style without age

The King of Achievement City has always been the King of Achievement City.
He ages, yes, but slowly it seems. Times march on, lives begin and end, stories passed from generation to generation, and through it all their king prevails.

The young man your grandfather’s father rode into battle with is nearing his middle years when your firstborn goes off to war. Which is Not Right. Its.. disconcerting to think about, an itch that can’t be scratched, a worry which won’t shake off, so its best not to think about it. It does not do to waste time dwelling, it is of no concern, not when the King is so well loved.

The King is Magnanimous (the King is Clever, is Virtuous, is Brave, Is Joyful, Is Kind) and generally beloved by all his subjects, though none are so loyal as the King’s inner circle, his 5 key advisors. That isn’t to say the kingdom is without struggle, does not face its fair share of the monsters who creep through the night, and those outsiders who wish to covert the land’s prosperity for themselves. There are even whispers of times when the King had lost his love for his people, dark days where he had grown Vindictive (Cruel, Indifferent, Ill-tempered, Cunning, Spiteful).

It is during these times of turmoil, where love and loyalty are shadowed by fear and domination, that the story resurfaces. A nonsense rumour, little more than a child’s tale, shared in secret in the darkest hours of the night.

They say that the King and his advisors are more than what they seem. That there is more to the question of his time in power, that the reason he has chosen no heir is because he will never die. They say that the half-told out-of-thought truth of the kingdom was wrong - its not that there has only been one king who lives forever, but instead six.

The tumultuous years are a sign of boredom, they say, an indication of an upcoming change over. For when one king grows weary of their responsibilities a game is held for his advisors, a test of strength and skill the likes of which a normal man could not survive. The winner takes sovereignty, the old king takes on a new role, and the kingdom returns once more to happiness and prosperity with no solid recollection of the time which came before. Its a ridiculous story, fit only for drunks and fools, and yet is persists. This tale of Gods playing King.

Its best not to think about it.


For some reason I thought drawing age-swap Takano in something similar to DEEN style was a good idea.