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Stefan Ruiz

The Eternal Magic of Beirut

For many of us, it’s synonymous with war and strife. But for the artists, chefs, designers, architects and scholars who live there, Beirut will always be a place where ideas and beauty flourished…and flourish still.

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DRESS: Sourpuss Clothing SHOES: Payless PETTICOAT: American Apparel HEADBAND: Forever21

Okay, so I try not to spam-post lots of pictures but I am just too ecstatic about this shoot. You guys know, I am a vintage gal. If it’s A-line i’m happy. I’ve been infatuated from everything to Victorian & Rococo to 60s Mod. I discovered rockabilly and the modern pin up styles on instagram about 2 years ago & I just about fell over. So when the amazing store Sourpuss Clothing said they wanted to send me their Keep Em Flying dress…ahhh!!! They also sent me two rompers to show off. 

As usual, I’m always busy so sorry for the lack of posts. There never seems to be enough time to do what I love. But hopefully, I can change that some day!