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Year In Review - Autumn 2014

  • October: October brought more building in Oakwood with what is now what I consider to be my best community lot ever with the building of a hospital.  I finally found myself with sims 4 with the creation of my alien sim.  October also brought another favorite lot of mine, the building of Thomas Barb’s home in Oakwood.
  • November: November involved more building for Oakwood with a pier, a playing in sims 4 (although undocumented as I never uploaded my screenshots as I bored myself of the game before I posted them) and a return to my university redux.
  • December: Oh December, how wonderful, wonderful you have been.  December brought not one, but two makeovers to Margarita as well as a an official name change from Rita to Margarita and a nickname of Margo.  Brantley received a few tweakings as well.  I also found myself finally creating Brantley’s siblings Abigail and Caden, whom I have completely fallen in love with, jump starting and inspiring a weekend of university building makeovers with a total of nearly ten lots.