party uniform

1937 - 1940 circa Dress Brocade belt buckle worn with brown party uniform closeup

Visual kei asks

01. Favorite song right now
02. Favorite hair colour on a musician
03. You’re locked in a room with one musician of your choice- who would it be?
04. What is your all time favorite band
05. Least favorite band(s)
06. Favourite visual kei band member
07. Favourite OTP
08. Visual kei band(s) you’ve seen live
09. Visual kei band(s) you want to see live
10. If you could chose to be married to 1 band member. Who would it be.
11. Last Visual kei song you listened to
12. Do you have any Visual kei posters? 
13. Favourite pre-2000′s band

(pick a song that…..)
14. NEEDS to be played LOUD
15. Makes you want to dance
16. Makes you cry 
17. Makes you laugh
18. You never get tired of
19. You’d sing at karaoke
20. Was released in the year you were born 
21. Has many meanings to you
22. Everyone MUST listen to before they die
23. That motivates you 
24. That you would play at your wedding 

25. One band you wish were still together 
26. One musicians you would bring back to life
27. What do your parents/guardians think about you listening to Visual kei?
28. Buying imports or Downloads
29. Can you find your favorite band in a store near you?
30. Do you own any visual kei magazines?
31. Put your mp3/ipod on shuffle-What are the first 3 Visual kei songs that popped up?
32. What helped you discover Visual kei
33. What was your first Visual kei Band/ Artist
34. How old were you when you discovered Visual kei?
35. Will you still like Visual kei when you’re 67?
36. Will you still like the bands you listen to when you’re 86?
37. What is your opinion on dubstep integrating the Visual kei scene?
38. Would you/do you dress in Visual kei style?
39. What would your life be like right now, if you didnt discover Visual kei
40. Will you introduce your offspring to Visual kei?
41. Who will be the first Visual kei band you introduce your offspring to? 
42. Could you recognise your favourite musician, make-up-less, in the street?
43. Which era of Visual kei was the best
44. Balladic songs or heavy moshpit songs?
46. Whats your favourite sub-style of Visual kei
47. Have you ever thought Hizaki(or any other musician) was an actual girl?
48. Do you prefer musicians in dresses- or in leather/pvc pants? 
49. Name your Top 3 favourite songs from your favourite Visual kei band
50. Do you have any Visual kei albums/singles/ect…?
49. Top 3 Visual kei albums
50. Name a Visual kei song thats over 5 minutes long
51. Can you name a Visual kei song under 2 minutes long?
52. Name a song with the BEST engrish you have ever heard.
53. A song your favorite artist should cover immediately 
54. Most played Visual kei song
55. A song you wish you had never translated.
56. A song you want to know the translation of.
57. Will/Have you learned Japanese because of Visual kei?
58. Pick a Visual kei song from an anime
59. A song sexier then Aoi (The GazettE) drizzled baby oil.
60. A song that cant be contained in headphones because it is literally too awesome! 
61. Is your favorite musician a dork?
62. name a visual kei musician who is too unreal
63. Do you call 30+ year old your children? 
64. What would you do if your favorite band member walked out of the shower when you went to your bathroom?
65. Do you like female visual kei musicians?- if so, who is your favorite?

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“My style is inspired by ancient future. I like to wear things from different times, lots of colors and natural fabrics. I love classics but I like to be a bit unorthodox, too.“

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