here, i present a shit ton of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of july. I read so many (39) fucking fics this month, jesus christ.. this rec is gonna be super long fam. I recommend that you read these great fics in august, if you haven’t already!! 

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. For Now (and Forever) (83k)**

“It’s nice that you want to offer that, but I just can’t do that. First of all, it’s illegal.”

Louis shakes his head vigorously. “No, no. It’s not like one of us is gunning for a visa.”

“Listen to yourself,” Harry laughs, shaking Louis’ shoulders. “Don’t you think it’s a bit weird to con the country you’re supposed to be serving?”

Louis is going into the Army, Harry is going nowhere, and there’s nothing like a little identity fraud between friends.

2. Blind from This Sweet, Sweet Craving (31k)*

But he’s also Harry’s best friend, and despite everything, despite all the fuck-ups and the plot twists and everything just not playing out the way it should, he’d still rather be stuck in this situation with Louis than any of the other boys. He’s got Harry’s back, and in a weird, abstract way, he knows they’ll be able to get out of this situation, together.

Harry sighs. “We’re going,” he says resignedly, his shoulders slumping.

Oh well. There are definitely worse ways to spend the weekend than pretending to be engaged to his best friend.

3. MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! (20k)*

Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all

- Louis x

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1D Hiatus: Day 39

What we know today that happened yesterday:

* Apparently Louis went grocery shopping with Oli

* Harry is in LA

* Niall is in Melbourne for the Australian Open

* Liam meets a fan in London

* Harry’s dad posts an old picture on Instagram of him and Harry having lunch together

It’s Jan 21st, 2016.

#O39: Christmas Day

A/N: This is a continuation of ‘Christmas Prep’ blah blah – just a note. MERRY CHRISTMAS! xx

Harry: His parents’ house in Holmes Chapel was your home for a few days. You were all for it if it meant to get out in the countryside and into the arms of his loving family. “We like you, you know.” Anne said as you two were cleaning up. “I haven’t seen Harry this happy with a girl, ever.” She smiled sadly. You saw the tears well up in her eyes. “Aw, Anne” You pulled her into a hug. After a few seconds you pulled away, “Don’t cry hun,” “Harry needs a girl like you, [Y/N]. He’s in love! He’s growing up. God, why can’t he propose already?!” You shared a laugh. “Well, actually,” You heard his voice, “I was going to ask her tonight, anyways, so,” He dropped down to one knee and pulled out a velvet box. “[Y/N], please, will you ma-rry meee?” OH THE JOYS OF CHRISTMAS.

Zayn: “Ooh! This is nice!” Niall un-wrapped a third Christmas cake thing, chucking it in his mouth. “Just don’t forget where the rubbish bin is, yeah?” You walked past the man, carrying a few bowls of salads. “What’s in it [Y/N]?” He asked. “A lot of Brandy,” He made a noise of understanding, mumbling about how alcohol makes everything nicer. “Can I do anything to help?” Sophia asked. “Would you mind taking the meat in?” She nodded, getting the stylish chopping board that rested in your hands. “Oh piss off! Turn this shit off!” Louis’ voice pestered at the sound of Christmas jingles emerging from the stereo. “Louis! There’s kids here!” Eleanor scolded him, seeing Liam’s little ones resting on the couch laughing at Louis. “This looks wonderful,” Zayn pressed his chest against your back, dropping down to leave a kiss on your cheek. “Thank you.”

Louis: “It looks good, aye?” He told his mother, who eyed the massive Christmas tree. “You’re lucky you have a tall roof, Lou.” She agreed, “How’d you convince [Y/N]?” “Eaaaaasy.” He lead her into the dining room, where you were, helping Lottie with her sisters. You and her had told her father to sit as you both set out the food because he wanted to help. “Ready for lunch you two?” You called, raising your eyebrows. You and him had invited them all over to your house which was a few minutes outside of London, for lunch and presents. You loved his family allot, to be honest. They were all humourous. It was good to have that kind of vibe around. He sneakily took a bite of the slice of bread in front of him, then got caught by Fizzy. “Louis has to say grace! He was the first one to eat!” He had a look of defeat etched across his face. “Damn,” he muttered inaudibly. “Grab hands then,”

Liam: Your christmas day was spent in hospital with your baby boy, Alec. He was born the day before and as healthy as ever. He was a bit overdue but that didn’t matter in the end. “He’s so handsome,” You gushed, probably for the millionth time. “He is, isn’t he?” He held his finger out, feeling the chubby fingers grip onto it. “He’s like his dad.” You smiled at Liam, watching his smile grow. “Apart from his blue orbs. I don’t know where those came from,” He chuckled, kissing your lips. “Your baby doesn’t need to hear that kissing carry on,” Louis opened the door to your room with the lads following behind him. “Never mind, Alec. Uncle Louis’ gotcha’,” Louis held the little baby, cooing him. Zayn pulled out a present. “From Perrie and I. It’s a little Christmas gift for Alec.” “I’ve got one too,” Harry declared, revealing his, and soon the other two were handing their’s over. It was safe to say this was probably the best way to spend Christmas.

Niall: “Gemmaaaaaaa!: You yelled, throwing your whipped cream-y hands around her. “[Y/NNNNNNNN]! I haven’t seen you in ages, woman!” She laughed, asking how you were. “I’m fine, and you? God you’ve grown taller.” You acknowledged the slight height difference in the two of you. “Cute. But I’m taller than both of you still. HA.” Harry patted our heads, trying to be funny. “Out, out, out,” You threatened him with your hands, waving them crazily. “Niall! Control your girlfriend!” “What do you have to finish now?” Gemma stalked around the kitchen, seeing strawberries, sticking one in her mouth. “Decorating the pav, d’you wanna help?” She sighed dramatically. “I suppose. That’s what the first ones do, don’t they.” You laughed at her sarcasm, rolling your eyes. “Niall’s saying grace!” Zayn shouted abruptly, causing the table to quieten. “Since when?” “Since now, bro.” “Okay – 2,4,6,8, dig in, don’t wait. Amen!” Everyone erupted with laughter, “You’re welcome!”