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Intertwine (Blurb)

I’ve always thought there aren’t enough fluffy, hand-holding blurbs out there, so I wrote one!



He was nervous.

You could tell even though the room around you was dark and you could only really make out the outline of Harry seated next to you. His eyes were completely focused on the movie playing on the screen in front of you, but his mind was a million miles away. He kept fidgeting in his seat beside you and you snuck a glance in his direction every time you heard him shuffle beside you.

You stuck another handful of popcorn in your mouth and leaned in toward him.

“Hey, you okay? You’re moving around like you need a wee.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled, “Seats are uncomfortable.”

You turned your attention back to the movie. Truthfully, you were a bit preoccupied as well. This was only your third date and you could tell that Harry had been hesitant to make any sort of move, other than asking you out. You hadn’t slept together, hadn’t kissed or cuddled, or even held hands. Harry had been the perfect gentleman over the first two dates, but you were starting to wonder if he was ever going to make a move. 

You glanced back over at him a few moments later and saw that he was still staring straight ahead. His hands were tightly clasped together in his lap and his knee was bouncing slightly.

You sighed and readjusted a bit in your seat, placing your arms haphazardly on the arm rests on either side of your seat, just out of comfort. While you settled in to continue watching the movie, you didn’t see Harry glancing over at you, and then down at your hand that was now resting only a few inches away from him. 

He wanted to hold your hand, he just wasn’t sure if you would be okay with it. The first two dates had gone well, in his mind, but he knew you were a bit shy and he didn’t want to scare you off. He couldn’t stop thinking about what your hand would feel like intertwined with his own, however. It didn’t matter much to him if he had to wait a few more dates to kiss you, but he was starting to crave the feel of your skin on his own. He was undoubtedly attracted to you and wanted you to know that he was starting to really enjoy your company and wanted to advance your growing relationship.

He couldn’t have told you what had happened in the last half hour of the movie, but he couldn’t help it. His mind was only focused on one thing and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get through the rest of the film without holding your hand. He needed it; he had to.

He unclasped his hands and slowly started to inch the left one closer to the arm rest, trying to seem inconspicuous by shuffling his body a bit to make the movement appear natural. You were still looking at the screen and not really noticing what was going on, so he moved a little more. His hand was now only inches from yours and he could feel his fingers twitching with anticipation. 

It was now or never; he couldn’t hold his hand in the awkward position it was currently in without seeming bizarre. He inhaled and slowly edged his hand until it was hovering on top of yours. The first time his fingers brushed against yours, he felt your hand twitch, but you didn’t move. He took another breath and lowered his hand until it covered your own. When he knew that you weren’t going to reject his advances, he gently intertwined his fingers through yours and found himself finally able to relax when you tightened your grip around his fingers. He brushed his thumb against the top of your hand and smiled, settling back into his seat, not seeing the smile that had formed on your own cheeks.

A few minutes later, you leaned close to him again.

“Next time, don’t wait until the movie is half done, okay?”

Harry smirked, giving your hand a squeeze. 

He wouldn’t wait that long next time; in fact, he had no intentions of ever letting go of your hand again. He hoped you were okay with that. 


Hi! Can i request for the OC to cook breakfast before Harry wakes up in the morning, but she wasnt expecting him when Harry suddenly backhugged her while she was cooking saying something like “Good morning, baby” the OC is a good cook, too!

Hii, thanks for your request. Sorry it took me so long, I hope you enjoy it

When she woke up it was still early, the sunlight just barely shining through the curtains of Harry’s bedroom. She decided to stand up though. For once she wanted to be the one to make breakfast and spoil him with some pancakes and other good stuff.
His body was curled into hers, his head on her chest and his lips pressed to the top of her breast, the air they released tickling her soft skin.
She stroked his hair back, off his forehead and pressed her lips against his skin. She never quite understood those couples before, which were always kissing all over each other but now she did. It was almost a reflex to press her lips against parts of his body.
Carefully she moved away from him, almost whining when the warmth of him left her body. She made sure the blanket was covering his whole figure before pressing another kiss to his face and then silently tip toeing out of the room and making her way to his kitchen.
Y/N turned the radio on, getting all the ingredients for a nice breakfast and then getting started. She prepared pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. A small fruit salad with berries and apple pieces and fresh orange juice.
She was almost finished with everything when Harry came in. She didn’t acknowledge his presence before he wrapped his arms around her from behind. A soft squeal leaving her lips at the sudden contact. Harry tucked his face into her neck, breathing in her smell of shampoo, fresh laundry and his own perfume which for some reason made him feel all happy inside. His arms were tightly around her waist, pressing her back as close to his front as possible.
“Good morning, darling.” he whispered into her ear before pressing a kisses from her cheek down to her neck and over her shoulder.
“Good morning.” she repeated with a almost disappointed sound to her voice.
“What’s the matter?” he asked a bit concerned.
“Wanted to be ready with everything when you woke up. Maybe even bring it up in bed.” she sighed.
“Oh, my love” he chuckled.
Harry turned her around and engulfed her small figure in a tight embrace. He loved hugging her. Something about it made his heart beat faster and his stomach fill with butterflies. His arms were so tightly around her that his hands squeezed her sides and his face was squished into her neck.
He pulled back after a few moments and cupped her cheeks to make her look at him.
“It’s absolutely perfect, sweetheart.” he told her before he pressed his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.
She sighed and melted into him, her lips finding his again and again until the timer on her phone went off, signaling that the pancakes were ready.
She pushed him away softly, her hands slapping against his shoulders.
“Sit yourself down.” she grinned.
He watched how she put all the foot on two plates and put all of it on the table and then finally sat down in front of him.
“Wow.” Harry said as he eyes all the delicious things she prepared for him.
“Thank you very much, baby.”
“No need to thank me. You cook for me all the time, was long overdue that I made something for you.” she smiled at him and grabbed his hand which he placed on the table.
He squeezed his fingers with a loving smile on his lips before they both started eating.

“Goodness, love. That was the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.” Harry sighed contently.
“You’re just saying that because you love me.” she teased him.
He caught her wrist before she could take his plate and made her sit down on his lap with her legs on either side of his.
“I do, yes. I love you very much.”
Somehow the atmosphere changed. The funny banter and easy chattering turned into deep stares and serious words.
“I don’t think I tell you enough but I do really love you. A lot. And the fact that you prepared all this just for me made me love you even more. If that’s possible.”
She stared into his eyes a few seconds more before she diverted her eyes to her lap.
“You’re gonna make me cry.”
Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly to his chest.
“M'sorry, love. Didn’t mean to make you cry.”
She pulled back after a bit, pressing her forehead against his.
“I love you too, you know. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.”
He smiled softly at her words and cupped her cheeks with both hands before pressing his lips against hers.
“How about we go back to bed now?” he asked with a sheepish smile on his lips.
“I’d love to, but there’s a lot of dirty dishes and-”
He interrupted her with another kiss.
“So you’re saying you prefer dirty dishes over a bit of time in bed with me? Maybe even a bit of naked time with me?”
Y/N laughed softly and shook her head.
“Of course not.”
“Well, good.”
He stood up with her still clinging to him, a surprised squeal leaving her lips. He carried her to his bedroom where they did exactly what he said.

Dinner Stares

Lil blurb because I was feeling one tonight. Prompt: Harry’s girl is really shy and gets far too many stares from other people than Harry would like.

Harry’s hand visibly tightened around his girl’s, causing a frown to plaster itself onto her features. With her mouth in a full pout, she glanced up at him warily to detect the reason behind his discomfort. His own mouth was settled in a hard line, eyes angrily fleeting across the room. The hairs of his dark brows knitted together and his jaw clenched almost painfully.

It was quite a task to get Harry angry. It took far too much energy to get him riled up from his usual peaceful state. His patience was abundant and his kindness was sometimes overwhelming. Harry Styles troubled was never a good sign.

He’d never been this way in front of her before, no, he was a gentle, massive hearted fawn. His world was an ornate wonderland and his main source of happiness was the uneasy girl besides him who carefully documented his every move, long before he had caught her eye a month ago.

The restaurant he had brought her to was busy. He decided it was finally time to take a day off and treat his perfect girl, although he’d never admitted he found her utterly perfect. The early stages of their relationship was prolonged since she’d barely seen Harry for more than a couple hours in the past five weeks.

The chatter significantly dropped once the pair stepped into the large, dimly lit hall. Eyes immediately latched onto their figures, enthralled by Harry’s wealthy stand and his girl’s nervous gaze.

So what could possibly cause this man’s discomfort? The girl wasn’t too experienced in handling him. He was still quite a stranger to her, although she made sure to ask him how his day was whenever she saw him. He never seemed to be perturbed by the question. He seemed to love her company.

A couple minutes into the dinner, the girl had found herself in this position with a half fuming boyfriend besides her and the incapability to aid him.

Harry finally opened his mouth. “I hate the way they’re starin’ at yeh,” he murmured, tightening his grasp even further. It didn’t seem possible but he managed to do so anyways. “It’s like they don’t even see me next t'yeh.”

So the men were not staring at the lavish couple. No, they were staring at her exposed shoulders and dress that seemed to tighten around her waist when she sat down. The girl would be lying if she claimed she hadn’t noticed the hungry gazes of the men while their dates focused on the food in front of them. She noticed earlier than him. The girl had only subtly pressed herself against his arm and followed him quietly through the mass of people until they reached their table.

There was a hint of insecurity in Harry’s voice that his girlfriend vaguely picked up on. It was as if he actually believed the men were far more worthy of the girl. He nearly gave into the rude gazes the people were giving the girl. Would she always attract these kinds of people?

“They want your attention s'badly,” he sighed.

Harry’s girl was still quiet, at a loss of words. She could place her hand on his knee and mutter that he shouldn’t pay any attention to the irrelevant men. However, her panicking anxiety kicked in and her adrenaline wore away from earlier that night where Harry gushed about how angelic she looked. She felt nervous just by sitting so close to the frustrated man while eyes attacked her. She could have placed a not so discreet kiss under his jawline to prove herself unavailable to the men but suddenly it didn’t seem like a tremendous idea. Were they even at that stage yet?

Instead, she simply craned her neck and allowed her lips to gaze over his ear and whispered almost inaudible, “They won’t get it.”

Harry clearly relaxed at her words and tilted his head down and hear her better. She continued shyly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, “And I think you look the most handsome out of everyone here.”

She’d hardly ever complimented his looks during their one month together, however when she did, it was a major amazing hit to his ego. A grin slithered onto his lips and he glanced down at the girl. His eyes shone with victory, dimples deepening as he took in her flustered state.


She merely nodded and sighed shakily, noticing her fingers absentmindedly toying with a button on his blazer. Harry licked his lips placed a heavy kiss to the corner of her mouth and her eyes fluttered shut at the feeling of his warmth

“Thank yeh, my beautiful girl.”

She didn’t stop blushing for the rest of their perfect dinner date. They didn’t even care about the frequent stares they received.

Harry Styles - Valentine’s Day Imagine

[Happy [late] Valentine’s Day, loves! Meant to post this sooner but life got in the way - as it usually does.]

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update on: harry getting a blowjob in front of his friends....

This blurb will be split up into TWO parts. 

The first part without the actual blowjob and the second with. 

The reasoning behind this:  

1.) the blurb is already 7k words and I don’t like publishing large pieces. my harry blurbs are usually only 1k-2k words. long pieces just make the editing process a pain they slow down the entire process. I prefer working and editing smaller pieces. 

2.) i think ascetically each piece can stand on it’s own. (the first part is harry bringing up the idea, the conversation, smut of sorts, etc. and the second is obviously the actual thing.) 

3.) the main reason for doing this: part one is ready and I don’t want to keep you all waiting for who knows how long for the second part. (Just kidding, I’m hoping part two goes up soon after part one.) 

Does that sound good? Cool, part one will be posted this week. Thank you all for being patient. I know it’s been a while and I know people are looking forward to it. If you have any questions about it let me know, requests for a sneak peak etc. xxx 💕  💕  💕 

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There's been a lot of discourse here lately about Lovecraft's jaw and people giving him undeserved shit for it, but I was wondering, what is your personal opinion on the man himself? A fan of his writing but not the person? Do you respect him but acknowledge his faults and xenophobia? Do you believe him to be a terrible person or just an ignorant one? A two-dimensional bigot or a complicated case? And, lastly, favorite piece of his writing?

I like the genre he propelled into popularity. The ‘Lovecraft Mythos’ are a lot bigger than just his contribution. I don’t actually care for his own writing style, but I really like “Pickman’s Model”, “The Colour Out of Space”, and remember “The Music of Erich Zann” being pretty good. They’re all relatively subtle stories that hint at a nightmare reality, rather than whacking you around the face with it or trying to convince you that a giant man with an octopus for a face is scarier than it is funny.

He was an asshole and many of his stories are completely unreadable because of the amount of bigotry in them. It’s a pity such a shitty person had to be the face and namesake of an entire style of horror fiction, and the reclamation of “Lovecraftian horror” to be inclusive is great. Sometimes the products are hit-or-miss - I read a real stinker last year after high hopes - but this vein of ~cosmic terror~ is a kind that resonates pretty deeply in a post-nuclear era.

my pet peeve is when people write a character with a formal speech pattern calling another character by their full name they don’t use, rather than the nickname they always or usually do

for instance: Spock calling Kirk “James”

he just. he doesn’t do that? If Kirk isn’t being called Kirk/Captain/James T. Kirk/other Full Formal name, he generally gets called Jim, not James, including by Spock?

this is only one example though it happens in lots of fandoms and it’s just a Personal Pet Peeve

is it hurting anyone or anything? do I actively judge people for doing it? no and no but it sure does bug me

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What's your opinion on 'purple' prose and why some resent it? I hope you're having a good beginning of your year, Pauline!

I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other. I personally speak of “purple” prose when the writing style feels to me melodramatic yet unsubstantial: style over substance. Empty, white noise. However, when the style is ornate but meaningful, when adjectives and adverbs and rhythms and sounds, although extravagant, play into the story, the atmosphere, the voice, what some could consider “purple prose” is for me a delight. 

I have a soft spot for embellished prose, flirting with poetry, with music. Some of my favourite writers have been criticised for their pomposity, for the meandering quality of their writing—Albert Cohen, Marguerite Yourcenar, Julien Gracq, and even Faulkner or Woolf. And yes, their style becomes sometimes convoluted—seldom clean, seldom stripped down; but never caricatural, on the contrary. They have created their own kind of beauty and their rich writing style is their way of making the reader travel into their own world, their mind’s palace, their intimate perceptions. An unveiling quality. It emphasises their moments of purity, of sharpness. It brings to the surface something personal, a sensory experience, palpable as if lived. 

Also, one of Faulkner’s most violent detractor was 3rd-grade-writing-style Hemingway, and well, you know where I’m going with this, don’t you.

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Hey! I have kind of a vague request (that I really hope doesn't sound mean). I'm hoping you could recommend the most quality fics you've ever read, or a few exceptionally talented authors. Bcdaily and monroeslittle come to mind. Do you know of any that are on their caliber of writing? Much love and thanks! :)

This post has fics that are similar to monroeslittle in terms of writing style.  Also check out our faves tag which has some of our favorite fics (with great authors too!). Also, these are some favorite multichapters:

Title: Before The Fawn
Author: andelyn kinsey
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 52
Word Count: 508,841
Summary: Before Harry, before Godric’s Hollow, before the Dark Lord was defied three times… Lily Evans and James Potter discovered that neither of them were what the other had expected, and embarked on a relationship that would change the world as they knew it.

Title: All Right, Evans?
Author: CokeBottleK  
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 30
Word Count: 177,798
Summary: The thing about being Lily Evans and James Potter was that you couldn’t do anything without everybody else saying something about it.

Title: Turning Tables
Author: scaredofclouds
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 37
Word Count: ~205,000
Summary:Lily Evans and James Potter has always been a complicated story; its just never been quite this complicated before. But everything happens in its own time, and the eventual outcome of things was always more obvious to anyone who wasn’t Lily Evans or James Potter. They might not know each other well, but they’re about to know each other a lot better.

Title: Boyfriend
Author: Molly Raesley
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 130,000
Summary: Potter was going to say that he wasn’t my boyfriend. I couldn’t let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn’t tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him. 

Title: A Month of Sundays
Author: GhostOfBambi
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 88,345
Summary: How exactly does Lily discover her buried feelings for James Potter? Picks up from James’s and Lily’s 5th year, shortly after Lily ends her friendship with Snape. 

Title: Their Halcyon Days
Chie (Chierafied)
Drama, Romance
13 [WIP]
Word Count:
Before they gave birth to a legend, they were just students, trying to hold on to hope as the war threatened to tear their world apart.

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Hi Addy! I wanted to ask who are your favourite fandom writers and what do you like specifically about their writing style or their fics :)

alright! here are a few of my favorites (definitely not all of my favorites, there are too many for me to list all of them ahaha).

TheCellarDoor (@donotdialnine) - Okay aha i feel like I never shut about it, but I just really think Patri does pining and tension THE BEST.  I always feel like I’m dying in the middle of the fic.  ahaha particularly with Faking it and also Autumn At My Window.  I particularly love how Harry and Louis are always so warmly written, also.     

missandrogyny (@paynner) - I part of why I love reading missandrogyny fics because they have a lighthearted sensibility.  @100percentsassy (another of my super favorite authors, lol) is always talking about how great it is when fanfics capture this sort of banter-y romcom quality, and I think paynner really does that so well!!! Everythings always entertaining and genuinely funny! i really loved to kill the mess we’ve made and I am very excited to read the cuddling fic this afternoon!!

RealName (@realname91) - I am just always super impressed by how emotionally believable things are in RealName fics.  And emotionally complex, too! Like, people are screwing up and hurting each other sometimes, but it’s understandable as to why.  My favorite of theirs is Big, Bright World, but I’m always trying to get everyone to read Cold, as well.  I mean the pining and the angst!!!! I went on a annie lennox listening tear after I read it. 

juliusschmidt (@juliusschmidt) - I’m not sure how to describe this exactly, but I love it how Alex writes stuff that like, accurately reflects the world and all the problems in it.  Like, realistically sexist teenage boy conversations or just subtle or not so subtle homophobia coming from character’s parents and friends.  Also, I think Alex is very funny.  I know I just recced her advent fic a little while ago, but also definitely read little wings on my shoes right away, if you have not!!    

stylinsoncity (@alienproof) - I feel Chelsie always has like 3500 ideas that she’s working on and she tries so many different things and it’s amazing. I really love the Wonderlands because there is so much emotion in it, i love the way Harry’s relationship with his daughter is handled.  so good!!   

 okay, that’s it for now! Sorry if I repeated myself a ton ahaha i just love emotions, i guess! 

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So am I the only one that wanted you to keep writing Buck stops here?!?! LIKE HARRY STYLES AS PRIME MINISTER! YES PLEASE!!!

KHSDFKJSHDF I LOVE YOU SO MCUH THIS MADE MY DAY. believe it or not i still plan on writing it and finishing it up! it’s nearly been a year since the last update! but i’m still oddly really passionate about the plot even after all this time. i’ll come back to it, i know i will. i think it’s one of my favorites. so i know it’ll get done. harry still hasn’t properly found out about his daughter or met her has he?? it definitely gets interesting….i’ll give you a little looksie into the future plot…this bit here happens further down the line but….here you go…

Going forward there would be a lot of rules, she has yet to keep making more and telling Harry about them but there are probably plenty. If this is how it’s going to be, if this is what they’ve decided, then rules would just have to be part of this deal as well. 

“Rule one, you can’t tell her who you are.” She picks up her daughter’s scattered shoes off the floor before someone slips on them. 

“Then who is she going to think I am? The bloody pizza delivery man?” 

“She does know who you are.” She says obviously and Harry’s eyes get big. 

“As her dad?” 


“Then how?” 

“She’s very politically educated.” She shrugs. “Like I said, they’re learning about these elections in school. Who’s who, what’s what.” 

“Your daughter isn’t she?” He asks rhetorically, looking down mindlessly at the picture frames on the windowsill. It’d be odd if is some of the spirited girl he went to U.N.I with didn’t rub off on her daughter he thinks. 

“Yes.” She answers quickly. 

“Has she got a favorite?” He looks back up from the family pictures in the frames. 

“You can ask her that yourself.” She shrugs. “She’ll tell you.” 

i keep debating about whether to promote the silly kindle romance i’ve been writing on this blog

on the one hand, the people who know about it have been incredibly sweet about wanting to buy and read it - and i do have a large follower count, so it would help me sell at least a few more copies, i’m sure

on the other hand, i basically conceived of the project from the start as something i would slap under a pseudonym and bury if it didn’t succeed - something i would be too embarrassed to admit to writing, pretty much. it’s not like 50 shades or anything, but for speed of completion’s sake i’m writing it in kind of a lazy writing style, and the premise of the plot ended up being unintentionally very similar to a game i like and have done a lot of fanwork for. [the details, characters, and setting are different, but the premise is similar - it just kind of happened that way, i promise.]

argh >:\

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ANOTHER AVIAN FIC!??? GODBLESS UR SOUL!!! *I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ IT * i loooooove your fics sooooo much!!!!!

Hahah yeah - thank u v much anon 😭 judging by the lukewarm reception I might be a one hit wonder tho, but I’m flattered you like my writing style haha omg 🙏🏼❤️

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Which fics have had the most influence on your writing?

This is a tricky one actually, because aside from the fic that convinced me to have a go at writing fic instead of original stuff (by the love @mulderscullyinthetardis) there haven’t been any watershed fic moments for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fic, (give me all the @malibusunset-xf-blog, syntax6 classics and all the tumblr stuff I consume daily) but my writing style hasn’t changed much as a result of reading fic.

If anything, I would say that I’ve learned more what I don’t like from reading fic. There’s certain common words (particularly in smut), certain OC things that for me are not something I enjoy reading, so I try and navigate away from them. My main influences are al the books I loved growing up, Roald Dahl, LM Montgomery, Wilkie Collins, Keats, Yeats… people who love words and play with them until they become something new!

Perhaps @somekindofseizure‘s work mught be the closest thing I have to a stylistic checksheet, her mastery of language always resonates with me, the way she creates these gorgeous images but without losing the pace of her plots is something I would love to emulate.

I also have huge respect for @sunflowerseedsandscience for the sheer speed and creativity that she puts out great plot driven stories. I am much more comfortable navel gazing so I’d like to let her influence me for good.

But the truth is, I have no one major influence, but am also influenced in small ways by everything I read. I’m a bit of a sponge, and that makes it hard to isolate one great influx of ideas and easy to find lots of pieces of other talented writers creations floating inspirngly in my brain when I sit down to write

It usually bothers me when different parts of a fandom portrays a character very differently, but that’s not the case at all with Peridot! I really love how she is so different in different art styles and writing and such, and how in human AUs she’s the one that differs the most i think and i actually love it! I think it’s because almost everyone can find at least something they have in common with her, and they emphasize that part in their fanwork.

I had a Waterstones voucher from leaving my last job and decided to put it to use!

Before reading it, has anyone else got a copy and what do you think? I’m really interested to know other people’s opinions!

I’m optimistic as I’ve got a few books by J. Tyldesley and I really enjoy her writing style. Also the cover is gorgeous and I’ve had a quick flick through and there is a chapter dedicated to the Golden One, so I’m very excited.

Here, Always

Pairing: Young!Sirius Black X Reader

Prompt: Life hasn’t always been easy for Sirius, but you always thought he knew how to handle it. After all, he’s always so upbeat and energetic all the time. How do you deal with finding out that he isn’t always smiling?

A/N: Panic attacks suck and it’s not an inconvenience to anyone if you have one. Remember to breathe and I hope you guys all have a good day. I’m not a hundred percent certain if what I wrote here is completely inoffensive or accurate, and I apologize if I made any errors. I also changed the plot slightly from the original request. Thanks for understanding.
      I decided to try writing something a bit angsty, so tell me if I’m any good at it please. I’m experimenting with new styles of writing, so please bear with me if the usual nice reader-insert fluff isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Feel free to throw new ideas at me and I really would appreciate some feedback on my writing! Thank you all so much, again. 

Warnings: Panic attacks, anxiety, overall feelings of negativity.

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Pairing: Joshua x reader
Genre: fluffy fluffy fluff fluff
Synopsis: “You look a lot different from your profile picture.”

A/N ~ Okay, everyone - THIS IS MY FIRST SCENARIO. So idk how this is gonna go but I’m going to try! If any of you guys like this, send me in a request - there’s only a few rules:
• I’m starting out writing for Seventeen, BTS, and Got7 bc I’m testing this out. If enough people like what I write, I may expand to include more groups!
• NO SMUT bc I am an innocent child who would terribly massacre your fantasy
• SPECIFY as much as possible so I can try to give you exactly what you’ve been dying to read


You sat at the table outside of the brightly lit cafe with your phone out, trying to subtly pick out your soon-to-be date’s face from the crowd. Dating apps had never been your style, but after months and months of staying in nightly, you had decided that it was time for a change.

Or, your friend had decided for you.

Her voice still rang in your head as she pleaded with you to “try something new”, to “get out there” because “YOLO”. You still couldn’t help but cringe at that, but she had looked so hopefully at you that you couldn’t say no. You gave in and set up an account, and within a few days, you had found a match.

He was decently handsome - nothing to special, but you didn’t expect much from online dating. In a world full of hookups and friends-with-benefits, his message asking to take you out for coffee at a cafe had been a pleasant surprise. He was different, you had to give him that. A bit awkward, a bit vague, but still seemed like an okay guy. You smiled to yourself as you remembered his attempts to be witty, completely lost in thought until a small cough broke you out of your reverie.

“Um, excuse me? Are you Y/N?” You looked up, using your hand to shield your eyes from the sun, and stifled a gasp.

He was gorgeous. Drop-dead, just-had-a-heart-attack, looking-like-an-angel-descending-from-the-heavens kind of gorgeous. And he was staring at your with chocolate brown eyes and a shy smile and you just couldn’t help it. In your state of shock, you spit out the first thing that came to mind.

“You look a lot different from your profile picture. I thought you’d be ordinary at best.” Your eyes widened in shock at your own words, and you sputtered apologies before finally clamping a hand over your mouth. That was NOT how you meant for that to come out - you just were amazed that someone as handsome as him would willingly choose to go out with someone as plain as you. It was only when you stopped nervously talking that you realized he was laughing.

“I could say the same for you - you look much prettier/handsome in person. I’m Joshua, nice to meet you,” he said as he extended your hand. You grimaced slightly from your own embarrassment and extended a hand, shaking his. His hand was smooth and warm, and his touch made you feel… safe. It was a different feeling to get from a stranger, but it made you intrigued by him all the more.

As he drew his hand back and sat down across from you, you felt a fluttery sensation bubble in your stomach. You both spent the next hour and half chatting about a variety of things from favorite music to whether or not aliens were real (and let me tell you, that debate got HEATED.) But it was probably the most fun you’d had in a while, and looking into his eyes, you couldn’t be more thankful for a dating app and an awkward first encounter.


OKAY THERE YOU GO PLS TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! I personally think it lowkey sucked but I need to put some sort of scenario on my blog. I promise I’ll do better in the future - thanks for reading! :)))